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Tues 22 Aug 06 - " Tribute To A Very Fine Red ??? "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Tribute To A Very Fine Red ??? "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 22 Aug 06 - Episode # 4257)

After being told at the police station that he will soon have a committal hearing, kimmy seems resigned to his fate that he will be found guilty – because of Tara’s daddy.

Kimmy is further frustrated when Morag confirms that if these charges are proven, kimmy will go on a sexual offenders list.

Rachel suggests that she should try to talk to Tara, but Morag insists that that would be a V bad idea.

Later, at the bachelor pad, Rachel is still way optimistic about the situation, but Kimmy’s already way down mood is made worse when the local radio station announces to the world about the allegations against kimmy. Btw, radio station ties in that kimmy is, off course, son of the murderous Hyde.

Soon after, kimmy tells Rachel that no matter what the court case finds, kimmy thinks that small town mentality will destroy him. This was after kimmy received a phone call form another person (the 3-rd so far) cancelling their gym membership.

Later, Rachel thinks that kimmy should try to slightly take his mind off things by going out for a meal at the diner. This was after a 7-th person cancelled gym membership. Kimmy tells Rachel that he is not going out. So she says that she will bring some food back for him.

When Rachel enters the diner, she tells the likes of colleen &Alf Kimmy’s plight. Colleen looks like she has an idea to lift Kimmy’s spirits.

Colleen arrives at the bachelor pad, and she tells kimmy that she is eager to take part in her gym class that is scheduled for tomorrow. She tells limy that not all ppl are narrow minded.

Amanda arrives and tells kimmy that because JOSH has the secret buyer of the gym, it means that she now owns it. Amanda tells kimmy that, because of the potential massive loss of business, she has no choice but to let kimmy go (i.e. fire him)

Robbie waits impatiently at the doctors go to work on Tasha’s C section.

Irene & Martha arrive, and Robbie tells them of his concerns bout loose bub and Tash.

The doctors are have a V tough time, as Tash is bleeding internally asn they can’t locate bleed. The head surgeon wants the bleeding under control, before they do the C section.

The medics are able to stabilise Tash, and deliver the bub, but Tash is still not out of the woods as still needs more bloods.

The nurse tells Robbie & co that Tash has had a baby girl – but that Tash is still in surgery.

The extra blood that they require in the operating theatre for Tash arrives, but there are still complications.

Robbie is way stressed and wants to confront the doctors, but the head surgeon arrives where Robbie is and tells him that Tash is out of surgery. He says that Tash will need constant monitoring and the Robbie & co will be able to see Tash soon.

After being informed that they can, Robbie, Martha & Irene enetr tash’s room, and the little baby is wheeled in too. Robbie holds the child for 1-st time (Tash still asleep after operation).

When Tash wakes though, it’s clear that she is still indifferent to the bub – but Robbie is WAY glad that Tash is awake after the difficult surgery.

Soon after, dr ridley tells tash & co that she should make a full recovery. When Irene enquires, Tash isn’t sure what to call the bub, but Robbie decide to name the bub after a brave character from a book he read as a child. Tash & co LOVE Robbie’s’ choice of name – Ella !!!! (Note – is this bub, in reality, named after Hayley # 2, Ella Scott Lynch ???)

Robbie suggest that he & Irene & Martha should leave the room for Tash to have alone time with Ella. Tash isn’t so keen, but Robbie insists. When Robbie & co are gone, Tash almost immediately faces away form the bub.

In corridor, Robbie tells Martha that Ella is the start of a good time in their life – after all the bad thing happen this year (believers, being LOST, him turning of his grand father’s life spt machines).

Meanwhile, Tash decides to try to reach out to Ella. She almost touches the child’s face, but pull arm back, and once more facing the other way.

Soon after, Colleen, Alf, Robbie, Irene & Martha are all in Tasha’s room. They way congratulate her – and give her congrats messages form the likes of kimmy& Rachel.

Tash hides her baby issues well, whilst colleen is all too happy to hold Ella for the 1-st time.

When Robbie goes outside Tasha’s room for moment, Lara & another police officer approach. They tell him that there has been allegations that he switched of his grandfather’s life support !!! (end of ep)


Was it Martha that told the police about the life spt thing?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Martha’s green wide V collared (front & back) short sleeve top

SILVER – Amanda’s white frilly collared crossover top/black V neck top combo

BRONZE – Irene’s blue (tropical motifed) plunging V neck dress

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Colleen’s marron (floral motifed) button up shirt, Kimmy’s maroon t shirt, Rachel’s red spaghetti strap vest/black button up shirt combo

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