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Perfect Rainbow

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Topic TitlePerfect Rainbow

Topic Description – A Jack And Martha Story. Rated T.

Type of story: long fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Drama/ Romance

Warnings: Mild sexual content.

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Jack and Martha are best friends. So much so, that Jack is more than happy to help her organise her upcoming wedding to fiance Carl. However a one night stand has farfetching consequences for all involved....

Chapter 1

Martha McKenzie grumbled slightly as she rolled onto her side. The golden sunlight blazed through the window, warming her cheeks. She sat upright and looked around the room, smiling weakly. The sound of running water from the bathroom indicated Carl was already up. She climbed from the bed and pulled on her silky lilac dressing gown. She walked towards the bathroom, shivering slightly as her bare feet touched the the wooden flooring. Gently, she knocked on the bathroom door and waited for a reply.

'Oh, morning babe, did I wake you?' Carl asked as he opened the bathroom door and embraced Martha, kissing her lightly on the forehead. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest. 'No' she whispered. Taking his index finger, Carl placed it under her chin and brought her face to his, as he kissed her softly on the lips.

'So, what have you got planned today?' Carl asked as they sat eating breakfast half an hour later. Martha sipped her coffee and looked at him. 'I told you, I'm going dress hunting, and then we're going to lunch'

'I'm sorry' interrupted Carl 'We is?'

'Me and Jack' answered Martha simply. Carl placed his coffee down. 'Your ex boyfriend Jack?' he asked. Martha looked at him and nodded. 'Is that a problem?'

'No, of course not. I'm going for lunch with my ex girlfriend next week too' he said casually. Martha smiled. 'That's nice. Which one?' she asked. Carl shook his head. 'None, you prune!' he laughed. 'I just don't get how you can still be friends with an ex'

Martha ran her fingers through her shiny, smooth hair. 'Well, Jack and I were together a while. We knew we'd remain friends' she turned to look at him. 'Are you jelous?' she asked, poking him playfully. Carl shook his head, praying he wasn't being to obvious. He sighed as Martha kissed his cheek. 'There's only one man for me' she began 'And he's stood in this room'

'Well...good' he said, raising his eyebrow. 'Why don't you prove it?'

'Because' she spoke through mouthfuls of toast. 'I said I'd meet him at hald eleven. It's half ten now. I have to get ready' she said, hopping towards the door. Carl smiled and shook his head. 'This wedding better be worth it!' he laughed. Martha smiled. 'You bet!' she replied, winking at him, before closing the door and heading towards the bathroom to take a shower.


OK , I know it's short but bear with me, it will get longer. Enjoy and please review! Thanks. :D:D

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^LOL^ :ph34r:

Chapter 2

'Wow look at this place!' Martha exclaimed as she stepped inside the wedding dress shop known as 'Bridal is Beauty'. She eyed the rails of wedding dresses in admiration. Jack stared, wide-eyed. 'I didn't know this many wedding dresses even exsisted!' he said, his voice holding back a laugh. Martha ignored his comment and headad towards the rack of ivory coloured gowns. She traced her finger along one. 'This is gorgeous!' she said in amazement, taking the hanger from the rack and holding it up. Jack smiled. 'It's lovely'

'Would you like to try it on?' The shop assistant asked, heading towards where Martha stood. Martha looked towards Jack, who nodded in approval. 'OK'


'I can't zip the stupid thing!' Martha grumbled as she stood squashed in a changing room. She unlocked the door and opened it slightly, peering her head out. 'Hey Jack, come and help me!' she said. Her cheeks turned a shade of red as she noticed fellow customers staring at her. Jack rushed over and joined her in the changing room. Carefully, he pulled the zip up, brushing her hair around her shoulders as he did so. Martha eyes her reflection in the mirror. 'What do you think?' she asked.

She noticed Jacks reflection grinning at her. 'You look amazing' he said, fighting back tears. Martha smiled. 'Thank you. Although, I'm not too comfortable in it' she announced, breaking the peaceful atmosphere. Jack laughed. 'Is that one a no then?' he asked. Martha shook her head. 'It's a no-no. I can't go to my own wedding and spend the day wriggling around!' she laughed. 'Now go out, whilst I get changed'

Jack did as he was told, and sat back on the chair, reading a magazine from the table. He could here Martha moaning to herself as she stepped in and out of numerous dresses. Normally, he'd spend the time looking at his watch and moaning, but today was Martha's day. It was about her. If she wanted to spend hours trying on dress after dress, then that was what they'd do. He'd insisted.

Four hours later, after trying on over thirty dresses, from white to black (Jack had insisted) Martha had left the shop, empty handed, except for Jacks hand that had dragged her from the shop before she insisted on trying yet another tiara.


'I'm never going to find the perfect dress!' Martha moaned as she sat on Carl's knee. She'd arrived back home in a much grumpier mood than she had been when she left the house. Carl smiled. 'You will. Anyway, I don't care. You can get married in a bin liner and you'd still look amazing. Isn't that right Jack?' he asked. Jack looked over and smiled. 'Yeh'

'Hey, you want a beer?' asked Carl, standing up. Jack smiled and nodded. 'A beer would be great. Thanks'

He watched as Carl walked to the kitchen, closely followed by Martha. She'd interwined her fingers with Carls and was walking with her arms wrapped around his waist. Jack smiled sadly as he watched them. It broke his heart to see her with Carl. He knew it was wrong. She should be with someone else. Someone who gives her everything. Who'll move heaven and earth to make her happy. Someone like......him?

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Chapter 3

'Thanks for the beer' smiled Jack, standing up. He looked at his watch. 'Is that the time? Where has the day gone?'

Carl sniggered. 'It's when women shop, it feels like you've been doing it all your life' he laughed, before recieving an elbow in his ribs, courtesey of Martha. 'Ignore him' she said, rolling her eyes, before looking back at Jack. 'Anyway, thank you so much for today. It's been great' she smiled, embracing him into her arms. Jack snuggled his face into her neck, the smell of perfume overwhelming him. He closed his eyes, not wanting to think about his feelings, and quickly pulled away.

'Anyway,' he smiled. 'I'll speak to you tomorrow' he looked towards Martha, who nodded back at him. 'And listen,' Carl's voice broke the moment. 'If ever you need a beer to get over the trauma of a woman shopping, just give me a call'

Jack smiled gratefully, as he made his way to the front door, opening it. 'I will. Bye' he said, desperate to escape. Martha linked her arm in Carl's as they stood at the door whilst Jack climbed into his car. She waved at Jack, as he fastened his seat belt. He turned around in time to see the front door shut, and sighed loudly, resting his head on the back of his chair.

'No' he laughed. 'Something isn't right. I can't have feelings for her. She's my best friend, and she's getting married!' he placed his head in his hands, contemplating each thought. Would he really fall in love with his off-limits, getting-married-soon best friend?

eekkk, I didn't realise how short that chapter was. lol. Sorry.

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Chapter 4

'Jack there's something I need to tell you' Martha's voice spoke as she walked into the living room. Jack looked towards the clock. 'Martha, what are you doing here?' he asked half asleep.

Martha smiled and sat down. 'The wedding. It's the wedding'

'What about it?' asked Jack. His heart broke every time she mentioned it. And now here she was, wanting to talk to him about it.

Martha remained silent for a few moments. She'd tried to speak every few minutes but couldn't seem to find the right words. Jack moved next to her, and held her hand n his. 'You're scaring me, mac. What's going on?' he asked, his voice quivering.

Martha looked in his eyes. They were so beautiful. So full of passion. Gently, he reached his hand up and placed his thumb onto her cheek, stroking it tenderly. 'Martha, it's me, Jack. Please tell me what's going on' he begged, desperate for her to speak.

Gently, Martha ran her index finger along his cheek, all the while his heart breaking from her touch, yearning to hold her. To be with her.

He reached his hand and pulled her hand down. 'You can't do this now' he said, tears gethering iin his eyes. Martha felt a pain in her heart. 'I can't go through with the wedding Jack' she finally said.

Jack looked at her, unsure of if he'd heard her correctly. 'What?' he asked, wanting her to repeat it. She looked at him, pure passion in her eyes. 'I can't go through with the wedding' she repeated. Jack remained silent, unable to take it all in. He pulled her up and stood in front of her. 'Why?' he whispered softly.

Martha allowed salty tears to trickle down her cheek. She placed both her hands on Jacks cheeks, and pulled him closer. 'I can't go through with my wedding day, when I know I don't want to be with him' she said. She sounded so final. Jack knew exactly what she meant, but he had to be certain.

'You mean..?'

'It's always been you, Jack. Carl was great, and I did love him, but not as much as I love you'

Jack felt his heart racing as he pulled her closer. He placed strands of hair behind her ears and cupped her face in his hands. Their bodies pressed together, he brushed his lips against hers, simply fading the rest of the world away....


'Jack, wake up!' Jack's eyes snapped open. He came face to face with his younger brother, Lucas. 'Mate, sorry to wake you' Lucas sniggered. 'Sounds like you were having a good dream. You kept calling out 'Martha' ' Lucas laughed.

Jack felt his world tumble around him. It was just a dream. His hopes of being with the one girl he'd only ever truely loved snatched away in an instant. He waited until Lucas had left the room, and began sobbing to himself.

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Chapter 5

Martha awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon and egg. Smiling, she pulled herself from the warm, comfortable bed, and made her way dowstairs. Approaching the kitchen, she stopped by the doorway, watching as Carl cracked the shell of an egg and pored the contents into the frying pan. She walked behind him and placed her arms around his waist. He placed the egg shells in the bin and turned to face her, wrapping his arms around her waist. 'Did you sleep well?' he asked. Martha smiled. 'I always sleep well when you're by my side' she said lovingly.

Carl laughed. 'Cheesy' he nodded, winking at her. Martha punched him playfully in the ribs and laughed as he pretended to be wounded. He pulled her back into a warm embrace. 'I love you' he whispered. Martha smiled. 'I love you too' she looked at his face and reached her lips to his, kissing him softly.

'Breakfast is ready' Carl spoke, as he pulled away and began piling two plates with breakfast. Martha took one and walked into the living room, closely followed by Carl.

'So, you got any plans today?' Carl asked, as he scooped a fork full of beans into his mouth. Martha laughed. 'I'm not sure yet. I might continue the dress hunting' she said. 'I'll call Jack later'

Carl placed his fork down and looked at her. 'You're really close to him, aren't you?' he asked. Martha picked a slice of bread up. 'Yes, he's my best friend' she smiled. Carl took a sip of his coffee and looked at her. 'How would you feel about me asking him to be one of my best men?'

'Really?' Martha smiled. 'He'd love it. What made you ask?'

'Well, I saw how close you were, and I know how much you care about each other. And he's a good friend. I'd like him up there with me, seeing and hearing everything'

Martha kissed his lips softly. 'You are amazing, do you know that?' she asked. Carl shrugged. 'Yes'

'You want me to ask him?' she asked. Carl shook his head. 'No, I'll do it. It should come from me'

'Good' smiled Martha. 'Because I'm taking him dress hunting again today. I need to find a dress soon'

Carl smiled. 'So he'll need mega cheering up, then?' he laughed. Martha smiled sarcatically at him. 'I'm just glad he's going to be there. I'm so lucky to have a friend like him' she smiled.

If only she knew.....

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Chapter 6

'You ready?' Jack asked, as Martha opened the front door. He'd told her not to go to his house and he'd pick her up. Jack's face fell when he noticed she was wearing one of Carl's shirts. Martha bit her lip. 'I'm soo sorry' she said. Carl appeared behind her and slipped his arms around her waist. 'Oh hi Jack' he smiled.

'Come in' Martha said, paving the way for Jack to enter. 'We kind of got...side tracked' she laughed, gripping Carl's hands as he walked behind her. Jack gave a weak smile. 'Listen, I'll be half an hour max' she promised. 'Feel free to wait. I'm sure Carl won't mind making you a coffee' she said, turning towards Carl, who smiled. Jack watched as Martha walked out of the room and headed upstairs. Carl looked at Jack. 'So.....Coffee?' he asked. Jack nodded. He waited until Carl was safely out of ear shot and muttered. 'Careful you don't accidently burn youself' he knew he didn't mean it deep down, he just hated the fact that the one person keeping he and Martha apart was being so nice to him.


'Ready!' smiled Martha, dancing into the living room. Carl laughed. 'Wow, half an hour. Record timing!' he laughed. Martha pretended not to here. 'Do I look ok?' she asked, twirling. 'You look fine' Carl smiled. Jack glared at him. Fine? Was that all he could say. She looked gorgeous! It amazed him that she could still look so amazing when she was wearing just a t shirt and a pair of jeans.

'Budge up' smiled Martha, waving her arms in front of Jack. Jack snapped from his day dream and moved up, whilst Martha sat besides him and began pulling on her trainers.

'So how long will you be today?' Carl asked. Martha shrugged. 'I don't know. I could be an hour, I could be ten hours. Depends' she laughed. Carl nodded in understandment. 'You ready?' Martha asked, standing up. She reached her hand out and grasped Jack's pulling him up. Jack felt a buzz in his body.

'I'll call you later' she said, kissing Carl on the cheek. Jack turned his head away, pretending not to notice.

'Come on then let's go!' she sang, leading Jack towards the front door. As she opened it, she turned back to Carl. 'Love you' he said, blowing her a kiss. She pretended to catch it. 'I love you too' she smiled, whilst Jack began waling outside. Suddenly, he needed to get some fresh air...

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Chapter 7

'What about this one?' Martha asked. Jack looked up to see her holding a light pink dress against her body. He stared at it for a while, before laughing. 'You in pink?' he said, raising his eyebrow. Martha curved her lip in a half smile and placed the dress back on the rack. 'This dress hunting thing is hard work' she sighed. Jack nodded. 'How about we get some lunch? Have a break' he suggested.

Martha smiled. 'Yes. That sounds good. I'm starving' she laughed. Jack held his arm out and placed it around her shoulder as they walked from the shop.


'So, what about you?' Martha asked as she placed a forkful of salad in her mouth. Jack looked at her confused. 'What about me?' he laughed.

'Well, I'm here, planning my wedding. But what about you? Any girls on the scene?'

Yeh. you Jack thought to himself. He felt his face turn red, and shook his head. 'No. There's no one' he said. Martha tilted her head. 'There is isn't there?' she laughed. 'Jack Holden, I know you well enough to know when you're lying. Come on, tell me. Who is she?'

Jack took a deep breath. This was his chance to tell her how he really felt. Just the two of them. Alone.'It's erm... It's....a girl from the bar last week' he said. You idiot, why didn't you tell her?

Martha smiled. 'Yeh? What's she like?'

'She's great. She's beautiful. She knows how to make me laugh. She has the most amazing smile. She's...Well, she's perfect' he said, getting lost in his own thoughts of Martha. Suddenly he lifted his head to notice Martha grinning at him.

'But it's nothing. She's of limits. She's getting married'

'Jack, I'm so sorry' Martha spoke, sympathetically. 'If I was her, I'd run to you with open arms' she said. Jack felt his heart breaking. 'But then again,' she continued. 'I'm getting married too, so I really shouldn't say that' she laughed.


'Thanks again for today' Martha said as she opened the door of Jacks car. 'I'll phone you later' carefully, she moved towards Jack and kissed his cheek. Jack smiled and nodded. He watched as she opened the front door of her house and walked in. Then, when she was safely out of view, he wiped a falling tear and drove away, his heart breaking...

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Chapter 8

'Jack, open up. It's me' Jack rolled onto his side and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. Why was someone at the door at, he squinted his eyes, half past nine on a Saturday! Being half asleep, he hadn't recognised the familiar voice. He slowly climbed from his bed, stretching his arms out in a desperate attempt to wake himself up.

Carefully, he began walking downstairs and towards the front door. He opened it to see Martha stood there, hopping from one foot to the other. 'Finally!' she grinned, pushing past him and into the living room. Jack, not fully aware of what was happening, closed the door and followed her.

'What's wrong?' he asked, yawning. Martha bit her bottom lip, a sign she was trying to stop herself grinning like a cheshire cat. 'What?' Jack repeated.

'We've done it!' she squeeled. Jack, meanwhile, remained oblivious, and simply raised an eyebrow at her. 'Done what?'

'Carl and I. We set a date!'

'Date for what?' Jack asked. He knew full well what she meant. He just had to be certain. Martha whacked him playfully on the arm. 'The wedding, you fool'

'Oh' said Jack, his disappointing shadowing his excitement. 'When?'

'September 30th' Martha replied. Suddenly, Jack wasn't so sleep anymore. 'September 30th? You mean next year?'

'No! This year!'

'But....But that's only 5 weeks away. You can't arrange a wedding in that time' Jack said, trying to control the hurt he was feeling.

'Don't worry, I have a wedding planner. I have the invites, and I've chosen the church. All I really need is the dresses and the suits' she said, half smling, half laughing.

Jack suddenly felt small. How could he tell her now? 5 weeks from now, she'll be a married woman. He turned his head away as realisation sunk in. He had to let her go....

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My gosh, this thread is turning into a musical one lol. I have 'Breath easy' in my head now.

Anyway, a short chapter for now. Enjoy.

Chapter 9

The following week, Martha bought a dress. It was cream with very thin straps. It was nothing flouncy and it was a simple crisp white. Being the tomboy she was, a princess style dress wasn't what Martha had wanted.

'And where are you going to put it? It won't fit in your wardrobe' Jack had asked her, as she showed him the dress. Martha gave him her cheekiest smile, and he knew exactly what she meant. 'Here?' he asked, looking around his living room. Martha pouted and nodded. 'Please Jack! I can't keep it at home'

'Why not?' Jack asked.

'Because! If I keep it at home, I risk Carl seeing it' Martha whined. Jack raised an eyebrow.

'So? he's going to see it on the day anyway' Jack pointed out, stating the obvious. Martha glared at him and shook her head. 'Do you know nothing?' she teasedm whilst Jack remained oblivious.

'What?' he asked.

'I can't keep it at home because it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding. Everyone knows that' she informed him. Jack sighed. He remained silent for a few moments before sighing. 'Fine' he mumbled. 'I'll keep the dress here'

'Jack, you're my hero!' Martha squeeled, kissing Jack's cheek. His cheeks burning, Jack quickly moved away.

'Alright. Get of me!' He laughed. 'I'm going to make coffee. Want one?' he asked. Martha nodded. 'Like you need to ask. I'm just going to put this on your bed' she said, holdng the dress up and walking up the stairs.

Jack watched her waling up the stairs and walked into the kitchen. He closed the door and gently rested his head against it. Great. Just what he needed. Seeing the dress every day. Yet another painful reminder of what he was losing.

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Chapter 10

The following day, Martha had recieved a letter from an old friend on the farm where she had grown up, asking her to go and visit. Martha had immeadiately said yes.

'Will you be OK on your own?' she asked Carl as she piled her final suitcase in the car. Carl pulled a sad face. 'If I say no, will you stay?'

'No' shrugged Martha, laughing. Carl smiled and pulled her into a tight embrace. She rested her head on his shoulder whilst he whispered something into her ear. Jack had tried to listen in, but he was stood too far away. Eventually she pulled away and kissed him again, before turning to Jack.

'Loook after him' she said, nodding to Carl. 'Don't let him do anything silly' she winked at Jack and he smiled at her. She wrapped her arms under Jack's and around his waist, Jack pulled her closer to him. 'Don't let him see the dress' she whispered, winking at Jack.

'OK' she sighed, pulling away. 'I better go. I guess I'll see you both in three days'

Both Carl and Jack smiled and nodded.

Watching as Martha climbed into the car and began driving away, Jack turned to Carl. 'I'm going to go' he nodded.

'You sure?' asked Carl. 'Stay for a beer if you like'

'No it's ok' said Jack. 'See you'

'Yeh OK, bye mate' nodded Carl. Jack turned and began walking back home. By the time Martha was back, there would only be one month until the wedding. One month and he would officially lose her for good. Sure, he'd still see her every day. She was his best friend. It would just hurt a bit more.

He stopped suddenly. 'I have to do it' he blurted out. 'I have to tell her I love her!'

As he realised it was true, he continued walking, planning everything in his head. He'd wait until she got back and then he'd sit down and tell her. Sure, she'd probably laugh in his face or turn him down, but at least she'd know.

Great. That's settled then. As soon as she gets back, he tells her. He continued walking home, whistling a happy tune.

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