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Forgotten, but she's not gone

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Forgotten, but she's not gone

Daily Telegraph

22 August 2006

HERE'S a message to the attractive young lady that Summer Bay stud Chris Hemsworth took a shine to on the dance floor at Zeta Bar's first birthday party a couple of weeks back.

You're still a chance.

The soapie star got friendly at the Hilton watering hole with 21-year-old student Lauren Scott, a friend of hers ringing Confidential the next day telling us they had kissed and exchanged numbers.

It must have been a big night -- Hemsworth said yesterday he "can't remember what she looks like".

But, good news Lauren, he will still go out with you if you get on the blower.

"Maybe. If she can phone up and send us some details," Hemsworth told Nova's Merrick and Rosso.

Meanwhile, Hemsworth says he will leave Home and Away when his contract expires next year. He has been approached to appear on the next series of Dancing With The Stars.

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