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Fri 18 Aug 06 - " It’s Vicky Baxter All Over Again “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " It’s Vicky Baxter All Over Again “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 18 Aug 06 - Episode # 4255)

GYM –the police & firies examine the damage caused by the fire. Jack wonder if Alf or kimmy saw anyone suspicious, which they said they didn’t.

Another cop (surname Rice) enetrs the building, and tells jack that he found a can of kerosene outside.

LEAH’S – Dan is annoyed when drew appear to be ignoring him. Drew is annoyed that Dan is treating him like a little kid, whilst Leah tries to sooth things.

Jack & rice arrive, and they want to talk to draw about the gym fire.

DINER – sally approaches Rachel and wonders about the wedding planning. Rachel tells her that she & kimmy got sidetracked yesterday,

Colleen approaches – and tells them of her shock about the gym fire. Colleen is also surprise that Rachel appereras to have no idea what she is talk about.

GYM – Alf is talk to the firies when Rachel enters. She wonders why kimmy hadn’t contacted her and told her about the fire as yet. Rachel is also concerned that kimmy didn’t call her last night when as he got home late. Alf observes the duo, and it is clear that Rachel thinks that kimmy cares more about the gym than he does about her.

LEAH’S – after Dan \& Leah vouch for drew being home last night, drew & rice majorly have a verbal confrontation about ppl having false perceptions of others.

When the police go, Leah &Dan both made a similar comment saying that they are on drew’s side, but whilst drew thinks Leah, he doesn’t give Dan the time of day.

SBH – in the corridor, Dan approaches drew. He suggest that they are going to have BBQ for dinner – but drew doesn’t care as belle is not invited to come.

As soon as Dan has walked away, belle approach drew. She sees that he is in happy mood, but puts her foot in it when she says something about the arsonist last night using same accelerant as that was used for other fires.

SOON ATER – bell & drew enters a classroom. Belle admits to doing the gym fire, as a way to get police of drew’s’ back.

Drew thinks belle is insane to d something like that – but thanks her all the same, and they kiss.

DINER – Rachel & sally enters, and Rachel tells sally that she is worried about her constant trust issues with kimmy (the age gap when they 1-st start go out, and now this thing with Tara – in light of the kimmy/Kit LOST incident).

GYM – Alf realises that kimmy isn’t just worry about the fire (which thankfully didn’t affect to much of the gym before it went out of own accord). Kimmy admits to the problems with Rachel, but Alf insists that kimmy & Rachel R need to sit down and talk this though (as their special relationship is too good to loose).

DINER – Rachel thanks sally for listening to her problems. When Rachel goes to counter, colleen mentions that she thinks Rachel must be way trusting of kimmy – given the he had dinner with Tara last night !!!

GYM – Rachel enters, and confronts kimmy about Tara. Kimmy tells her that he thought it was easier just not to tell her about the dinner, but kimmy thinks that they DEF need to talk about their relationship.

POLICE STATION –jack & rice enter, and moments later, a (bowls) friend of colleen’s arrives, and says that she saw someone enter the surf club late last night. When the police ask, the woman seems V sure of how it was.

McADAMS MANSION –Amanda is talk t bell when Jack & Rice arrive. They tell belle that they have a witness to seeing her at the surf club at time of the fire. Belle tells them that drew had nothing to do with this, but belle is also way alarmed when the police say that they will most likely charge for her the crime.

GYM – kimmy & Rachel start to try to talk through their problems. Both are adamant that the issues they have are nothing compares to the things the brad & Emily are going through. Rachel kisses kimmy before bailing.

LEAH’S – drew is still way annoyed when Dan when jack & rice return. They tell Dan & co that bell has owned up to gym fire, but police say that drew is not out of trouble yet; esp. in light that drew knew that belle committed that crime (although he knew it after it was done).

McADAMS MANSION – damn arrive, and tell Amanda that they really have to work together to solve the drew/belle problem. Dan insists that they MUST be kept apart – as they are always leading the other into trouble.

GYM – Tara (who looks WAY more glam than usual) arrives, and is keen to have diner again with kimmy. When he mentions that he has a fiancée, Tara WAY takes offence. She gets V angry – as says that kimmy was obviously using here and that ‘you won’t get away with this!!!!”

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda confronts belle, and insists that she can’t see drew. belle says that she HATES Amanda, before bell storms out of the room.

GYM – Rachel arrives, and kimmy tells her about his recent encounter with Tara. Rachel tells kimmy that she doesn’t think the he is in the wrong, but when jack arrives, and says that their has been an allegation of sexual assault against kimmy, Rachel WAY quickly lets go of kimmy’s hand – AND she is way has a shocked look on her face. (end of ep)


Sounds like Rachel think kimmy is guilty, whilst Robbie could loose everything – tash &bub (tash go into labour) and his freedom (after allegations of made about his turn off his grandfather’s life support machines earlier this year).

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel’s red spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Amanda’s white lacy button up shirt

BRONZE – Tara’s black hoop neck halter top

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Alf’s blue & red check (think the SBH girls uniform) button up shirt, Leah’s yellow (with black palm tree motif) spaghetti strap top, Colleen’s white (with gold floral motif) button up shirt, Rachel’s black plunging V neck top

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