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Wed 23 Aug 06 - " It JUST Wasn’t The Day To Be A Person With Fir

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" It JUST Wasn’t The Day To Be A Person With First Name Starting With T !!! "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 23 Aug 06 - Episode # 4258)

Tash is way uncomfortable around Ella still, whilst Robbie tells her that he will be back soon. Tash sees police and is way worry

Tony & beth talk bout a teachers meeting today at the school, which leads he & beth to talk about Emily. As they are about t bail, beth answers the phone.

Beth & Tony rush to police station, where Alf tell them that Morag is in the interview with Robbie & police. Beth is way flustered.

Meanwhile, Morag insists that someone which a grudge (Believers?) must have com forth with the allegation, but, against Morag’s wishes, Robbie confirms that he DID switch off machines (as he was aghast at Amanda keeping him alive for the money).

Tash wants to o to see Robbie, but Irene thinks that Tash should concentrate on Ella, esp. when bub start to cry., Tash says that she can’t deal with Ella right now – so Irene suggest that she & colleen take Ella for a stroll. The look on colleen’s face as she exits room is priceless.

Beth is way stressed about Robbie, and she gets more so when Morag says that Robbie had admitted to doing so. Beth is eager t see Robbie, so jack tries to arrange it.

Irene thanks charity for coming to the hospital at such short notice. Martha approach –and tell rhe that Robbie has officially confessed.

Irene wonders how they will tell Tash, but when they re enter tash’s room, she isn’t there.

Beth enters the interview room, and Robbie say that he doesn’t blame her if she hates him for doing this to graham. Beth insists that she doesn’t hate him – as that’s what the family wanted all along (for machines to be switch off).

Robbie is really worried about Tash, and in the main area of station. All are shocked when Tash arrives. Tash & co are further stunned when jack suggest that Robbie could be charged with conduct occasioning death.

Morag tries to explain the charge to the like of Beth (compares it to someone who cause a death whilst drive under influence of alcohol). Robbie is then led pat beth &co. he can’t believe that Tash is there and not in hospital.

When Tash is back in hospital, Irene WAY goes off at her for endangering herself. Things gets worse when Ella starts to cry, and Tash instantly faces the other way.

In diner, sally tries to sway brad form sacking a teacher, but he insists that his hands are tied because it’s a budget thing.

Sally is then shock when Alf tell her bout Robbie.

Charity wants to show Tash how to bath Ella, but Tash insists wants to wait for Robbie, who just happens to arrive at that time.

Robbie suggest to Irene & Co that he wants to speak to Tash alone, so after Irene etc bail, robbie & Tash wonder about how dobbed him in. Tash thinks that perhaps Martha told jack by accident, and he reported it to his superiors.

Martha enters the room, and Tash & Robbie confront her. Martha insists that she didn’t “spill” to jack about this. (note – I wonder whether it’s one of the Believers, maybe even Mumma Rose herself, after perhaps Tash said something whilst she was drugged by the believers earlier this year?)

Soon after, Jack tells Tash & co that the file is sealed so he can’t find out who made allegation.

Irene & co re-enters and when Ella cries, they suggest that Tash should try to breastfed the bub. Tash gives it a try, and things seems to be going well for a bit, but when things go wrong (when the bub slips off), Tash isn’t prepared to give it another chance.

By the beach, Tony &bath talk bout Tash, Robbie & the SBH staff meeting that he’s about to go to.

After the staff meeting concludes, brad calls Tony aside. He tells Tony that budget cutbacks mean that he has to let Tony go (i.e. kimmy isn’t the only one unemployed now).

Beth sees Robbie near dinner. He is way stressed – about losing his freedom, and about Tash & Ella.

Meanwhile, Tash is alone with baby Ella. He once more reaches out to touch the bub, but then turns the other way (and tries to avoid Ella’s cries by putting her (Tash) head between the pillows. (end of ep)


Belle & drew decide to see each other despite ban on them doing so – but Amanda discovers what’s happened, AND Macca is back.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth’s green top/hot pink (unbuttoned) button up shirt combo

SILVER – Charity’s lime green spaghetti strap top (over a black spaghetti strap top)

BRONZE – Tony’s black (with white pin stripes) button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Martha’s green V neck top, Jack’s soft pink polo shirt, Brad’s blue (with darker shades of blue on the collar) button up shirt

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