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Tues 12 Sep 06 - "Touchy Feely"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Touchy Feely"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 12 Sep 06 - Episode # 4272)

Notes - This ep had the opening credits and then the recap. Also, Dean’s “friend that I’ve been calling Ashley is ACTAULLY called Gareth.

Jack talk t McGrath, he thinks that they should inform drew of the danger that he is in. Martha enters, and is annoyed when jack says that he can’t nail form work now because of the pressing Drew case.

A diner, beth talk to the likes of Tony & Luke about being excited as she is about to go & pick up Tilly form hospital. Luke is keen to go – until dean enters, and says that he too is looking fwd to seeing Tilly again.

Amanda & belle exit form the diner and they find the unconsconscious drew nearby. They rush back into the diner and want someone to call police.

Drew is now at the hospital, and when dr ridley check him out, she says that their’s no lasting damage for the attack.

Jack arrives, and tells drew about what rice had told them. When jack wonders if drew has thought of someone with grudge against him, drew tells him and his boarding school clashed wit dean.

When Tilly, Tony, beth & dean enter the hunter house, they are surprised that Luke is in the lounge – as all the house lights were off. Luke confronts dean about what happened to drew – but dean denies all knowledge.

Martha is clearly frustrated as she sits at the table of the bachelor pad (with jack’s meal still sitting there waiting to be eaten).

Jack (hospital) warns drew to be extra vigilant. Drew & belle arrive as jack bails. Drew is clearly to see BOTH of them.

Jack & McGrath talk about the drew/Rice etc case. Jack is then in a fluster when McGrath reminds him that Martha is waiving at home.

Irene is keen to close up at diner, but dean is still there. He is on phone to Gareth – insisting that he’s not that person that he used to be.

Jack arrives – but Martha is already in bed, and she is SOOOO not in mood to talk to jack right now.

Late at bight (hunter place), Luke tries t convince Tilly that dean IS up t something. Tilly thinks that Luke is just plain jealous.

Next morning, Amanda & bell are talking (at mansion). They are surprised to see that drew has turned up for work. Drew insists that he’s not going to let a psycho dictate his life.

When Amanda & drew are in the kitchen together (belle is elsewhere), drew is clearly V pleased when Amanda touches his hand (even though it’s so not in a sexual way).

Martha (bachelor pad) WAAAAAAAAAAY goes off at jack for spending more & more time working. She tells him that they’ve spend more time apart than together since the wedding.

Martha then storms out of the house.

Jack catches up with Martha. He arranges to do something special on a night that he has off work in a few days. Martha seems appreciative that he is at least trying.

Jack arrives at work, and McGrath tells him that dean had a water tight alibi for the time that drew was attacked

At mansion, bell tries to help drew (he is carry ladder), but he insists tat he can do things alone (probably to prove that he’d NOT affected by last night’s blow).

Belle bails. and amanda enters the room. When she comments on Drew’s buffed (shirtless) body, he partially slips off the ladder (to he was use to change light bulb).

Amanda suggests that drew is jumpy because of that attack, but we know otherwise.

Dean & Tilly (hunter place) are talking when Luke enters the room. Dean bails moments later.

Luke is surprised when Tilly tells him that dean has alibi for the drew attack, but Luke insists that dean is still hiding something. Tilly, of course, not believes him.

Amanda (at mansion) is understandably shocked when drew tell her that he has felling for her. Drew tells her this after he pulls away form her a bit when she puts her hand on his leg (they are both sitting).

Luke follows dean to near the rocky ocean’s edge, he sees dean encounter Gareth. Things appear to be fiery for starters, but then it gets really intriguing when dean & Gareth hug. (end of ep)


Tilly discovers Dean’s secret

Will Amanda tell Drew that she has feeling for him?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's pink spaghetti strap top/red long sleeeve jacket/brown (blue floral motifs) long skirt

SILVER – Belle's red (with gold motif) top/white long sleeve jacket combo

BRONZE – Dan's green (witth intiguing gold motif) t shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Amanda's apple green spaghetti strap top; Dr Ridley's maroon blouse; Tilly's lovehaert PJs; Amanda's blue (with white pattern across the bust) top

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