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Never Be Forgotten

Guest loobieloo

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Type of story: one-shot

Rating: G

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Romance

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Martha has died and left a message for Jack.

Sorry if theres alot of Martha and Jack fics out ther rite now but my internet cut off before and I got bored so I wrote this. I wrote it quite quicky so if you dont like it please tell me :D Thank you to becky for proof reedin it for me:P

As he placed the video into the player, he pulled himself onto the couch. It was so strange to hear her voice fill the empty room. He watched closely as she laughed about all the times they had shared. Her voice became serious when she started talking about how much she felt for him. “I love you Jack, I love you much more than words can describe, more that life itself, I have never felt this way about anyone ever and I never will again. The love you have given me has filled my life with happiness and I wouldn’t change a second of it, I only wish there was more time. I have so much I want to say to you but I can’t find the words, they never seem to sound right.” She laughed “Well, I did always tell you I wasn’t very good at this kind of stuff but I suppose it doesn’t matter now.” She paused

“When you are watching this I will be gone, I wont be able to see you or feel you again. Don’t cry for me, I don’t want you to be upset.”

The room fell silent until she started again.

“You don’t know how much I wanted them to be wrong, how much I prayed every night that we would get a phone call telling us that they had made a mistake and that I would be ok, but it never came. Oh how much I wanted to stay, for one more day, one more hour, one more second. Anything so that I could be with you longer.

I always want you to know that I will never leave your side, I will be with you always” she laughed again “so you better not get up to anything I wouldn’t approve of!”

“Enjoy every moment you have Jack, even though Im not there with you, I want you to be happy, don’t regret anything, don’t be sad. You never know when it will all end so you have to make the most of it. Remember I will love you always, never forget me.” She gave Jack a big smile, it made his heart break again.

With that the tape came to an end.

“Ill never forget you Martha, I love you too” Jack sighed to himself as a solitary tear rolled don his cheek. The room fell silent again, empty without her voice, her laughter, her presence.

He thought back then, to the weeks before, when they had been told the news. The day that had ruined his life, the day he was told that the person he dedicated his life to would be taken away from him.

“Brain tumour” the two words that shattered his heart the second he heard them.

He questioned it over and over again. How could this happen to him? To her? To such a good person with so much love to give, so much life to live. She was young, healthy, they must have made a mistake. She had so much to live for, so much more to do with him.

He watched as she took in the news, her face gave nothing away. He was left guessing what she felt.

“Martha it’s going to be ok” he told her as he watched he eyes well up with tears.

“No Jack, its not” she cried as she stormed out of the hospital room, not wanting to cry in front of the doctor, she wanted to be strong.

He stayed with the doctor. “How bad is it?” he asked cautiously, fearing the answer he may receive.

“Im so sorry Mr Holden, theres nothing we can do, its progressed to far”.

“So what? Im supposed to just sit around and wait? Wait for her to die? Wait for her to leave me? You’re a doctor, you’re supposed to be able to help her, its your job!”

“I understand how you must be feeling right now Mr Holden but there’s really nothing we can do, we’ve tried”

“No! No you don’t know how I am feeling, you have no idea! How devastated and angry I am, you cant pretend to feel it too, you don’t know us, you have no idea how much I love her, how much I would do for her, so don’t try and make me feel better, it doesn’t work”

He walked out following Martha’s footsteps.

Back on the couch, the tears were still flowing down his cheeks, It had only been a couple of weeks but he missed her so much. He would give anything to touch her again, to feel her. He wished with all his might that he could be with her soon but he knew that he couldn’t.

Thinking of what she had done before she went made him smile. He remembered how he lay in bed with her, he held her close, told her it would all be ok even thought neither of them believed it. She had told him to look inside his drawer after she had gone. He found it strange at first but didn’t question her.

As he later looked into the draw, there was a letter. As he unfolded it, he recognised he beautiful handwriting instantly. There was a note reading “Look under the…..” and then a drawing of a table.

She had left these little letters and illustrations in a trail which led him all around their house and into the garden. The letter in the garden read, “Ill jump it anyday to be with you” He knew where to go.

He stood at the cliff, where they had shared their first kiss. The salty air rushing past his face. As he looked to the floor, he saw a big arrow pointing to under a small rock. That was where he had found the video she had made.

He knew he had to live without her, he had known for weeks, but he never realised it would be this hard. That he would feel so empty without her.

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