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Wed 9 Aug 06 - " Til Death Do Us Part "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Til Death Do Us Part "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 9 Aug 06 - Episode # 4243)

McADAMS MANSION – Belle, still gasp for breath, tries to get hold of the cordless phone, but she falls to the ground.

DINER FALT –brad & Emily talk of the plans for tomorrow – and Emily reminds brad to invite Leah, Rachel & kimmy.

Emily then tells brad that sally was stand off-ish to her earlier today.

LEAH’S – sally talks to Leah bout how awkward things are tween her & brad.

Drew enters the room, and tells Leah that he is going out.

McADAMS MANSION – drew enters, and instantly rushes to the side of the still gasping belle.

DINER – Rachel tells brad that kimmy isn’t contagious anymore. Brad thinks that is great- he tells Rachel that she & kimmy are invite to secret function at the surf club.

As brad ^ Rachel bail, Amanda enters – and she & Irene have words about belle, before Amanda phone rings.

McADAMS MANSION – Rachel, Amanda & Irene enter Rachel insists that can’t wit for ambulance, and for the others to help belle into her car.

Irene feels left out when Amanda ays that her help is no longer required.

DINER – Irene gets of phone, and tells Ric & Cassie the belle had bad reaction to bee sting.

Ric is annoyed fro not believe her, but Cassie & Irene remind him of the i-pod incident.

After Cassie & Ric bail, Irene is feeling down – but she fells truly much better, after some V kind words form colleen.

Emily enters, she is look for brad, but Irene say that she not see brad recently.

SBH – brad sees that sally is working late. He tells her that the department are demand that he looses some staff, and tis leads to a BIG verbal confrontation tween brad & sally – although (because of their current tension, the duel could have been over price of milk, or anything.

McADAMS MANSION – next morning, Ric arrives, and Amanda gives him a serve about what happened. Belle however wants Ric to come in and talk to her.

As they talk, Ric realises that he can’t e around belle – not even as a friend. Belle is heartbroken when Ric bails.

DINER FALT – brad & Emily talk about the big day that are about to have today.

McADAMS MANSION – belle (still teary eyed) talk to Amanda about Ric.

Drew enters, as Amanda bails, and drew thinks that many others guys like belle – with drew at the head of the queue – belle is surprised by this and even more surprise when drew kisses her.

It takes a few moments, but she then kiss him back.

SOON AFTER – Amanda enters, and is surprised, and then pleased that’s she walked it on drew & belle kissing.

NOAH’S – Leah, kimmy & Rachel are wondering what is happening – as brad &^ Emily have booked the bar for a private function.

Brad & Em enter – and announce that right now, that are get married !!!!

The celebrant arrives, and performs the ceremony – and although Brad & Emily are way emotional, Rachel seems even more so, as she knows what going on.

After the emotional ceremony, Rachel approaches brad – she thinks hat he has just done a wonderful thing.

DINER –sally netrs, loking fir bead, and colleens mentions something about surf club.

NOAH’S – sally enters, and she is quite surprised to see such a cosy little gathering. She decides to quickly bail, after handing brad some school work.

DINER FLAT – brad carries Em over the threshold, but she brings the subject of sally’s unease around them. Brad is all but forced to tell Emily about how sally told him that her husband DIED of cancer.

Emily thinks that saly should be told – but brad isn’t so sure.

SBH – next day, Emily approaches sally in a classroom. Emily tells sally that brad doesn’t even now that she is here – but she fell sthatsally has the right to know why brad act strange around her.

Emily (waaaaaaaay emotionally) tells sally “I’ve got leukaemia. I’m dying” (end of ep)


What does Brad ask sally to do?

Vanessa‘s (retreat) dark secret is exposed!!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Emily’s ivory halter neck wedding dress

SILVER – Emily’s pink (with white lacy ” collar”) low cut top

BRONZE – Amanda’s burgundy top

HONORABLE MENTIONS – Emily’s off white (rather fancy) button up shirt, Rachel’s red (with little yellow motifs all over) dress, Ric’s light green polo shirt, Sally’s brown (autumn motif) top, Leah’s blue seaside motif apron, the celebrant’s white (with rose motifs) shirt, Cassie’s apricot singlet top, Belle’s red jeans, Colleen’s white (with blue motifs) shirt, Rachel’s’ red crossover top, Colleen’s predominantly green (floral; motif) top, Leah’s green singlet top, Emily’s maroon shirt

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