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Passion and Revenge

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Sorry I've been away for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long!

I've decided to repost both fics. The Crossover bit comes in later chapters. Enjoy! :)

Passion and Revenge

Part 1

(Angie is cleaning the blackboard, ready for the next day, but her mind is elsewhere. She knows she can’t hide this forever, the web is gradually closing in. Voices ring in her head; Tasha, Nick, Rhys................)

(Suddenly Angie snaps; She throws her report book across the room. Then with cries of anger, frustration and anguish she trashes it. Chairs, books, anything is thrown savagely, at the same time Angie is trying desperately to stop her bitter tears from cascading down her face.)

(Angie then falls to her knees sobbing. Unaware that someone has walked in.)

Josie: Angie, sweetie. Come here.

(Josie puts her arm around Angie.)

Josie: It’s okay, it’s okay

(Angie sobs into her cousin’s shoulder.)

(A few minutes later Angie has calmed down a little.)

Josie: Come on let me take you home.

Angie: Oh God, what have I done to this place?

Josie: The cleaner will see to this. (gently strokes Angie’s tears away with her thumbs.) Let’s go, hey?

(Josie gets up then helps Angie to her feet.)


(Hayley and Scott are being all lovey dovey on the sofa.)

Hayley: I wuv you more.

Scott: No, I wuv you more.

(Kim walks past.)

Kim, (jokingly): For God’s sake, put a sock in it! You’re making us all want to throw up!

(At Josie’s apartment.)

(Angie and Josie have been talking over recent events.)

Angie: Oh...I don’t how much more of this I can take (starts to get emotional) Where did it go wrong? I’d never hurt Nick...so why does he want to hurt me?

I’m scared....what effect it will have on my kids................

Josie: (pulls a few tissues from a box and hands them to Angie.) Don’t get upset.


Josie: Listen, why don’t get away for a few days, hey?

Angie,(angrily): Why should I?! You think I’ve got something to hide?!

Josie: I’m not saying that Ange’. This is really stressing you out and I think you should take a break.

Angie: (sighs) Maybe you’re right, Jose’. (pause) I think I’ll go and visit an old friend from my city days.

Josie: Great idea. (suddenly realises to whom Angie’s referring.) You going to call him?

Angie: No.....I think I’ll surprise him............

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Passion and Revenge


(Tasha is walking along the beach, deep in thought, she’s obviously troubled. The softness of the sand between her toes and the gentle sound of the waves lapping do nothing to soothe her.)

(Tasha suddenly spots Kirsty a little further up the beach.)

Tasha, (calling): Kirsty!

(Kirsty looks up, sees Tasha then turns and walks in the other direction.)

Tasha, (calling): Kirsty, wait!

(Tasha runs to catch up with the other girl.)

Tasha: Stop, please! (pauses to catch her breath) Kirsty, I need to talk to you?

Kirsty: I think everything’s already been said.

Tasha, (still a little breathless): What do you mean?:

Kirsty: How could you accuse Nick of lying?! If anyone’s lying it’s that b***h!

Tasha: Mum isn’t like that!

(Kirsty sneers.)

Kirsty: You go ahead and carry on believing that.....but don’t expect any of us to pick up the pieces when she leaves you and that brother of yours high and dry.

(Kirsty walks off, leaving Tasha staring after her, stunned.)


(Angie pulls up in her sleek car; she gets out, locking the door. The place is unfamiliar. Angie takes her sunglasses off and runs a hand through her glossy hair.)

(Angie walks up to a house and knocks on the door.

She waits for a few seconds, then the door opens.....Paul Robinson is standing there.)

Angie: Hello Stranger.

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Thanks for replying home and away fan! :)

Here's the next part. Enjoy! :)

Passion and Revenge


(Immediately after the door was answered.)

(Paul is standing, stunned.)

Angie, (cheekily): Aren’t you going to ask me in, then?

Paul, (recovers quickly): Sure, sure, come on in.

(Paul ushers Angie in. Angie hugs him swiftly, then kisses him on the cheek.)

Paul: Can I get you anything, Tea, Coffee?

Angie: Coffee, thanks.

Paul: Black, no sugar, right?

Angie, (slightly surprised): You remember?

Paul: Ange’ I made you Coffee 5 days a week for 6 months when we worked at Beechford High. How could I not remember?! (pause) So what’s been happening in the past 4 years? You’re looking fantastic, but then again you’ve always been a stunner.

(Angie glances at Paul as she finishes reapplying her dark red lipstick)

Angie: Same old, really. I’m now working at a High School in a little coastal area; Summer Bay. Tasha and Dylan are doing well, probably being close to my partner in crime.

Paul: Speaking of which, how is Josie?

Angie: (rolls her eyes melodramatically) Don’t ask!

(Paul smiles as he hands Angie her Coffee then sits down on the sofa with his own.)

(The front door opens; Izzy walks in lightly holding several shopping bags so as not to damage her newly manicured nails.)

Izzy: Hey sweetheart.

(Izzy leans over and kisses Paul, then suddenly notices Angie.)

Izzy: Oh, I didn’t.....

Paul: Izzy, I’d like to meet an old friend of mine, Angie Russell. Angie, allow me to introduce you to Izzy Hoyland....(squeezes Izzy’s shoulders) my partner.

Angie: Hi.

(Izzy looks at Angie; although Izzy is smiling jealousy flares in her eyes.)

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