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Peter Baker Before The Bay!

Guest Lilone

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Peter before the Bay!

1994 (Peter is 22)

(Peter’s 2nd year as a constable)

“See you tomorrow” said Peter as he went to grab his bag and coat from his locker.

“Not so fast constable Baker” said detective Murphy, as he wanted a word with Peter.

“Yes senior” replied Peter as he walked over to detective Murphy.

“Please sit down,” said detective Murphy as he pointed at the chair in front of him.

Peter started to worry as he thought he had done something wrong.

“Don’t look so worried” detective Murphy said as he took a file from his draw with ‘Peter Baker’ written on.

“I’ll get straight to the point constable, Well me an the senior have been reviewing all the constable’s from this station, to see who has it in them to become. How shall I say this? Become A higher position in the force. Murphy started to explain.

“Basically constable we have chosen you to go on to training to become either a senior constable or take 2 years training to become a detective, I think that you would make a great detective. But mate it’s not easy and it means going in intense training in Sydney then L.A if you succeed”

A Smile began to appear on Pete’s face until he said “I am flattered boss. I would love to train to become a detective,” replied Peter.

“Constable if you do decide you will be leaving the station to go to Sydney, the day after tomorrow,” stated Murphy.

Peter started to get visions of telling his mum and dad about leaving

“I’ll take it” Peter said as he shook Murphy’s hand before leaving the office.

“Peter, good luck” Murphy said as Peter left the room.

Peter drove into the garage that was next to his house; he then took his uniform out the car before worryingly entering the house.

“Hey bro how’s work” asked Dan as he reading through paper work.

“Where’s mum and Dad” asked Peter as he went to walk to his room.

“They should be back soon, they have just gone to get us a pizza”

“When they get inn can you shout me as I need a word with all of you” explained Peter.

“Sure mate is everything ok”

“Yes, everything is good,” replied Peter trying to hold back his happiness from his brother.

Peter entered his bedroom and looked over at a picture of him, Dan, his mum and dad.

When there was a knock on the bedroom door,

“Pete, their back” Dan said as he walked back down stairs.

Peter picked himself up from his bed before leaving the room to break the news.

“You all right son?” asked Noelene

“Yeah I’m rite, just something I need to tell you,” said Peter

Noelene, Dan and Kevin were sitting in the living room looking at Peter.

“So what’s the news?” asked Dan wanting to no.

“Well I was just finishing my shift at work when my boss asked me to go in to the office, he told me that I was considered to be the most experience constable and that they wanted me to move higher up in work” explained Peter.

“What like a senior constable at the station?” asked Dan.

“Not exactly more like a detective,” said Peter as he waited for the response.

Kevin just picked up a paper trying to avoid giving Peter a response.

“There is one slight problem though, it means me going to Sydney for my training. The day after tomorrow”

Kevin turned around and just stared at his son before leaving the room.

Noelene went out the back door into the garden and sat on the chair.

“Pete” Dan said as he tried to stop him walking to him bedroom.

“No Dan, I can’t do this no more if it means not having parents stand by me for what I choose then let that be it. But no matter what they choose to do I’m going to Sydney to start my career

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Peter went to his bedroom and started to pack his things.

Dan entered Peter’s room to try and get him to sort things out with their mum and dad.

“Pete, you can’t leave on bad terms”

“It’s totally their fault what happens from here, if they can’t respect my choices they will regret it”

Said Peter as he sat down on his bed.

Kevin walked into Peter’s room and threw a suitcase at him, “you better pack your stuff, we want you out tonight” shouted Kevin.

“Dad you can’t do this” shouted Dan as he tried to change his dads mind.

“Dan leave it, if they want me out I’m out of here” Peter shouted as he packed his bags.

Kevin left the room, “please Pete just stay” Dan pleaded.

“Dan every time I try and Stand up to them they don’t like it. Now I am doing what I want they treat me like this, I have tried my best to be their “perfect” son but what ever I do they throw it back in my face”

Peter finished packing his bags before leaving the room.

He then walked to his car and put the bags in the boot.

Tear began to fall down his face as he hugged his brother goodbye.

“Dan I will call you soon, look after your self”

Peter got in his car and looked up at his mum looking down at him from her bedroom window.

Peter just looked at her before starting the car and driving down the street towards a hotel.

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(Next day)

Peter’s alarm starts to ring on his mobile phone to wake him up to go and catch the plane to Sydney.

Peter slowly pulls his arm up and over to his mobile on the side cabinet before pressing, “snooze” on the alarm. Five minutes pass and his alarm starts to ring again, he then rubs his eyes and looks up at the ceiling before pulling his quilt from on top of him to the other side of the bed. He turns off the alarm and walks into the bathroom to get a shower; he gets out the shower and looks through his bag for a pair of boxers and some socks, as he is looking for them he spots a photo of himself and Dan, this really throws Peter as he starts to wonder if moving away from him is the best thing to do as he would be the only reason he would stay. Pete places the picture on his bed before getting up and going to get dressed.

Peter packs all his things from the hotel room and goes down stairs to check out, as he pays at the desk he turns around to see Dan standing outside by his car.

Dan smiles at his brother as he walks towards him,

“I couldn’t let you go with out saying goodbye” said Dan as he took one of Peter’s bags.

“What are you doing with your car?” asked Dan

“You can borrow it,” replied Peter.

Peter put the rest of the bags in the car then threw Dan the car keys so he can drive him to the airport.

Dan pulled out of the car park of the hotel and headed to the airport.

As they were driving Peter saw “We hope you enjoyed Molemby” sign as they were driving out of his hometown

Peter and Dan were pretty silent with each other for most of the journey until Pete blurted out “Mate you do no that I have to do this don’t ya?”

“You have to do what is best for you, I understand why you are going plus then I now have a reason to visit Sydney regularly after I start my councillor training”

“You got excepted?” asked Peter

“Yeah, the letter came through today. I start next week,” said Dan with a smile on his face.

Dan turned into the airport car park and got of the car, he then took Peters bag and passed then to him.

Peter put his bag down and said, “come here you little brother” as he hugged him and held back the tears.

“Look after yourself, I want a phone call soon as you get their” said Dan as he let go of his brother.

Peter picked up his bags and smiled at his younger brother before walking into the airport to check inn.

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6 hours later

Peter arrived at Sydney airport where senior detective Lewis shore greeted him.

“Constable Baker right?” asked detective Shaw

“I have been told to take you to your hotel were you will be given a briefing about your training” explained Lewis who showed Peter to the car.

They arrived at a hotel where about 30 other constable were training to become detectives the same as him.

Peter was shown to his room then was told to meet downstairs in 15 minutes for the briefing.

Peter started to unpack his belongings and look around his room.

Peter dialled Dan’s number in his phone then pressed the ring button.

Dan quickly answered and said “Pete”

“Yes it’s me, I’m here and it’s awesome,” laughed Pete as he looked at a mini bar in his room.

“I have got to go Mate but I will text you later love ya” Pete said as he put the phone down.

Peter locked his room then walked down stairs to the briefing to find over 20 constable’s sitting in the room.

Pete was given a booklet filled with details about his training course that was going to start tomorrow morning, Pete looked over the room to see a blonde hair very pretty young lady glancing over at him, Pete smiled at her and carried on reading the booklet.

The briefing finished and everyone was allowed to go anywhere they wanted as long as they were up in the reception area for 6:30am the next morning.

“So where you from mate” asked a constable who was sitting next to him.

“Molumby” replied Peter.

“I’m from New Zealand” said the young constable.

“My names Luke By the way”

“Pete is mine,” replied Peter as he was happy to made a new friend.

“What room you inn?” asked Luke

“137” replied Peter

“140, just down the corridor from yours” said Luke.

Pete started talking to Luke but every time he looked over the beautiful blonde girl was looking at him.

Pete and Luke got up and walked towards their rooms. As they were going to their rooms the blonde girl was walking towards them when she dropped her leaflets out of her bag, “excuse me,” Peter said as he picked up the leaflet and handed them back to her.

“Thank you….”

“Pete” laughed Pete as he told her his name.

“Thank you Pete” replied the woman as she smiled at him.

“And your name is….” Asked Peter.

“Claire, Claire broody” she said as she looked at Peter.

Claire turned away and walked down the corridor and entered the room next door to Pete.

“She likes you,” commented Luke.

“No she don’t” Peter laughed.

“She gorgeous” said Luke as he entered his room.

Peter laughed and said to Luke “She is amazing”

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Later that night Detective Lewis knocked on Peter’s door.

“Mate their has been a change of plan, everyone is going to the academy tomorrow after breakfast instead of next to week to start the training, so pack your things ready for tomorrow” explained Lewis before leaving the room.

Later that night there was a knock on the door.

Peter opened the door, “You want to go for a drink?” asked Luke.

“Sure why not” Peter replied as he grabbed his keys and coat.

They headed to the bar to get some drinks but as they were walking down the stairs Peter saw Claire sitting by the Bar on her own so he immediately went up to her and said, “Can I buy you a drink?”

“Yeah ok” replied Claire.

Peter brought the three of them a drink when Luke bailed saying “I have just got to make a phone call”

Before heading back up to his room.

30 minutes later

“Well I don’t think he is coming back,” laughed Claire who ordered another drink for her and Pete.

“So where about’s are you from” asked Pete

“The City in NSW” replied Claire.

“That’s about 2 hours away from where I am from,” stated Peter.

Claire looked at her watch and said, “Wow it’s getting late, I think I might head up to my room” as she finished her drink.

Peter picked up his coat and they began to walk to their rooms.

As Claire took her room keys out of her pocket she said “you want to come in for a drink”

“Sure” replied Peter as he entered the room with Claire and immediately jumped on the bed.

Claire passed Pete a drink before sitting next to him on the bed.

“So do you have any Brothers or sisters” asked Claire.

“Yeah, One brother. Younger then me, Dan.”

“I’m the only one,” replied Claire.

“Anything else you want to know” Peter laughed.

“Erm, is there a special person in your life” cheekily asked Claire.

“No I am looking though,” Peter said as he gazed into Claire’s blue eyes.

“What about you” asked Peter?

“Single as ever” Claire laughed before drinking the rest of her drink.

“I think I better go” Peter said as he got up off the bed and walked towards the door.

Peter stood at the door with his hands on his hips.

Peter and Claire just looked at each other, then Peter kissed Claire on the cheek then said “see you tomorrow”. He walked up to his room where Luke was waiting for him. Peter started to laugh as he saw Luke then said “Thanks for tonight mate” as he and Luke walked into the room

“So how was it?” asked Luke.

“She is cool, she is fun to be around and most of all really hot!”

“I better get to bed” said Luke before bailing out of the room.

Peter went toilet then strip down to his boxers before getting into bed.

(Next day)

Peter suddenly wakes up from the noise of his mobile phone ringing,

He answers the pone in a very tired voice “Hello”

“It’s Luke you want to go for a run”

“Erm it’s like 5:30 but yeah ok” replied Peter as he got out of bed and went in the shower.

Peter met Luke outside his room before leaving the hotel to go for a 15 minute run before he left for ‘IDAT’

(International detective academy training)

20 minutes later….

Peter walked into the reception area with Luke and they were driping of sweat and puffing and panting,

Pete was bending over puffing when he saw someone’s feet walking towards him as he looked up he saw Claire laughing at him.

“Well if it’s not constable Baker” she laughed as Peter tried to catch his breath to reply but he was too tired.

Claire leaned over and whispered in his ear “I like a man who works hard” before smiling at him then returning to the drinks machine.

Peter was kind of shy when it came to the sweet talk with ladies, so he went up to his room to not show anyone how much he was blushing at Claire’s comment.

As he entered his room he immediately went in the shower but all he could think about was Claire,

He finished in the shower, collected his bag from the bed. Then headed down stairs to get the coach to the training academy.

As he walked on to the coach he saw Luke on the back row who was saving him a seat.

Peter started to think about the time when he and Dan went surfing when they were 16 and they were throwing stuff at people from the back seats.

Peter sat next to Luke and put his bag on the shelf when he saw Claire walking towards him, Pete jumped on the seat and started grinning at her as she walked more and more towards him, “Is this seat taken” asked Claire who was looking at the seat next to Pete.

“No it’s free as ever, just like me” laughed Pete as he let Claire sit besides him.

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All the way to the academy Claire, Pete and Luke were talking about work and family life but when ever Claire or Luke asked Peter about his parents he just clammed up and changed the subject.

They arrived at the academy,

They took their belongings and entered the academy, the place were they would spend their next year training to become detectives.

“It’s huge,” commented Luke as he looked around at the facilities.

They all walked into a room were another briefing is being held.

“My names senior detective Greg Hull, I will be training everyone of you in this room to improve your skills and get you jobs after the training is complete, but I will make on thing Clear it’s not easier so if there is anyone who thinks they cannot handle it, theirs the door” he said as he looked over at the exit door.

“Now lets take you to your dorm’s” said Greg as he took them towards a little hut with lots of beds inn.

“Before anyone say’s anything yes girls you will be sharing with the lads so get used to it” he said as he saw everyone’s facial expressions.

Luke and Pete were first to choose their beds and automatically went to the very back of the hut where there was three beds.

Claire followed and chooses the bed next to Peter’s.

“Good choice” laughed a very happy Peter.

All three of them began to unpack their belongings before starting the first day of training.

(Later that night)

Peter, Claire and Luke began to walk back to the room.

“Today was interesting, I hope tomorrow is ok for the exam” said Luke.

“It should be ok, yeah today was really good I learned a lot” laughed Peter

Peter’s mobile started to ring, “Hey Dan”

“Hi Pete, just ringing to see if you are ok?”

“I’m great little brother, Me Claire and Luke are having a great time”

“Claire Luke, they your new mates” asked Dan.

“Yep” Peter laughed.

“Mate I have got some holiday time for 2 months starting in 3 weeks so I was wondering if I could meet up with you in Sydney?” asked Dan.

“Sure mate but it just depends on my time table, we are getting it later tonight so I will ring you then, that ok?”

“Yeah ok cool take care mate,” replied Dan as he put the phone down.

“I’m so bored,” said Luke as he lay looking up at the ceiling.

“Yeah we could go out but we have got dinner in 20 minutes” replied Peter.

“So what shall we do for 20 minutes?” asked Claire.

“ I wonder if they will ever call us out of bed” said Luke.

“I know then have to rush out of bed,” laughed Peter.

“Right, I’m going to see how long it will take me to get ready if I am called out”.

Peter threw Luke a stopwatch then started to get undressed down to his boxers.

Everyone in the room was watching Peter and laughing at him.

“go” shouted Claire.

Peter quickly got up and ran over to his wardrobe and started putting his trousers and top on then doing his belt and buttons up on his trousers. Before his buttons on his shirt, he then put his socks then shoe’s on. He started to laugh as he quickly messed with his hair and said, “Done”

“Well” asked Claire and everyone else wanted to know the time.

“45 seconds” laughed Luke.

It was time for dinner so everyone went to grab dinner before heading out into town.

Pete, Claire and Luke were at a bar near the city and were getting really drunk when a Luke spots a constable who he thinks is nice.

“Pete, she is really hot” Laughed Luke as he pointed over at her.

“I have my eye on someone else” said Peter as he saw Claire walking over.

“She’s really nice.”

“Right hold on” laughed Pete as he walked over to the woman.

“Excuse me, my mate over there was wondering if you wanted to join us”

“Ok” she said s she took her coat and walked over to Luke.

“This is Luke,” said Peter.

“Hi I’m Laura”

“Laura this is Claire” Peter said as he looked at Claire.

2 hours later….

Peter was really drunk as well as Claire, so they decided to head back to the rooms to get some sleep before tomorrow.

As they are walking back Claire whispers to Peter “I think you’re gorgeous”.

Peter turned around and kissed Claire passionately, Claire kissed him back before slowly pulling away and saying “Wow”

They then started to hold hands and carry on walking towards the rooms when they seen a photo booth

“You want to get a picture taken” asked Claire.

“Sure” replied Peter as they ran into the photo booth.

“Cheese” Peter said as the photo was taken.

They waited a few minutes for the photo’s to print then when they did Peter took one and placed in straight In his wallet.

They finally arrived back at the rooms were they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

But they both decided to remain friends until they have finished the training.

5 years later

· Peter and Claire eventually started to date 6 months ago.

· Luke and Laura were also an item

· They successfully completed the 5 years in training in 3 different cities so all four of them were about to choose where they wanted to start their new jobs as detectives.

Peter and Claire wanted to stay near each other so applied for jobs in the city in Sydney, they were both accepted. Luke went back home to New Zealand and Laura remained in her hometown Sydney they still remain as a couple.

Claire and Peter were renting a house together to start their new lives as detectives. They were madly in love.

(Peter was now 28 and it was July 2001)

Peter and Claire drove to work to start their first day,

Everything was going smoothly and they were enjoying working together.

3 weeks passed and Peter and Claire were assigned to go under cover on a drugs bust.

Peter had to become friends with a bunch of drug dealers to see whom the man dealer was and draw them out.

Claire was watching Peter’s every move to assure his safety but one day when Peter was leaving a hotel with the drug dealer she mistakenly sent him a message saying, “I am watching your back, everything is running smoothly”

Peter had left his phone in the hotel were the main drug dealer had the phone. As soon as he read the message he walked out to the front of the hotel and watched Claire taking pictures of Pete and his main man. Peter was then lured into an abandoned wear house when the drug dealer confronted him

Pete was then beaten up and his cover was blown, the whole operation was lost and Peter was fuming.

He arrived back at the station and went mad at his senior. Peter was suspended from work and was ordered to leave the station.

Later that night Claire arrived home not knowing it was her fault Pete’s cover got blown.

“Claire I can’t work there I’m applying for a transfer”

“I am coming with you” Claire said as she kissed Peter, but then she received a phone call from Senior detective Lewis saying “There is a job position came vacant at the station you are working at for Senior detective and I think you should apply”

“Wow that’s great news, I will let you know tomorrow morning” replied Claire.

“Who was that?” asked Peter

“Detective Lewis, he has offered me a job for senior detective at the station”

Peter’s face dropped and he said, “Are you going to take it?”

Claire stayed silent but Peter knew that she really wanted to so he said “look Claire my job is going down the toilet and yours is taking off, I can’t go back to the station I have been suspended I need a fresh start and some time off” explained Peter.

“Pete I really do love you but this is all I have ever wanted” said Claire.

“Claire I love you too and this choice is up to you”

“I am going to take the job,” replied Claire.

Peter was devastated and knew he just had to get away.

Peter walked into the bedroom and started packing some things

“Well all I ever want is you but I suppose we want different things in life” Peter said as tears began to fall down his face.

“Pete I love you”

“It’s not enough Claire you want your career more then me so looks like I can’t do anything except just leave,” Peter said as he picked up his bags and headed out of the door.

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As Peter was driving out of the city he couldn’t stop thinking about Claire and how she just gave up on him for her job. As he carries on driving he doesn’t no were to turn until he see’s the airport sign.

Peter drives into the airport car park and gets out the car. He then looks threw his calendar on his phone to see it say’s ‘July 25th bro’s birthday’

Peter walks up to the check in desk and ask’s for tickets to Molumby in NSW.

Peter started to smile as he was getting excited about seeing Dan after 2 years.

(6 hours later)

Peter arrived in his hometown and went straight to the bus stop.

Peter got on the bus and was dropped off down the road from his parent’s house.

Peter walked up towards the house, not much had changed except their was a new car in the drive way.

He went to open the door but it was locked so he rang the doorbell.

There was no answer so Peter placed his bag on the floor and sat on the step near the door. Peter wanted to surprise Dan but he had been waiting for two hours, so he rang his mobile.

The answer machine came straight on but Peter decided to keep waiting for his brother. He began to remember the night out they had in Sydney, just him and Dan. He was smiling at the thought of them having a great catch up but then starts to get upset about the fact that the last time he saw Dan was 3 years ago.

As Peter was about to leave his Dad pulled into the driveway.

He gave Peter a really dirty look before getting out of the car and saying “So your back then?”

“I don’t even get a hello!” shouted Peter

“I don’t know what you are doing here, you had your choice when you left 5 years ago” replied his dad.

Peter stood up and walked over to his dad.

Peter got right up in his dads face and said, “My choice, you threw me out”.

“You think you can just waltz back into our lives and think everything will be ok,” said Kevin.

“Waltz back in your life, that’s not why I’m here, I’m back to see Dan”

“You walked out on us and your brother 5 years ago” shouted Kevin.

“where is Dan” shouted Peter

“if you was still in our lives you would no!” shouted Kevin.

“Just tell me where he is” peter shouted but he

Started to get really wound up and went to swing for his dad when he heard his mum shout “Pete”

Pete suddenly turned around to see his mum standing behind him.

Pete walked away from his dad and picked up his bags then said, “Where is Dan?”

She just looked at Pete and gave him a piece of paper then she walked straight into the house.

“Yeah go on then leave us again,” shouted Kevin as he watched Pete walk down the street.

Peter read the piece of paper, which is an address in L.A.

Peter decides to go to L.A to find Dan, as he is the only person that he wants to see.

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2 day’s later.

Peter arrives in L.A and manages to find a university where Dan is meant to be staying.

Peter walks up to the reception desk and just as he is about to say “hello”

Dan shouts “Peter!”

Pete turns round and runs towards his brother, Dan gives Peter a real big hug before saying “What are you doing here”

“Shall I go back then” said Peter

“No no mate stay, I have missed you so much ”

“You want a drink” asked Dan

“Sure why not”

Dan and Peter walked out of the university over to a café so they could talk.

“So mate how come you have come all the way over here” asked a very confused Dan.

“Things were not going so well back in Sydney” explained Peter.

“Are you over here for a while” asked Dan

“As long as I like, I have missed out on having you as a brother I want us to be brother’s again” said Peter.

“What about Claire?” asked Dan?

“You know after you came to Sydney 3 years ago well we was dating until 5 days ago, she wanted to pursue her career and I couldn’t stay in the city with her. So I decided to go back home to see you”

“Well I’m sorry about Claire but I am so glad you have come over here, how did you know where I was?”

“I went back home and kind off got in a fight with dad, they still can’t understand why I left” said Peter.

“It will work out mate” replied Dan

“So how come you are in L.A?”

“For my councillor training, I was only mean’t to be here for 4 months but then I met someone and you know how it is,” laughed Dan.

“You know how what is,” laughed Pete.

Amanda walked threw the door with Ryan who is 15 months old.

“Dan” Amanda said as she walked over and kissed him on the lips.

Peter was really shocked that a beautiful woman was kissing his brother.

Dan started to laugh and said, “I was just about to tell you mate, this is Amanda Vale and that is Ryan your nephew”

Peter turned around to see Ryan asleep in his pushchair.

“Amanda this is Peter, my brother”

“Hiya” said Peter as he looked at his little nephew.

“Mate I can’t believe, I’m an uncle!”

“So are you two married” asked Pete

“Yep 6 months next week”

“Wow I have missed so much,” replied Peter who was ecstatic for his little brother.

Peter, Dan, Amanda and Ryan walked backs to the hotel were they were staying.

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“Pete you can stay in the spare room, Ill just set the bed up for you,” said Amanda.

“Wow you must be on some good money to afford this,” laughed Peter.

“That’s not down to me Amanda gets the hotel free” replied Dan.

Peter looked confused.

“Pete, I’m a model and a drama teacher, my agent pays for my living arrangements”

“Ahh cool” said Peter.

“Mate you fancy going out for a drink” asked Dan.

“Yeah ok, Can I just grab a shower and get changed?”

“Sure mate, the shower is through there” replied Dan.

Peter walked into his bedroom and picked out a cream shirt and light blue jeans, “where’s your iron” asked Peter

“Pete, you go in the shower and I will iron your clothes” said a very happy Amanda.

Peter went in the shower.

“Babe I hope you don’t mind Pete staying here do you, it’s just I don’t want to let him stay somewhere in L.A that he don’t know” said Dan as he cuddled his wife.

“Would you do me a favour and make sure Ryan is settled?” asked Amanda.

Dan walked into Ryan’s room.

Peter opened the bathroom door and walked out with his towel round his waist showing his 6 pack.

Amanda began to smile at Peter’s stunning body.

Pete went a bit shy and said “their was only one towel do you have any more” asked Pete

“Yeah sure I will get you some” replied Amanda as she walked past a very shy Pete into the bathroom secret cupboard.

“Secret cupboard, I could probably fit in there,” laughed Pete as Amanda passed him another towel to wipe his wet body with.

Pete dried himself off and walked back out of the bathroom to grab his clothes from the side that Amanda ironed.

Peter went into his bedroom and started to get dressed when his mobile began to ring.

“Hello” Peter said 3 times but nobody was talking on the other end.

Peter put down the phone and carried on getting ready.

Peter entered the living room were Dan was waiting for him.

“Wow look at the man in a fashionable shirt” laughed Dan

“Well you know times change” laughed Peter.

“You know Amanda, you would never see Pete out of a plain shirt, no patterns or anything” laugh Dan as he grabbed his hotel key for later.

“Pete you better have this” Amanda said as she handed him a key.

“Thanks” replied Peter as he put the key in his pocket.

Amanda kissed Dan goodbye and he and Peter walked out the hotel.

Peter and Dan headed to a nightclub down the road from the hotel.

Peter’s mobile began to ring again, he picked up but it was the same as last time nobody their.

“someone must like you” laughed Dan.

“Yeah, its really weird it’s the second time today that has happened,” replied Peter.

“We have a lot of catching up to do,” said Dan as they walked towards the bar.

Dan and Pete were just sitting at the bar drinking when Dan asked why Peter has not stop smiling all day.

“mate I am just so happy to be around you again. You know all through the years when I had close mates non of them even came near to you as a best mate” replied Peter.

3 weeks later

Peter and Dan were becoming best mates again. They were closer then ever.

Peter was eating his breakfast when his mobile began to ring, “Peter Baker this is superintendent Murphy from Molumby, I have a proposition for you, can you come and see me?”

“I am not actually near Molumby but I can be back in the next to day’s,” replied Pete.

He then hung in the phone.

“You’re leaving,” said Amanda as she over heard the conversation.

“Yes afraid so I might have some work in Molumby” replied Peter.

Dan walked into the room, “Dan I have to go back to Molumby for work” said Peter as he watched Dan’s face drop.

“When are you leaving?” asked an upset Dan.

“Next flight that I can get on” replied Peter.

“I wish you could stay longer,” said Dan.

“Dan why don’t you go with him, take Ryan to see his grandma and granddad,” said Amanda.

“I can’t just leave you,” replied Dan.

“I will be ok, you don’t start work for another month so nothing is stopping you” said Amanda.

“Only if you’re sure and if it’s ok with Pete” said Dan.

“It would be great if you came back” said Peter.

“I will go pack,” said Dan as he entered the bedroom.

(The next day)

Peter arrived with Dan and Ryan at the airport in Molumby.

“Do mum and Dad know you are coming” asked Peter.

“No I’m going to surprise them” replied Dan.

“Ok well after you have been their give me a ring and we can meet up” said Peter.

“You not coming with me then?” asked Dan.

“I don’t think that is a very good idea” replied Peter.

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Peter arrived in the city in Molumby where he started as a constable just over 5 years ago.

Peter walks into the station to be greeted by his old boss superintendent Murphy.

“Detective Baker” said Murphy as he shook Peter’s hand.

“Hi how’s it going?” asked Peter.

“It’s good thanks mate,” replied Peter as they both entered the office.

“I heard that things went wrong in Sydney” said Murphy.

“Yep, but you most probably already know what happened after” replied Peter.

“Yes I do but you are one of the best detectives that I know of, and I’m not going to beat around the bush but we want you to join our team in the city” asked Murphy.

“Wow I don’t know what to say,” replied Peter.

“You are still suspended for another month but we want you to start in one months time” explained Murphy.

Another detective entered the office and said “Murphy you have HQ on the phone” said detective Tracey Thompson.

“Thanks Tracey I will be there soon”

“I gladly except the offer,” said Peter, as he was happy about going back to work.

“I will meet you in the city station in 1 month” said Murphy as he left the office and Peter left the station.

Peter’s mobile begins to ring, he picks it up,

“I need to see you it’s important”

“Who is this?” asked a very confused Peter

“It doesn’t matter who, just meet me near the surf point”

“I will be there in 15 minutes waiting”

“Ok I am on my way”

Peter put the phone down and was very confused about the phone call he had no idea who wanted to see him, he could have been getting himself into danger but he headed down there anyway.

Peter arrived and sat waiting until he heard someone say “Peter?”

Peter turned around and was shocked to see who was standing in front of him.

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