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Fri 25 Aug 06 - Jack Hunter Has A LOT To Answer For "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Jack Hunter Has A LOT To Answer For "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 25 Aug 06 - Episode # 4260)

As they continue to talk on the phone, belle is reluctant to bail from the bay like drew is suggesting, but as soon as drew mentions Amanda, that seems to sway belle, who is no all for bailing form the ‘hick’ town.

At the van park house, macca tell Cassie that he is finished his counselling, and that he wants to start afresh – and though the bay was a good place to do it. Cassie assures macca that she is with ric now – and won’t change that. Macca then wonders if he can rent a van. Cassie is reluctant, but she eventually says that he can.

Whilst they are in the ocean, Luke voices his concerns to ric about Tilly & dean being so close. Ric thinks Luke should go to the retreat and tell Tilly how he feels.

At retreat, Tilly is worried about her upcoming counselling session with Mel. Dean tries to convince Tilly that it will be good for her to get problems out into the open – like emotional detox etc.

Drew enters the living room of Leah’s place where Ryan \& VJ are play slot cars. Ryan sees drew's bag, and tries to get him not to go. Drew convinces Ryan that he has too – and asks rayn & VJ not to tell Leah that he has gone.

Mel enters the room that Tilly is in and tries to get her to talk bout her issue. Tilly admits that she has felt bad about herself since she was a V young child, and that its got something to do with her dad having favourites (Kit & Scott H) and being a dobber.

(Note – Tilly also mentioned that jack didn’t like the geeky Robbie that much either).

Belle wits for drew up the road form the dinner. When she sees him, she rushes into his arms and they way hug. Drew tells her about how hard it was say goodbye to Ryan & VJ.

When drew says that he has some cash, and they’ve both survived in their own before, belle shows him a pair of ear rings that she “borrowed’ form Amanda – just in case they need the cash.

Tilly tells Mel that 1 day, long long ago, Robbie accidentally let the family’s bull escape, and because Tilly wanted to get in her dad’s (jack hunter) good books, she immediately told him when he got home. Her dad said that she is a dobber – and no one like dobbers. Jack also belted Robbie for what happened – and Tilly blames herself for that.

When Mel asks, Tilly says that Robbie did forgive her, but she’s never been able to dforgive herself. Mel adds that, ever since, when anything bad has happened, that’s just reinforced Tilly's feeling of self-loathing.

Tilly admits that this is correct – and then she WAY starts crying !!!!

Ric sees Cassie in the beach, and he can sense that something isn’t quite right, but Cassie says that its because she is over tired because of school. Ric then tries to tell her about that advice he gave Luke earlier, but still continues to sense distraction.

Ric enters the diner, and all his questions about Cassie are answered – when he sees Macca talking to Alf. Ric is intrigued that macca si stay in one of the vans.

Leah & Amanda enetr Leah’s house, and both are intrigued that belle & drew both apologised for recent behaviour.

Amanda then goes to take Ryan home, but when Leah suggests that Ryan should say goodbye to drew, rayn ‘caves’ and tells them about drew & Belle.

Speaking of whom, the lovebirds decide to try to hitch hike (after complaining that there is only a bus every two hours). A car approaches from behind them, but its Leah, Amanda, Ryan & V\J inside.

After Amanda & Leah do the riot act thing again, drew & belle insists that there’s need to be some kind of trust given to them. Leah is reluctant, but Amanda decides to give it a try.

She suggests that drew can work at her place (gardens, pool maintenance etc) after school – and in return, Belle & drew can have a hourof supervised time together – until they have truly proved themselves.

Belle isn’t exactly keen on the deal, but drew thinks that its good place to start from 0 an he is able to convince belle to agree.

Ric enters the van park house, and confronts Cassie about macca. Cassie says that she didn’t tell ric that she knew he is back in town as he knew that she (a) doesn't have feelings for him and (be) knew ric would react this way.

Cassie & ric hug – but as they do, Sally returns to the house, and she can see that look on Cassie;’s face.

Tilly thanks dean for leading to her breakthrough; they are about to kiss when Mel calls out to dean – she wants to speak to him about something.

Near the diner, sally approach sally, she confronts Cassie about ric & macca. Cassie admits that when she saw macca again she had that tingly feeling that she had the 1-st time they met, but cassie insist that she is committed to Ric/Cassie.

At the retreat, Tilly wonders to dean what is happening between them – and as Luke approaches, he sees Tilly & dean KISSING (end of ep)


Will Jack bend the rules to help Kimmy with the Tara thing

Cassie continues to deny her feelings for Macca.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly’s pink & white horizontal striped V neck long sleeve top

SILVER – Belle’s royal blue wide collar top

BRONZE – Ryan’s royal blue polo shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Cassie’s matching orange top & shorts, Mecca’s marron check button up shirt, Mel’s marron button up shirt, Amanda’s brown jacket/ plunge V neck top combo, Luke’s yellow & white rugby jumper, sally’s grey (bird motifed) tube top, Leah’s white spaghetti strap top/red halter top combo

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