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Thurs 31 Aug 06 - "The Pain Never Fades”

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "The Pain Never Fades”

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 31 Aug 06 - Episode # 4264)

Brad goes off and Emily and sally for decieivig him. Her further verbally abuses sally when she goes after him to near the wharf. He is annoyed that she hiding this form him (note – I initially wrote Hyde instead hide in my draft ep guide).

Cassie & Ric enter surf club. Ric notes that Cassie is being V affectionate. Cassie seems to be even more affectionate when macca enter the room.

Robbie & co are looking fwd to tash & the bub coming home. Beth tell Robbie taht she is proud of him for the way he has handled himself () with bulb, atash & the whole upcoming court case ting).

Both ho that Amanda doesn’t find out. Those tow, Irene & Martha bail to go get tash etc.

Macca approaches Cassie when she is alone. She tells him that he relationship with Ric is stronger than ever. Ric re-enter room, and sense the tension.

Tash, Ella, Robbie & cop enter the beach house. Tash doesn’t fret when Irene wants to hold her. Robbie then shows tash their fully changed room – with changing tables, and a nappy dispenser system that doesn’t work so well (muchgkly that Robbie wacky inventions that don’t work of old).

Ric confronts Cassie bout macca but she assures him that it’s him that she wants to be with. Cassie is though way defensive at the situation.

Emily enters surf club, and approaches brad. She thought bout tell him bout how bad her illness was, but brad had been really there for her recently and she thought brad might revert. Brad says sorry for go off at Emily & sally. They WAY hug.

When Alf gets home, sally switches of the vid that she was watch of Flynn. Sally comments that Emily was way bought back memories and that she not realise that it would be this hard. Alf comments that he still had a hard time when he thinks of ailsa – despite so many years since death.

Morag tells Robbie & sco that she is going to base his defence on challenging the V law that Robbie broke. Ella starts t cry, and tash “suggests” that Martha should take care of it.

Near wharf, Macca encounters Amanda. He comments about the lack of work in bay, and when Amanda wonders of macca has seen Martha since back, macca says that Martha way busy help tash etc – and Robbie with the court case. Amanda wonders what macca is talk about.

Amanda arrives at beach house. She & Robbie speak on back patio, she say that she wants to do all she can to help, which reinforces that amanda is SO much WAAAAAAAAY a different person to the one she was 6 months ago.

Macca & amanda discuss possible job options for him, and when Amanda is gone, cassie (who observed their convo) comments to macca that she should watch himself about Amanda. Macca confronts casei about if she has feeling for him. When Cassie bails, it all bout confirms that she does.

Sally approach brad at wharf, brad wonder how sally not fall apart when Flynn have cancer. She insists that she had work, Kids, house to keep her grounded. Brad wonders how he will cope –0 with none of the things that sally talk of.

Robbie wonders to Morag why ppl are treat him (a criminal) & kimmy (who is innocent_) differently. Morag thinks its because Robbie did what most ppl would have done in his siturtaion (note – memories of when Fisher said “its’ called empathy kane, and you can not truly live in the world without it”).

Martha enter the beach house, and approaches tash who is in the bedroom with Ella. Tash is way worried – as she has not bonded with the child one little bit, (end of ep)


Cassie continues to fight her feelings – she has a slip of the tongue whilst talk to sally

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tasha’s turquoise V-neck top

SILVER – Amanda’s back & white (leaf motifs) spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Cassie’s white spaghetti strap top

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Cassie’s hot pink tube top, sally’s blue (with triangular designs across the bust) spaghetti strap top, Ric’s green & white bord shorts, Morag’s parlty intricate gold motif jacket.

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