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Mon 4 Sep 06 - "Tara Does An Angie"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, Mon 4 Sep 06 - "Tara Does An Angie"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 4 Sep 06 - Episode # 4266)

Note – This ep had the opening credit, and the then recap, before the latest (4266) action.

Tash runs on the beach, with the sound of Ella still crying in her head. Tash sits at the waters’ edge, all but obvious that the ocean water is now ting her as the tide come in.

Back at the beach house, Ella is still crying, but she stops, when picked up by someone whose hands we only see.

Jack & Marsha are talk on beach when they see Tash. Tash is way distress when she tells that that she just had to get out of the house. Jack & Martha are rather shocked that Ella is now alone.

Jack, Martha & Tash enter the beach house. Tash notes that the bub isn’t crying. She is then shocked/distraught – as Ella is NOT in her cot.

Tash is stressed about what Robbie will say about when the police arrive. Martha answers the phone – and she is shocked by what she hears.

At the hospital, charity tells Irene & co that she found Ella at the beach house an bought her to the hospital. Tash approaches Robbie (who is holding Ella). Tash thinks that Robbie will hate her, but he so doesn’t. Robbie gives Ella to Tash to hold, and Tash is unsure but Robbie insists that she can do it.

Elsewhere, Irene is way going off about Tash to charity, who gets to get Irene to calm.

When Robbie, Tash & Ella approach, charity suggests that she will spend more time with Tash, as she thought that Tash was more confident with Ella than charity thought.

Later, at the beach house, Tash is still worry about being a bad mum, and feeling nothing for Ella. Robbie however sees things differently – esp. when Tash says that she felt total dread when Ella wasn’t there when she rtned to the house with Martha etc.

Tash then goes into the bedroom, and lovingly picks up Ella and starts to truly bond.

The smug Tara approaches Rachel, and makes comets about kimmy running away to the city, and him perhaps being up to something (with other girls) there. Rachel tries to ignre Tara, but she is eventually forced to comment, whilst Tara continue her jibes.

Luke & Tony are talk in the gym before Tony goes to get towels form the dryer. Tara enters, and starts to work her charm on Luke, but when Tony re-enters the room, he tells Tara that he is revoking her gym memberships. He pays her the money for the resy of the tome on her yearly membership, and sends her packing.

When Tara is gone, Tony well and truly tells Luke that they had been just dealing with the evil Tara.

Rachel & Tony about talking – she gives him Kimmy’s phone #s I the city, and Rachel also comments about what a great psych case stuffy that Tara is (about vindictive teens who will do anything t get what they want).

Amanda enters, and insists that Tony must reinstate Tara’s membership – as this is business, nothing personal.

When Tara retns to the gym, she ask for help with the machine that she is on. Tony suggests that she go onto another machine, but Luke tries to keep things civil by helping her.

Leah & Rachel are talk in Noah’s when Morag approaches, she says that she has discovers that the shopkeeper whose shop that Tara stole form was pressured into NOT pressing charges several times., but said shopkeeper finally had enough and decides to press charges.

Morag has also arranged a meeting with tasra’s mum (who is divorced form her dad). Morag thinks this may shed further light on Tara’s behaviour.

Soon after, morag meets when Tara’s mum (played by ex-Neighbour Elaine Smith) at the diner. Tara’s mum confirms that Tara has a history is distorting the truth.

Morag goes to Noahs’ and tells the likes of Rachel & Leah this info. Just after she does, Tara enters, and comments that Rachel is now breaking the restraining order. Rachel comments that she wishes that she wasn’t on same planet as Tara.

Morag then launches a (fact based) verbal attack on Tara, and it clearly rattles Tara.

Tara re-enetrs the gym and tent is worried about leaving Luke alone when Tara whilst he meets within accountant. Luke assures tony that things will be ok.

Later, Luke tells Tara that he is closing for the night and when she is in the changing rooms, Luke picks up her backpack, and sees some medical records. He looks inside, and discovers that they are the missing DNA teats that Tara had done – showing that none of Kimmy’s DNA was in Tara’s system.

When Tara emerges form change rooms, Luke confronts her, she grabs said med results, and tries to burn them with a lighter. When luke tries rot stop her form doing so, Tara goes totally MENTAL – she shrieks interror several times and rips open her own shirt !!!!!!!(end of ep)


Do Rachel & co have the evidence they need to bust Tara?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah's purple shimmery halter top

SILVER – Tara's red (with black collar) buton up shirt

BRONZE – Rachel's white top/denim sleevless jacket combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS -Jack's balck (with white horizontalk stripes) jacket; Tasha's white top/brown (with brown horizontal "bands") jacket; Tara's orange sports singlet top

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