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Type of story: one-shot


Main Characters: Everyone in cast

Genre: Comedy

Warnings: Any content you feel needs a warning: none

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Funny stuff that could happen in summer bay.

:lol: Ok me and Becky just had the idea of this so I thought I'd post it on here now.

Its just a skit fic about what "could" happen. :lol: You never know! :P

Jack and Martha

Jack looked at Martha and was shocked by what he saw. "aaaaarrrgggghhh!!!!!! Martha!!!!! Quick wake up!!!!

"What is it? She asked sleepily

"It.....it’s....." he stammered, he could hardly say it "its your nose!"

"What’s up with it?

"You have a huuuuuuge spot!!!"

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" shouted martha

Martha this was the end of her life, how could she leave the house with a spot on the end of her nose?

Ric and Cassie

Ric got out of bed and walked into the next bedroom, he saw Cassie under the covers in bed and decided to get in with her. as he climbed in the bed at the bottom he heard a biiiig snore. When he looked up the body next to him , he realised, he had gotten into the wrong bed!! Eywwwww he shouted, he was in bed with Alf!!!


All the residents of summer bay were sitting in the diner, drinking milkshakes when they heard a terrible cry. Then they watched as colleen ran out of the kitchen and out of the diner followed by a huuuuge piece of bacon!! It was taller than her and now it was chasing her round the beech. She new what she had to do. She ran into the sea and when the bacon ran in after her it died from the coldness

“Haha! take that!” she shouted as she walked up the beach triumphantly.

Tasha and Robbie

Tasha had been in labour for 8 hours already and there was still a long time to go the doctors had told her. She couldn’t handle it anymore so the scriptwriters decided to fastforward the show a couple of hours. The baby was born, with flowing brown hair, and a dirty top shouting “you can’t escape your destiny Tasha!!!” it scared Tasha so much she had a heart attack and that’s how she died.

Rachel and Kim

Kim was very unhappy with Rachel lately. She had been spending so much time at the hospital they hardly got to spend any time together. When Rachel finally got home after her million hour shift, she told him about who she had helped. She had cured 100 people of cancer, fixed 400 broken bones, delivered 600 babies and saved 900,000 lives overall. Her job of being the only doctor in the whole hospital was hard and she couldn’t have done it without the help of the only nurse, Julie.

:P hope you liked :P


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