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Mon 7 Aug 06 - " Do I Look Like A Kangaroo? "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Do I Look Like A Kangaroo? "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 7 Aug 06 - Episode # 4241)

Note – No opening credits

BUSH CABIN – Martha & Tash arrives, and are pleased by the complimentary basket of goodies at the door.

McADAM’S MANSION – Amanda suggests to belle that they (incl. Ryan) should get dressed up at go out to dinner tonight. Belle (who looks rather sullen) isn’t so keen on the idea.

LEAH’S – Dan & Leah talk about Amanda & belle, and how Amanda is V leased to have her daughter back in her life.

Drew emits the lounge room – where Dan etc are. He tells them that he is going to the library for an assignment.

When drew bails form the room, he waits in the kitchen for a bit, and hears Dan & Leah says that they are really impressed by drew’ attitude.

POLICE STATION – jack is talking to another male uniform officer, who is certain that drew is the culprit for the fires. Jack isn’t so sure, but the other guy that jack’s feeling are clouded.

McADAM’S MANSION – as Ryan & Amanda are bailing, Ryan all but spill the beans as to the purpose of them going out (to buy belle new things etc).

Just after they exit, drew enters, and thanks belle by tell her that Dan & co think he is at library at present.

.belle takes offence when drew says that she is miserable, despite living in this “ivory tower” – he also thinks her comeback (incl throw cushions a him) are rather lame.

All this however leads to belle losing her frown.

POLICE STATION –jack tries to ruing Martha, but there are signal issue. The male uniform officer that jack was talk to before enter the room, with a warrant to search draw’s things.

Jack & the other cop exit.

BUSH CABIN – when Tash goes to get a CD form the Ute, Mumma rose is poised to strike, but she scurries back into the bushes when she hears Martha approaching.

Martha tells Tash that she forgot something that is in a bag in the vehicle, whilst Tash sense that there in rustling in the trees – but thinks it’s a kangaroo. Martha thinks this makes their time here even cooler.

McADAM’S MANSION – Amanda & Ryan return as drew bails.

Belle gust adores to clothes AND the ipod that Amanda has bought for her.

As belle goes upstairs to try the clothes on, Amanda is really pleased that things are going well – but I get the feeling, form the way Ryan is reacting, that he’s not so cool with having a big sister (taking away some attention form Amanda).

LEAH’S – drew emetrs, and finds jack & the other cop searching through his things. They find a leather bag in his room – with a can of the kerosene used in each fire in the bag).

Jack instructs drew that he must accompany them to the station – to be charged with arson.

BUSH CABIN –Tash & Martha are outside, and Martha talks about how her time LOST in the bush has made her more focussed.

Tash is uneasy, and suggests they go for a walk before its gets dark.

As they set off, Mumma Rose enters the cabin, and puts some drugs in a bottle of wine.

LATER – it’ night time, and Tash & Martha have the cabin totally candlelit (looks gorgeous).

Tash & Martha talk bout how Tash & jack got way close whilst Martha & co were LOST, but Martha assures Tash that she totally trusts her – and you can way see that Martha is being sincere.

Martha realises that she is a “tad” woozy – after only 2 glasses of wine. She decides to go to bed.

Tash hears a sound outside, and goes onto the veranda to investigate. Seconds later, Martha appears beside Tash – wondering what she is dong outside (note – you can just imagine that many ppl watching this ep weer thinking the mumma rose would strike)

McADAM’S MANSION – Amanda convince bell that Ric is NOT the lost cause that belle thinks he is – after all, in Amanda’s eyes, Belle has looks, brains, money – the prefect combination.

INTERCUT SCENE –next morning, jack (police station) ring Martha (cabin) and is able to get through this time. Martha is most annoyed when jack says that there is no way that he can make it there today – as he is covering for she another cop who is of sick today.

BUSH CABIN – Tash rings Robbie, and gives him a heads up on te situation.

When Martha gets off the phone, she is outside the cabin, and tells Tash (now also outside) that she is annoyed that jack won’t put their relationship above his job.

After Martha decides to go for walk to clear her head, Tash goes to the Ute, and gets something forms glove box.

When she turns around, she is confronted by Mumma Rose (end of ep)


Belle cries wolf one to often – and because of this Ric ignores her REAL cry for help when she is stung by a bee (when they are talk on the phone.

Tash is also in danger form Mumma Rose

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tash's pink satin-y night shirt

SILVER – Amanda's mauve halter top

BRONZE – Tasha's light green Spraghetti strap dress

HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Martha's white V nieck shirt, Leah's orange spaghetti stap top, Dan's green/white/black polo shirt, Mumma Rose's lacy black top/white woollen jacket combo

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