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Thurs 3 Aug 06 - " Disease Of The Week “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Disease Of The Week “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 3 Aug 06 - Episode # 4244)

Note 1 – Dure to various circumstances, this guide in less detailed than usual.

Note 2 – not only did this ep have no opening credits, but NO recap as well.

Luke enters the hunter house – and finds Tilly in tears in the kitchen.

When Beth, Tony & Robbie arrive home they see that Tilly is way distressed. She admits to them that she needs help.

Robbie goes next door – and gets Rachel.

When Rachel enters Tilly’s house, she suggests that Tilly should think about go to a country retreat that is for teens – many of whom are dealing with similar issues to Tilly. Rachel says many of the ppl she went to university were run the retreat.

Tilly decides to go and see form herself what the place is like – and Rachel makes a phone call to old friend Mel (female) for tilly to come today.

When tilly, Beth, Rachel, Luke, Tony & Robbie arrive at the country retreat they are greet by Mel, who tells Tilly & co all about the retreat, and how it operates – things like having group counselling sessions, trust games (tilly & co see, nearby, several couples of ppl, with one person guiding a blindfold person).

After Tilly agrees to “sign up” to this place, she meets 2 of the other teens who are being counselled here – dean & the dread locked Vanessa.

Tilly then says her goodbyes to Beth and co, esp. Luke.

Later, Tilly is talking with dean & Vanessa by a stream. Tilly isn’t so keen to tell her new associates what her issues are.

Mel arrives, and wonders if Tilly is reading to have her 1-st counselling session tomorrow morning. Tilly says that she is up for it.

Just after dean suggests that they should head back to the rooms so Tilly can unpack before dinner, Tilly notices a letter in her bag. She decides to go with dean & Vanessa – so to not draw attention to said letter.

Later, in Tilly’s room (she is “bunking in” with Vanessa), she delays her journey to the dinner hall, to read the V emotional letter – form Luke of course. He assures Tilly that he will always be there for her etc. Tilly is waaaaaaaaaay touched by the sentiments.

Robbie is talk to kimmy at bachelor pad. Robbie thinks kimmy not looking so good.

Robbie decides to be – when Rachel enters, and starts talk wedding plans with kimmy.

He is looking for something that won’t exactly break the back – but Rachel tells kimmy that he mum left some money for Rachel in a trust fund specifically for Rachel’s wedding.

This is the point where Robbie enters, looking for Rachel’s help with tilly (see above).

Later, kimmy is on the beach about to start as gym class with the likes of colleen & her bowls mates.

A somewhat younger than woman called Tara arrives. She says that she must have looked at old gym schedule. Colleen convinces her to stay with the class – by saying that she (colleen) is the most experienced here, leading “friend” Betty to say, “I wouldn’t be saying that so loudly if I were you”.

As the class continues, Tara, colleen & the others note that kimmy was getting hotter (temperature wise) by the moment, so much so that he COLLAPSES.

Rachel is talk to sally at the diner (see below) when Tara frantically enters, asking someone to ring ambulance. When Rachel says that she’s e a doctor, Tara says that gym instructor collapses.

Rachel. Sally and other rush towards kimmy – who can’t explain why he collapse.

Later, at bachelor pad, Rachel tells kimmy that, no doubt thanks to kiddie gym classes he’s taken, Kimmy has the MUMPS – which can be quite serious when you get them as an adult

Rachel & sally are talking in diner about various things incl. tilly (see above) and sally’s job application. This leads Rachel to tell sally that brad’s weirdness seems to be over.

They then talk about how heavenly things are for kimmy & Rachel these days.

Later, Sally is at SBH, and Tony wishes her look for the principal’s job.

An education department dude enters the room that sally is in. he tells her that although her application, and work standards are excellent, another candidate was scored the job – said winning candidate enters the room – its’ brad!!! (end of ep)


Will Rachel or sally discover brad’s secret???

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Dean’s orange and white (with upside down “Hustler 23” logo) t-shirt

SILVER – Sally’s blue hoop neck halter-top

BRONZE – Rachel’s red (floral motifed) V-neck skirt

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Vanessa’s camouflage style shirt/white jacket combo, Tilly’s rad button up jacket, Mel’s turquoise crossover top/yellow top beneath combo

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