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Holly brings Priscilla's musical queens to heel

Guest Andy

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Holly brings Priscilla's musical queens to heel

Daily Telegraph

9 September 2006

WHEN the team behind Priscilla the Musical needed help bringing male castmembers to heel, they turned to a shoe-in expert.

Home and Away babe Holly Brisley dropped into Waterloo's Brent St studios this week to teach crossdressing blokes in the glittering stage spectacular how to walk the walk in high heels.

"You need to stretch your legs, keep your head held high and shoulders back. Just follow me," she told them as she strutted her stuff.

Tony Sheldon, who as Bernadette plays the role Terence Stamp made famous in the film, dance captain Mark Hodge, his cohorts Nick Hardcastle (host of the ABC children's show Creature Features) and Michael Griffiths did their best to imitate her sashaying style.

Brisley said the trick to walking in heels was "practice makes perfect".

"Half the time us girls struggle too," she revealed. "Balance and a steady foot are the main things. It's one of those things I think women learn to do from a young age, playing dress-ups with their mum's shoes. But it's nothing that these boys can't do if they put their minds to it."

Priscilla The Musical opens at Star City's Lyric Theatre on October 8.

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