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Wed 2 Aug 06 - " Like Mother, Like Daughter “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Like Mother, Like Daughter “

(Screened in Australia on Wed 2 Aug 06 - Episode # 4243)

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly & Beth enters, as Tilly tell all (Robbie, beth, Luke, Tony) not to treat her with kid gloves. Tilly says that she has started counselling, so she wants some normality in her life.

McADAMS MANSION – Cassie still can’t believe that Amanda &bell could do this to Ric.

Amanda comes downs the stairs – complaining about the possible damage to her boots, just as sally (with little pippa) arrives. Sally is way not pleased with Amanda’s lack of morality with allowing alcohol at the party etc.

However, when Sally & co are gone, Amanda approaches bell who is in the kitchen. Although belle thinks things went badly, Amanda thinks otherwise, i.e. that Cassie will be thinking all night about how close belle & Ric were.

BEACH HOUSE – belle arrives home early, and tells Irene that she had a great time.

Irene the answers the phone – it’s sally, who tells her the truth about the party

HUNTER HOUSE –beth, Robbie, Luke & Tony are in the kitchen, and they are concerned about Tilly – who just happens to enter the room at that point.

Tilly insists that she will tell ppl if she needs help.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene & bell have a MAJOT clash about the less than morally brilliant direction that Amanda is taking belle in.

As the battle continues, belle (surprise, surprise) mentions Irene’s less that stellar part.

Belle immediately realises what she has said is way bad, but she doesn’t apologise for it. She goes to her room instead.

HUNTER HOUSE – next morning, Luke tells Tony that he blames himself for Tilly’s issues, but tiny insists that Tilly has self esteems trouble long before she met Luke.

Tony, beth & Robbie enter the room – and are concerned that Tilly wants to g to the diner for breakfast, so Luke & Robbie decide to go with her.

This leaves beth & Tony to have the eggs that Tony was already cooking.

PATH TO BEACH – Amanda & Irene have words about belle. This ends with Irene telling Amanda that she is no longer able to see belle.

DINER – Ric tries to explain what happened last night, but Cassie insists that she needs some air.

BEACH – drew a7 belle are talk about the party, incl. the info that drew told Leah & Dan that he didn’t attend said party.

Cassie, form afar, sees them talking.

DINER – when Cassie tells Ric that drew must have been in on the bell plan, Ric is annoyed.

She bails, and seconds after he did, Tilly, Luke & Robbie enter.

Cassie apologising for telling ppl about Tilly’s problems, but Tilly insists that if she were in cassia’s position, she would have told too.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Irene is still way annoyed about belle & Amanda – whilst Leah is most intrigued when Irene tells her that drew was at the party as well.

LEAH’S – Leah tears into drew, who said that he feared reprisals such as this.

Drew insists that he’ll be totally up front form now on, and Leah “buys” the act once more.

When their conversation is done, drew answer the back door. It’s Ric – who warms drew to be on guard.

BEACH – Belle approaches Ric, who sys that he NEVER wants to have ANYTHING to do with belle EVER again.

BEACH HOUSE – belle is totally in teras, when Amanda arrives. Belle then tells her about what Ric said etc.

DINER – as Ric & Cassie talk about drew, Tilly is playing with her food more that she is eating it.

In the kitchen, Leah tells Irene how up front drew was. Irene wishes that she had had similar luck with belle. Irene decides to go home, and try to talk to belle again.

BEACH HOUSE –Irene arrives, and is shocked to find Amanda there. Irene way “suggests” that Amanda should bail, and she does (after Irene bans belle form seeing Amanda)

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda hears continuous thumps on the door. It’s belle of course – and when Amanda hears of the ban, she suggests that belle could move in with Amanda.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly arrives, as beth & Tony are about to bail. They suggest that they will now stay in 0- but Tilly insists that everything should proceed as normal, so they bail.

Tilly then stands before a mirror – and once more, way cries as she touched her way scarred skin.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene enters, and is shocked to find that belle (and Amanda) have packed belle’s bags. Irene tries to stop belle from leaving – but her efforts are in vain. (end of ep)


Kimmy collapses on the beach – after he takes it the wrong way when a girl says “you’re hot”

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's shimmery purple jacket

SILVER – Beth's aqua(floral motif) croosover top/orange full lehgth skirt

BRONZE – Beth's light blue low cut top

HONOURABLE MENTION (S) - Irene's light blue (with purple floral motif) PJs, Leah's leopard print spaghaetti strap top, Tilly's loveheart PJs, Luke's light green "urban" motif t shirt, Amanda's burgandy strapless assymetric dress, Irene 's yellow (with purple splotches) buttton up skirt, Belle's blue (floral? motifed) t shirt

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