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Mon 28 Aug 06 - "Another Victim Of Daddy’s Little Girl"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, "Another Victim Of Daddy’s Little Girl"

(Screened in Australia on Mon 28 Aug 06 - Episode # 4261)

Dean ends his kiss with Tilly suddenly and rushes away – but not before Luke had turned his back on Tilly & dean and start to walk away.

Later, Tilly confronts dean about what happened. Dean tells Tilly that relationships like theirs should happen at the retreat, although he does admit to WAY liking Tilly.

Mel then calls out t dean for his latest counselling season.

Next day, Mel is having a session with Tilly (whose bandage covering her scars can easily by seen again now). Tilly is waaaaaaaaaay pleased when Mel says that she is free to go form the retreat, as Tilly had faced her demons etc. Tilly only has to return occasionally for follow up sessions.

Tilly tells Mel that she WAAAAY is going to contact beth with the good news.

As Tilly heads to her room, she sees Dean having an argument with an unknown man.

When tilly tells dean that se can go, he wishes that she would stay, and although he believes that he is over his drug/alcohol problems, his family (brother in partic) are sceptical, and won’t let home come back home.

Tilly &dean than can contain their feeling no longer – they muchly PASH.

Leah & drew entry diner, and they are talk about his new job. Jack enters, and reminds drew of his daily visits to the police stations (bail conditions), before drew bails.

Leah wonders whey jack & the police had to charge Drew, but although jack thinks that drew seems to be innocent, the evidence suggests otherwise.

Dan enters, and wonders to Leah about the job at Amanda’s that drew just tell him about.

At the mansion, Amanda tells drew all the work in the gardens and that pool are that she wants him to achieve today. Amanda sees that drew is way distracted by the bikini clad Belle – and suggests that bell should go inside and do some schoolwork etc.

As drew begins by moving the lawn, Dan arrives. He soooo is not keen on Leah & Amanda’s plan, but Amanda insists that she believes that it can work.

At the surf club, Tony approaches Amanda about the job (Kimmy’s old one) going at the gym. She thinks Tony will be the perfect choice – and isn’t stressed about Tony’s suggestions that he doesn’t exactly know how to ruin a business like this.

Tony is surprised yet pleased that she gave him the job, and he eagerly tells that nearby Luke, before re-=opening the gym for 1-st me since the Tara crisis.

Drew is making sandwiches in the kitchen of the mansion when Amanda enters. She compliments him on his great work in the gardens etc, and generously pays him for his 1-th day’s off.

Amanda then lets drew & bell hang out together – but she insists that they stay n the lounge (i.e. no going up to belle’s room)

At the bachelor pad, Rachel suggests tat kimmy should get some fresh air. Kimmy is resigned to the fact that Tara will win (underage daughter of cop Vs son of murderer. Rachel tries to stop kimmy from locking at the mail- with incl. a note form someone “keep your hands off our kids pervert!”

Later, morag arrives and she tells Rachel & kimmy that Tara’s police files have been sealed etc, and this makes Morag suspicious that Tara’s father IS indeed hiding something.

Rachel wonder if jack can do anything (about the files) but jack thinks that he is too far down that food chain to access.

Rachel wants to confront Tara, but morag suggests against it,

Indeed, Morag herself hoes to Tara’s home, where she seems to have Tara’s father having some doubts about what’s occurred. However, when Morag is gone, Tara puts on a brilliant daddy’s little girl display and sways her father back onto her side.

Morag tells Rachel & co what occurred what she was at Tara’s and things get worse when they hear that Tara will be interviewed on local radio.

After they listen to the interview, Rachel & the others clearly thick that Tara’ performance was a tad TOO polished (like she done this before).

Rachel charges out of the house, with Morag in pursuit,

Rachel arrives at Tara’ house – and tries to use her psychologist skills on Tara. Rachel insists that WHEN Tara’s lies are revealed, it WILL mean that any future REAL sexual assault victims will struggle to be believed.

This seems to affect Tara for a while, before “the wall” comes back up. Tara insists that kimmy WILL pay for what he did to her.

At this point, Tara’s daddy dearest sees Rachel confronting Tara, and “suggests” she should leave the property, as does Morag !!!! (end of ep)


Drew has an alibi form the latest arson attack but will he admit to perving on Amanda to clear his name?

Kimmy tells Rachel that he bailing to the city.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's pink spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Mel's blue blue button up shirt/denim sleevless jacket combo

BRONZE – Belle's blue & red bikini top/short denim skirt combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Belle's pink spaghetti strap top, Mel's maroon button up shirt, leah's orange [silver spots across the bust] top, Amanda's blue singlet top, Rachel's dark red top (with lots of necklaces), kimmy's light green tree motifed t shirt, Jack's red (tiger motifed) t shirt, rony's bright polo shirt, Tara's blue 2 piece bikini, dan's green, white & blue polo shirt

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