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Thurs 10 Aug 06 - " The S Word "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " The S Word "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 10 Aug 06 - Episode # 4244)

Note – due to various circumstances, guide less detail than usual.

Tilly sits with dean at the retreat – she worry about group counselling. Vanessa approaches – thinks that should dress up as pop stars tonight.

The trio gets to a group counsel session where another girl, sky, says that she has issues with the parents – but it’s her goal to contact them by end of week.

Vanessa is asks to talk – she tells of how her mum is dead, and step dad left Vanessa to care for her younger sister.

Mel (counsellor) asks Tilly to speak next – but till is way vague about hr situation.

Later, Vanessa approach Tilly & dean (who were talk bout how tilly feel that she &^ Luke are too far apart now). Vanessa thinks that she has an answer for Tilly & dean’s angst.

They go to an area of the retreat with no one else around – Vanessa scream at top of lungs (great echo btw). Thinks that dean & Tilly should try – both are apprenciuous, but DO scream – both find it liberating.

Later, Tilly & dean are talk when they see Vanessa hit Mel. Vanes insists foe all to leave her alone.

Soon after, Tilly & dean is walk with Mel & Sky. Mel won’t discuss Vanessa’s issue, but when she walks away, sky tells dean & tilly that Vanessa’s parents ARE mauchly alive and that she Vanessa is her because she beats up her little sister.

Later (at night), Tilly & dean are talk about Vanessa when they hear a commotion. They go outside thjeir cabin, and find an ambulance there. Mel tells that they she found Vanessa in the toilets – with the inference that Vanessa tried to “top” herself.

Emily explains to sally how she discovered that she have cancer. She salo tells sally that she is off medicine – as wants to live life tho the fullest.

Sally apologises for the ay she makes brad feel, but em thinks sally just needs to be patient with brad.

Emily enters the diner flat, and tells brad that sally knows. Brad seems annoyed, but Emily thinks sally could help brad through.

Later, Emily talks to Rachel. Emily is way worry about brad after she is gone. Also worry that brad is bottling up his feelings – she also mentions that they thought of an o/s holiday, but though way to difficult.

Sally approach brad, and offers her assistance. Brad way emotional REJECTS sally’s offer “you have NO idea what I’m going through”

Rachel approach brad at diner flat, she is v worry bout him, but brad is concerned how everyone (i.e. Emily, Rachel. Sally) will pick at all he does.

Rachel hopes that brad hope self-destruct without help, but he assures her that he WILL go for help if need.

Brad approach sally and school. Both say sorry for recent behaviour. Brad tells sally that she can help him, by be there for Emily.

Brad enters the diner flat, and he & Emily talk of the honeymoon they might have had. Emily thought thinks this (brad by her side) is perfect. Brad knows that Emily just said what both of them wants to hear.

Later, Sally and Rachel talk at Noah’s about brad & Emily, partoic about how brad is try to deal with the situation.

At the diner flat, brad notes the Emily has fall asleep on the couch. He puts some blankets on her, before revealing her true feelings – as he waaaaaaaay cries (end of ep)


What does mumma rose have in store for Tash?

Will Rachel & Luke loose kimy & Tilly to tar & dean?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Vanessa’s pink &^ white stripe long sleeve top, black vest, purple tie die pants combo.

SILVER – Tilly’s turquoise (with royal blue short sleeves) t-shirt

BRONZE – Brad’s turquoise tie

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Sally’s autumn-y spaghetti strap dress, Sky’s maroon button up skirt – with black top beneath, Mel’s purple long sleeve button up top – with aqua top beneath

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