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Fri 8 Sep 06 - "Daydream Believer"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Daydream Believer"

(Screened in Australia on Fri 8 Sep 06 - Episode # 4270)

Morag tells Alf & Cassie that she is heading for the city to prepare for Robbie’s case.

When Morag is gone, Alf comments that Cassie is all quiet- and he thinls it’s because ric is away.

Macca enters as alf bails. Cassie is annoyed that macca is here but the think paying that rent is a perfect ruse).

Cassie is annoyed that macca wants casei to break up with ric over the phone.

Cassie suggests that macca should make things easier for her – but moving out of the van park.

Jack (police station) is clearly intrigued when head firie Dave arrives, and asks about the progress of the arsonist case, incl. wanting to look at the case file so far.

Amanda enters that diner, just as drew/belle as bailing (after Dan had payed for breakfast).

Amanda hams it up when Dan admits that he could be V wrong about how well that Leah & Amanda’s plan (re drew/belle) is going.

Amanda goes to the counter and Irene suggests that Amanda, belle & drew should come over to the beach house for lunch (as Irene hasn’t spent time with belle for ages).

As Amanda bails, macca enters and wonders (to Irene) if he can put up a flyer about him seeking accommodation. Irene says that a friend of hers (non regular or recurring character) is looking for a flatmate.

Macca texts Cassie the info about him scoring a new place to live, and Cassie acts all way guilty when alf enters. She says though that she was just shocked that he is back form fishing so early.

Alf then agrees to Cassie's suggestion that she can have a shower before him.

Belle triunes to get drew to poise nude for her art project, but he’s not keen.

Amanda approaches –tells them about lunch at Irene’s.

After Amanda walk away, bell notes that drew is way distracted, and we soon see why. When bell approaches Amanda, who is exercise in gym. Drew is clearly trying to stop himself from perving on Amanda.

Back the police station, jack voice s his suspicion to ric about the head firie (afar said head firie bails). Jack has the he is going to do background check on Dave (head firie).

As the V dressed up Cassie is bout to bail for the van park house, she is chocked when ric arrives. He tells her that he has no classes this morn, and wanted to surprise her (mission accomplished).

Ric is being V affectionate with casse but he can sense that she isn’t exactly feeling that same way).

As belle rabbits on about her art project, drew is perving on the exercising Amanda. Amanda then approaches, and (as she firmly grabs drew;’s arm)(, Amanda asks drew if he could check out a problem with the pool filler today.

Jack tells rice that it’s was Dave who did that report of the fire that was at drew;s boarding school. Jack also reminds rice that Dave arrived just 2 weeks before the 1-st arson attack (Peter’s car).

Lara approaches jack & rice – she says that the forensics ppl has found a DNA sample on the kerosene can.

Drew enters Amanda’s house and Amanda tells drew that she knows that he has been perving on her. Amanda gets closer & closer to drew – and admits that she has feelings for him. She comments that she doesn’t think drew will tell belle about this. Amanda kiss drew (and her kisses her back).

We hen cut to a close up of belle kissing drew. Drew then comes to – and belle thinks its pretty inconsiderate for drew to fall asleep whilst kiss her.

Drew says that he’s not keen on lunch today – but she convinces him to go.

Ric sense that all of not right with Cassie, who is about to tell him about macca when she ‘accidentally’ spills a drink on ric.

When he goes upstairs (change shirt), macca enters. Cassie then him that he has to go – as ric is back for the morning. When ric comes downstairs (shirt off), macca jokes about Cassie charge him extra rent. When ric exits room again, Cassie insists that macca really have to bail.

The conversation at the lunch at Irene’s turns to belle’s art project. Drew insists that he’s not keen on posing for her, but its V intriguing when Amanda (who is holding drew’s hand) tells drew that she knows that he has nothing to be ashamed off (not – slightly different opinion to the sarcastic one she had when she caught drew/belle at Leah’s house when they were wagging form school weeks ago).

As ric prepares to go back the city, he wonders what Cassie was going to tell him earlier. She says that it was nothing (and when ask, she really insists that it had nothing to go with macca). Cassie is relieved when ric bails.

Jack realises that Dave has left his firie helmet behind, and thinks off running a DNA sample on it. Rice is against tis, but its makes no difference seconds later when Dave arrives to get the helmet that he forgot.

Jack wonders how Dave is finding the bay. Dave says that he likes it, as its similar to a previous pasting in a beachside town in Queensland.

When Dave is gone, jack comments that Dave lied about that QLD beachside posting.

Ric (city) talks to Morag (van park house) on the phone. He is sorry that he missed her today.

When off the phone, Morag comments to alf about ric/cassie not having too much time to have fun together because macca came around to pay the rent. Alf is V intrigue – because of macca being at house in morning to do just that.

At the cliff top, Cassie tells macca that she just couldn’t tell ric. Macca insists that she must – as it wail be easier on everyone (incl.) the sooner she tells him.

Jack tells rice that Dave was involved in an unauthorised fire at the Fire Academy. Ric wants to wait to find out the ID of the person whose DNA was lifted form the kero can. Lara approaches, and gives them the (just arrived) results. Jack is shocked – as the DNA sample is that of PETER BAKER !!!! (end of ep)


The pyro is busted, Drew is in danger, Will Amanda act on her feeling for Drew, Tilly’s learns Dean’s secret.

It’s A Designer Label

GOLD – Cassie’s light blue spaghetti strap top/light blue shorts combo

SILVER – Amanda’s (literally dream) blue –with swirly gold designs - 1 piece swimsuit

BRONZE – Ric’s red (with white irregular pattern) button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Dan’s yellow (Italian motif) t shirt; Irene’s sky blue blouse; Cassie white (strawberry motif) plunge V neck halter dress; Ric’s forest motif green t shirt; Amanda’s pink blouse

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