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Fri 11 Aug 06 - " Florence White "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Florence White "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 11 Aug 06 - Episode # 4245)

CARAVAN – Tash & Martha are asleep (and neither is looking that good).

DINER – Robbie texts Tash when colleen approach, she give him the whole absence makes heart go fonder spiel.

Kimmy & Rachel entr, and colleen is looking fwd to Kimmy rtn to wok today, but Rachel is worrying that it too soon.

SURF CLUB – sally wishes Kimmy luck with the bowls ladies. Tara tells Kimmy that she is glad that he is back – whilst colleen talk of electrodes (rather than electrolytes)

NOAH’S– Beth tells Tony & co that she is going to vist tilly toady.

Alf enters the room – fresh for his o/s holidays. All are pleased to see him.

Tilly gets a phone call – and is shocked by what Tilly has told her.

POLICE STATION – Robbie is worry bout Tash |& Martha, but jack thinks that they’ll rtn in their own good time.

Lara enters the room – tells jack of a burglary that happens at a pharmacy.

CARAVAN – Tash is exhausted, and way stress, but Martha tries to get Tash to use that same thoughts that got Martha through whilst she was LOST\(to survive this)

RETREAT – Tilly & dean talk about how much more in control that they are – they are way pleased that she is still alive, and should get more help now.

Like, bath etc arrives and Tilly is way glad to see them. Tilly asks if she can rtn to the bay today (all retreat activities off for the day in light of Vanessa’s situation).

Luke isn’t so keen when Tilly asks if dean can join – with Beth say yeas to.

NOAH’S – sally & Alf talk bout recent events. Sally thinks that they should contact Martha – to let her know that alf is home, but Alf not want to spoil Martha’s supposed honeymoon.

CARAVN – Tash tell Martha she can blame tash for all of this (get involve with believers etc). Mumma rose enter – Tash takes offence at constant references to “our” baby. Mumma rose wants Tash to eat – to keep bub nourished but Tash isn’t so keen

DINER – Tilly & co enters, and Cassie is really pleased to see Tilly.

When tiily & co sit down Tilly tells that that, because of Vanessa situation, realise that although she has problems to work through, Tilly knows that she can do it.

Luke seems to be distant – as he hates that others (like Vanessa & partic dean) have made Tilly see the light.

Dean tries to a start up a conversation with Luke when they at the counter, but Luke all but ignore him.

GYM – Kimmy instructs that bowls ladies and Tara to move to the next piece of gym equip. Tara asks for help with the wight’s machine she has just been on – and Rachel sees Kimmy V close to Tara as he shows her the right way to work the machine.

NOAH’S – Alf wonders to Rachel when she and Kimmy are get married. Rachel is way distracted, and things don’t get better when colleen tells her that Tara is a chatty little thing.

CARAVAN – Tash & Martha try to get mumma rose to give herself up, but there seems to be no chance of that happening.

Tash wants to be strong, but pleased mumma rose when she finally eats something.

N0AH’S – Kimmy sense something isn’t right when he talk to Rachel. She mentions that Wight machine incident – and Kimmy assure her that rahel is the only one who he has eyes for.

POLICE STATION – Robbie enters, as he is still worry about Tash & Martha. He ask jack for address to the cabin that Martha &| Tash are stay at.

After Robbie bails, lira tells jack that a fingerprint has been found at the pharmacy crime scene – and that drugs were stolen.

CABIN – Robbie arrives and enters. There’s no sign of Martha & Tash in the cabin. There’s no food in fridge – and that phone line had been fixed from when mumma rose cut it earlier.

Caravan – mumma rose eetrs, and insists that Tash should drink from he cup *that have things in it to help the baby) that mumma rose is about to give her. Tash (knowing what happened last time) pushes sais cup out of mumma rose’s hand – and the drink spills to the floor.

Mamma rose storms out – but not before she tells Tash &Martha that ‘you bought this on yourselves’

POLICE STATION – Robbie enters, and tells jack that the girls aren’t at the cabin.

Lara shows jack the ID of the person responsible for the pharmacy crime – it’s a pic of Florence White, aka Mumma Rose.

CARAVAN – mumma rose enters, with two men (who are obviously part of her new flock). They take Tash about of the van, whilst Martha screams as loud as she can- hoping for a miracle (end of ep)


Jack |&co begin search for Tash & Martha but only 1 will be found, as mumma rose has come to back to take what’s “hers”

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tara’s red cross-back sports top

SILVER – Sally’s orange spaghetti strap top

BRONZE – Luke’s red & white check button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTION – Tilly’s orange t-shirt

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