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Thurs 7 Sep 06 - "Dean’s “Clayton’s” Brother"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Dean’s “Clayton’s” Brother"

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 7 Sep 06 - Episode # 4269)

Cassie pulls away from the kiss. She insists tat it should never have happen. She runs away, and when she gets home, Cassie is WAAAAAAAY crying.

Beth tells that likes of Dan & Leah that Tilly is going onto to hospital today fir her last skin graft operation.

Leah & Leah comment about the nearby drew & belle. The teen duo are far enough away that Dan doesn’t hear when belle asks drew to pose (sans clothing) for her act project.

Dan comments that he is way worried about who is trying to frame drew.

Jack talks to McGrath he thinks that someone may have followed drew to the bay and is now setting him up.

At the hospital, Tilly is way worried about things, esp. given that usual hunter bad luck. Luke lightens things up by crossing out Hunter at the top of the bed and writing Jones.

Dean enters the room – with flowers for Tilly. Luke is clearly annoyed as Tilly & dean kiss.

At diner, drew is clearly rattled when jack winders if he knows of anyone with a grudge against him. Drew doesn’t think do – although he jokes about an SBH teacher not liking one of his recent assignments.

Luke bails form Tilly’s room – and after he does, beth points out hat everyone seems to be ignoring him (as they talking about video rentals).

Belle & drew talk about jack’s theory – and as they do, someone is take photos of them.

Back at the hospital, Cassie enters Tilly’s room, as Tony, beth & Dean bail. Cassie (agitated) tells Tilly that she knows that Tilly is going o be mad with her – and it involves macca).

Meanwhile, macca talks to jack about the Cassie situation. Jack insists that he won’t tell Martha (as he values his life too much to do so).

Tilly is way annoyed with Cassie for having these feelings for macca, but Cassie insists that he’s done the counselling ad has changed.

Near the beach, Luke sees dean clash with another guy. When Luke confronts dean about this, dean says that the guy is his brother.

Luke tells drew & bell about this recent clash with dean – and that he thinks that dean & the other dude weren’t acting like brothers would.

As dean walk nearby, Luke points him out to drew & bell, and drew says that Dean went to the boarding school that he did. Drew insists that dean is a only child, and that dean may hold a grudge against him as dean may think that Drew dobbed him in for skipping school. Drew now gate the feeling (since drew have also been responsible for some illegal fire starting) that he may REALLY be the one framing him.

Cassie arrives home and sally shows her that she (Cassie) got some flowers today. Sally is kinda intrigued that Cassie reacts with surprise that they are form Ric.

Sally then asks sabot ric/casie and Cassie insists that things couldn’t be better tween them.

Near the surf club, Luke confronts dean with what drew told him. Dean suggests shat Luke should get a life.

Luke goes to the hospital, and tells Tilly about the whole only child/supposed brother thing. They get into a major verbal clash. Dean enters, and Luke bails (but not before suggesting that Tilly should ask dean about all this).

Cassie enters the surf club. She says that she is way happy with Ric, but they end up pashing anyway.

When they are done, Cassie is once more annoyed with herself, but macca insists that they should care about everyone else. He also insists that the counselling made him realise why he hit Cassie (he doesn’t elaborate on that).

Cassie commits to a relationship with macca, but insists there’ve got to stop seeing each other until she tells Ric when he returns to the bay (as she can’t do it over the phone).

Tilly &dean are talking sound like Tilly believes Dean’s version of events) when beth & Dr Ridley enter – to get Tilly ready for the pre-med for her last operation.

At the police station, jack insists to McGrath that finding someone with a grudge against drew is the key (although McGrath is somewhat dismissive of this theory).

However, somewhere in they bay, the arsonist lights their latest fire. The pyro once more uses kerosene but they start the fire wit the pics they took earlier of Drew & Belle !!! (end of ep)


Will Cassie tell Ric?

Will Amanda & Drew get together?

The police are shocked to find Peter’s DNA during their arson investigation.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth’s ruffled hot pink blouse (with black top beneath)

SILVER – Tilly’s white (with red love hearts) PJs

BRONZE – Belle’s black plunging V neck singlet top

HONOURABLE MENTIONS –Leah’s lime green halter neck top; Luke yellow urban motif t shirt; Cassie’s soft pink (sparkly around the collar) single top; Sally’s orange singlet top.

Other News

In the week that we lost Steve Irwin, tragic news today that another Aussie icon, motor racing legend Peter Brock was as killed in an accident on the Targa West tarmac rally !!!!!

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