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Thurs 24 Aug 06 - " I Just Wanna Praise You "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " I Just Wanna Praise You "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 24 Aug 06 - Episode # 4259)

After sally encounters brad & Emily (and sally invites them to dinner), we see (when sally & brad have walk away) that Emily is more sick than we oprviously know.

Luke is V annoyed about Tony loose his job, but Tony thinks that he can deal with this. When Luke has bailed, Tony confides in beth that he fear5s foir ghis further job prospects.

At Leah’s place, Dan & drew clash once more. When drew is out of the room, Dan comments that he liked it better when drew was giving them the silent treatment.

Belle is cleaning the pool (in the rain) when Amanda wonders what she would like from diner. The annoyed bell say that she not care.

At diner, Luke tells Cassie & ric of his frustration, and when brad & Emily enter, Luke confronts, but ric &* Cassie persuade Luke to pack away.

Amanda &^ dan enter, and both comment that they are WAY saying thing (that their parent say to them) to belle &* drew that they swore they’d never say.

Leah tries to reason with drew but gets nowhere. When she bails, drew rings belle – suggests they meet at surf club later tonight.

At the van park house, Alf “suggest” that ric & Cassie shouldn’t show such public affection, whilst sally realise that Emily isn’t looking so good.

At Leah’s Dan & Leah are watching a movie pretty late into the night. When drew convince that to go to bed, he tries to bail to surf club, but Dan catches him.

Drew & Dan all but come to blows – before Dan firmly “suggest” that drew should go to bed – whilst he informs Amanda of where belle is.

When sally & Emily are alone in kitchen, sally comments of Emily’s condition. Emily insists that sally can’t tell brad – as, now, Emily is tne who doesn’t want to deal with the illness.

At SBH next day, sally “bites her tongue” when brad says that he expected Emily to be much worse than she is.

Tony walks past (he was given 2 weeks noticed) and insists that there is no hard feeling towards brad.

Meanwhile, drew tells belle that Dan is in city today – and that they should skip school and hang out at Leah’s place.

At diner, Cassie thinks ric should do some blokey things with Luke, whilst Irene is surprised/pleased when Leah tells her about how “hard line” that Amanda is being on belle.

Belle & drew bails from school, and start to PASH as she as they arrive at his house.

Amanda is outside that diner when she is surprise/pleased when Irene REALLY thinks strict stance is great. This was after Amanda was expecting more jibes form Irene.

Amanda gets phone call form sally – about the absent belle,

Belle & drew (dressed only in towels) get frisky in the kitchen – incl. Drew deliberatlkey drop his towel. Amanda of course arrives at this time. She is NOT impressed.

Sally sees (at diner) that Emily continues to look not so good. When brad approaches, and hears them talking secretively, Emily says that she was ask sally for a cake recipe – and sally goes with the story.

Ric enters suggest to Luke that they should hang out at the beach, whilst Leah enters, and Irene tell her that Amanda has been trying to contact) Leah had mobile off).

Amanda & Leah read belle * drew that riot act –and Amanda gets a GREAT jibe about the size of (or lack thereof) draw’s “manhood”.

After Amanda &belle bail, Leah thinks that trying to talk to drew if a lost because – and when drew & bell are together, they don’t care about anyone else. Leah was partic worried that VJ and Ryan might have got a V early sex ed lesson.

When Luke & ric are on the beach, Luke admits that Tony isn’t his only concern. On his mind is Tilly (and esp. how close she is to dean).

Luke however is pleased that ric & Cassie and so close, and ric thinks nothing can get in their way.

Meanwhile, of course, Cassie answers a knock at the door of van park house. It’s Macca.

When belle & Amanda arrive have they have another “spat”, but when Amanda walk away, belle answer her phone. It’s drew – he wants belle to leave town with him(end of ep)


Belle & drew bail from the bay

Will Macca’s rtn affect ric/cassie??

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Emily’s white button up top/pink jacket combo

SILVER – Amanda’s pink (with frilly white collar) long sleeve top

BRONZE – Emily’s white “old school” spaghetti strap top

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