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Tues 5 Sep 06 - "Career Vs Family"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Career Vs Family"

(Screened in Australia on Tues 5 Sep 06 - Episode # 4267

Note – Surprise, surprise. The opening credits were a no show.

At the gym, Luke tries to stop Tara form scratching herself etc, when Alf enters the room. Tara quickly runs over to him. Alf looks at Luke a tad disdainfully.

Soon after, Tara’s daddy arrives, and she tells him that Luke is trying to set her up (as ppl will think she made it up the 1-st time now).

Tara’s daddy suggests hat Luke should get a V good lawyer.

Tara & her dad then bail, and moments later, Tilly, Tony & beth arrive. Luke tells them what happened – and they of course way believe his side of events.

At the hospital, Nurse Julie tends to Tara’s wounds, and as Nurse Julie exist ht room, Lara arrives to hear Tara’s side of things.

In the corridor, Nurse Julie tells Rachel that Tara had been admitted, after another attack).

Rachel (after talk to Tony on phone) goes into Tara’s room – and way confronts her. Rachel insists that the nurses will son be taking samples of the skin under her fingernails (which of cse will reveal that Tara scratch herself, not Luke) and that Rachel knows of Tara’s history of games & deception (thank to Tara’s mum).

Tara is clearly rattled by all of this.

At the police station, Luke is worried but the like of Morag remind him of the skin sample thing. Luke however is concerned about tare’s daddy arranging another set of med records to vanish.

At hospital, Tara’s daddy enters her room, but she isn’t there. He approaches Nurse Julie, who is also unaware of Tara’s whereabouts. Rachel then admits to her chat with Tara – and Tara’s daddy is NOT happy.

Next day, Tara’ dad & Lara tell the police assemble at the station about tar’s current start of mind. The officers exit the building to begin the search. As they do, Rachel enters – and convinces Tara’s daddy t let her join the search.

At 1-st, Rachel & Lara are search together (in the rain), but when Rachel sees Tara (on a cliff top), Rachel is alone.

A way childlike Tara tells Rachel that she and her dad have always been close, but she missed having him around what he got a promotion which meant that he was in the city a lot.

Tara then started misbehaving, in the knowledge that her daddy would always come to save (and hug) her.

At the point, Rachel is concerned as Tara as walking on the brick wall that s at said cliff top (think of where jade scared Shelley almost to death during her “live life to the fullest” post charlotte’s death phase),

Tara tells Rachel tat she knew that she took things too far with kimmy, but couldn’t back down as she didn’t want her daddy t know that she was lying. This also lead to her freaking out when Luke saw the test results.

Rachel is able to finally convince Tara to come don of the wall – and they hug (Tara is crying).

At the hospital, Morag & Rachel talk about ppl’s quest for love. After Morag bails, Rachel says Tara hug (and apologise) to her daddy.

Rachel arrives home, and moments later, kimmy enters. Both are way pleased that this is all over. Kimmy & Rachel WAY pash !!!!!!

(Note – when I typed the previous line, I initially typed kimmy & TARA way pashed.)

Sally, brad & Emily are having diner at the van park house.

Brad tells sally a funny story about how a TV crew that was doing a piece on the school was teaching at just happened to catch on film when his shorts fell down !!!!

Brad claims that he wasn’t wearing anything beneath the shorts, but Emily tells sally that he was wearing micky mouse boxer shorts.

Brad & Emily way thank sally for being there for them, and Emily offers that sally should join them for lunch tomorrow (in return for tonight).

Sally declines, as she knows that brad has sometime planned for himself & Emily morrow.

Next day, Emily is a tad under whelmed when brad (beside the sea phane wharf) tells her that they will be taking a trip aboard a dinghy.

As brad & Emily approached their secret destination, we see that Emily is blindfolded. The boat arrives at a deserted beach – and Emily loves it when brad removes that blindfold and she sees a V tropical set up on the beach.

When she comments that it must have taken him hours that morning to set up, brad says that he travelled here via road this morning, but the journey via sea to get here is more romantic.

Brad & Emily WAY enjoy their time ion the secluded beach, but when brad goes to get something form the dinghy, Emily stands up - and then quickly collapses. Brad quickly rushes over to her. (end of ep)


Will Rachel give in to her feelings for Macca?

Is this the end for Brad & Emily?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Emily’s royal blue (with several vertical white stripes) spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Beth’s black V neck button up shirt (with a silver design around the collar & down the entire front of the shirt)

BRONZE – Emily’s royal blue (with a gold “band” across the bust) spaghetti strap top

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Tilly’s soft pink pants; Morag’s gold (stylishly ruffled) shirt.

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