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Fri 4 Aug 06 - " Brad’s Secrets …. AND The One That Got Away Is B

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Brad’s Secrets …. AND The One That Got Away Is BACK !!! “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 4 Aug 06 - Episode # 4245)

Note - interestingly, this ep had the opening credits, then the recap, before proceeding with all the new action.

BEACH HOUSE –As Tash bails via the front door, we can see that she is being watched – form someone at back door

SBH – sally & brad are alone. Sally voices her surprises that bard even applied for the job. Brad sys that he was merely apply for the position vacated by the lecherous Mr Breyburn, but the department “suggested’ that he should apply for principal instead.

BACHELOR PAD – Martha is keen for the shift that jack is about to start to end – so they can go on a mini honeymoon, for 3 days in a cabin in the bush.

When jack & Martha bail, Rachel gives kimmy some banana-based food (which is interesting, given the actual present banana situation in Oz).

Rachel then jokes about takes advantage of kimmy’s weakened sate to talk wedding plans.

Kimmy decides instead to get some rest in bedroom, and seconds after he leaves the living room, Rachel answers knock at door.

It’s brad – and Rachel is clearly socked to see him. They hug all the same.

DINER –Tash &Martha talk about jack/Martha’s honeymoon plans.

Colleen approaches, with a picnic basket full of goodies. She then asks about Irene, whom Tash says has gone to the city to spend time with Hyde.

Sally enters, and has to tell that excited Martha that she didn’t score that principal job after all – and that Brad did.

BACHELOR PAD –brad tell Rachel that he was waiting for the news that he’d actually got the job, before he said anything to her about a possible move to the bay (that is now DEF happening).

Rachel however senses that there are still things brad not tell her – and seconds later, she is proved right, when a woman arrives at the door.

Brad introduces that woman, named |Emily, as his fiancé !!!

Rachel naturally is shocked – but, all the same, wonders how brad & Emily got together.

They explain that it happened when they were both working in an indigenous community.

DINER – sally tells Martha & co that she still think brad is hiding something form her, and that she is not sure whether she’ll stay on as his vice principal.

BEACH HOUSE – a mysterious person, who is inside the house, scurries to find a place to hide when Tash & Martha enter.

As Tash & Martha talk about the basket of massage oils that Tash has just given Martha for her romantic getaway, we sees part of this scene for the hidden someone’s perspective.

POLICE STATION – jack is doing paperwork, and counting down the minutes til the end of his shift.

Harper (now with moustache and perhaps a hairpiece) enter the room, about talk briefly to jack bout is plans.

BACHELOR PAD – brad & Emily tell Rachel that they have leased that flat above the diner (did so online).

After brad ^ Emily bail, Rachel (like sally) still sense that there is something else that brad is telling.

DINER- colleen tries t give sally a pep talk about brad etc.

As sally is about to bail, bra enters – and introduces his fiancé.

BACHELOR PAD – as Rachel cleans up a bit, she notices that Emily has left behind her handbag. Rachel is shocked at its contents (but we don’t see such contents, I’m just going on look of Rachel’s face)

SOON AFTER – bard enters, and he & Rachel talk about whatever Emily’s problem discretely. Brad then bails.

POLICE STATION – jack is about to end his shift, when harper enters the room. He says that there is a siege situation at a local hotel about that jack is going nowhere except to the crime scene. Jack tries to get out f this, but harper isn’t budge.

DINER – as Martha enters, her phon rings, and its’ jack tell her about the siege.

When off the phone, Martha tells colleen bout what happened – and colleen gives Martha an idea.

BEACH HOUSE – Martha enters, and suggests to Tash that she join her for the 1-st night of the getaway, Tash gladly accepts – and then they both notice back door is open, and a pot plant has been knocked over.

BACHELOR PAD – Martha enters, and rambles about te honeymoon plans, obviously to the crying Rachel for quite some times.

When she does realise, and asks Rachel what’s wrong, Rachel covers up the truth by saying something about a patient of hers at he hospital.

SBH – sally is busy marking some papers when brad enters.

Brad apologises for not tell sally sooner about Emily – but he is pleased when sally say that she will be his vice principal.

After brad bails, it looks as though sally still think there is more to brad than meets the eye.

NEAR SURF CLUB – Martha & Tash get in Martha’s Ute. Tash sass that she has check with Irene, who is still in city, and didn’t rtn to the house today.

Tash then blames the incident as ‘typical belle’.

All of this tome they are being watched, and as they drive off, we see by whom – Mumma Rose !!!!!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Who is getting married?

Mumma Rose confronts Tasha

Will Rachel & Luke loose Kimmy & Tilly to Tara And Dean ?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel’s orange see through wide collar top (with white top beneath)

SILVER – Colleen’s marron, gold & blue button up shirt

BRONZE – Tash’s light green spaghetti strap dress

H&A Memorable Moments

It’s a BIG day tomorrow, as on August 6,Melissa George (ex-Angel Parrish) was born AND on that date in 1997, the ep were Shannon (and gal pal Mandy) left the Bay was screened in Oz.

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