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We're Gonna Get You!

Guest -Emily-

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Story Title: We're Gonna Get You!

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Zoe, Tracey, Peter, Sally.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama/Action

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence

Summary: The summer bay residents are in danger after Zoe returns again.

This is my third fic, not that good so bear with me! The chapters are quite long with alot of things happening in them.


Zoe and Tracey were sitting at Tracey's apartment in the city.

'You have to help me get Summer Bay...I WAS THE STALKER!' Tracey stared at her in amazement. But then her stare turned to a grin. 'I'll help you sweetie! I've always wanted to get someone.' Tracey giggled manicly. 'Well first on my list of epople to kill is Clare Brody. I tampered with her brakes once. She had head injures but she didn't die.' Zoe laughed. 'I think she's in Summer Bay at the moment. Tracey and Zoe arrived at the bay. They waited for Clare to walk past, and they punced on her. Zoe pulled out of her pocket a cloth, and poured some kind of chemicle onto it. She held it over Clares mouth. 'This should knock her out Trace' Zoe smiled. Clare was unconcious, perfect! They tied her up and put tape over her mouth. 'So shall we go back to your apartment Trace?' Tracey replied 'No, I have an old abandoned warehouse we can take her to. A perfect place to torture her in.' Tracey giggled. When they arrived at the warehouse, Zoe grabbed hold of a chair. Tracey carried Clare in. They tied her tightly to the chair. She had no chance of escape now! Not unless Zoe and tracey had a change of heart and let her go. Like that was gonna happen! Clare came round. she was shocked to see Zoe and Tracey looking at her. Her eyes bulged with fear. Zoe walked up to her and ripped the tape off her mouth. Clare flinched. 'What are you doing here Zoe. I thought you were dead.' Zoe laughed...'Well you wre wrong sweetie!'. She put the tape tightly back over her mouth. Clare tried to move. 'No use trying to move or escape...you won't be able to. I have a gun with me.' Tracey and Zoe walked over to Clare. 'Would you like to do the honours Trace?' Zie asked. 'Of course Zoe! It'll be my pleasure!' She held the gun to Clare's head. 'It was nice knwoing you! NOT!' She pulled the trigger. Clares chair tipped to the floor. There was blood everywhere. 'High five?' Zoe asked...'Course' said Tracey! 'So whos next on your list of people to kill?' 'Sally Fletcher. I've attacked her loads of times but I never got close enough to killing her. I tried everything...gas, hitting her over the head...tampering with her drip settings in a hospital...chasing her through the bush, kidnapping her. She escaped all times though!' Zoe and Tracey set out. They looked everywhere until they saw her taking a walk in the bush. They waited for the right moment and then pounced on her. Sally's brown eyes bulged with fear as Zoe stood over her laughing. 'You and I need to take a trip to a warehouse...does that ring any bells?' Sally cried...'Please...what have I done?' Zoe rolled her eyes. 'Come quietly or I'm gunna have to hit you with this nice...big crowbar! Just like last time ok!' Sally got up and started walking. 'Too late!' Zoe raised the crowbar, Sally shut her eyes waiting for the bang. Sally was unconcious. Zoe and Tracey tied her up and threw her in the car. They took her to the warehouse. Sally was awake now. 'What are you going to do with me?' Kill you isn't it obvious?' 'Look Sally theres some gas. We'll out your chair next to it...and you can suffocate!' Tracey laughed and luaghed. Sally burt into tears as Zoe tunred the gas on. AS Sally was tied to a chair she couldn't get away. Zoe and TT walked outside and looked through the window as Sally coughed and spluttered. Sally was dead. They left ehr there and rove off to the cuty. Sally wud be discovered soon enough.

What do you think?

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'Peter Baker is next Trace' Tracey thought she was going to have to kill her own workmate! 'Don't worry Trace...I'll kill him. He helped Sally Fletcher escape but shes dead now so what does it matter?'

They were lucky as Peter Baker was working in the city at the time. Tracey went to him, pretending to be all nice to him. Then she knocked him out and tied him up. Back at the apartment Zoe was writing in her diary.


Dear diary.

I've killed two people today. Clare Brody. I took her to a warehouse and shot her dead. I left her there. I enjoyed watching her be frightened. She was pleading with me but I just lughed. I'd had enough of her. So calmly I picked up my gun, held it to her head and BANG! She was dead. Lying tied up on the floor in a pool of blood. I stood there and kicked her seeing if she'd respond or not. She didn't. I checked her pulse. She was dead. My next victim was Sally Fletcher. I LOVE making her suffer. Last time I tried to gas her to death but it didn't work. This time I chased her through the bush, and knocked her out with my crowbar. She was lying there! It was satisfying to see her slouched on the rocks. I kept pucnhing her, just to make her suffer some more. Then I tied her to a chair sooo tightly round the wrists behind her back, her legs tied up. Then to finish it off I tied her around the waist. She probably couldn't breathe at all but I didn't care one bit. It was so fun waiting fir Trace, my accomplice, to come. I sat there looking at Sally unconcious on the chair, alughing and laughing because I loved making her suffer. I hate her. My plan was to kill her. I thought...shall I do it in the bush here and now. I thought no. I'm going to torture her. Then I put tape over her mouth. When Trace eventually came back I told her what had happened. She told me good job! She asked me if she could hit her over the head, Trace has always wanted to do that. I gave her the crowbar and Trace hit her so hard! I giggled. Then I took her to the car and shived her in the back. As Trace was driving I looked at Sally the whole time, unconcious! When we got to the warehosue Sally started to come round. Surprised, she tried to move. I ripped the tape off her mouth. I showed her Clare. She asked why I'd killed her. I told her it was a pleasure. I told her I was going to kill her. So I turned the gas on. I said 'Bye Sally!'. I sat her next to the gas and she kept pleading with me. She was coughing and spluttering and it was a joy to watch. Eventually she slipped into unconciousness. I gave Trace a high-five. I pulled Sally's chair out of the warehouse and checked her pulse. She was dead. But just to make sure I shot her. Then I kept hitting her over the head with my crowbar. There was blood everywhere. Then I carried her chair back into the warehosue and sat her close to the gas, well actually right next to it. Then I pulled her off her chair and tied her up around the waist, tied her hands up, and her feet and dumped her next to the gas. I left her there. Now I'm going to kill Peter Baker. But first I'm going to show him sally. That will be fun.'

Tracey came back with Peter. He was awake now. 'I have to show you something Pete'. Zoe took Peter to sally. 'Look at Sally Pete! I killed her. I shot her, gassed her to death and hit her so many times with my crowbar.' Peter was shocked to see Sally near the gas lying in a pool of blood. You're next peter.'

Zoe and TT killed Peter there and then. They hit him continuously with the crowbar. they left him outside the warehouse. Because of the gas they knew it'd blow up soon. They stood well back and waited. When it blew up the whole warehosue turned to rubble. The bodies were buried under it.


Who will Zoe and TT kill next?

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Martha next. she was dumped inside the buring building.

The police came. The ambulance came. Zoe and TT were gone.

The ambluance found the victims had all been burned, and Sally had inhaled tonnes of gas. There was nothing they could do. Sally was dead and had been shot and had suffered head injuries. Everyone was dead. Jack was devastated. He'd lost his friends, his girlfriend and his workmates.

So that was how the sumemr bay favourite residents died. In a burning warehouse. This was not over. Eve was gonna come back!



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