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Tues 1 Aug 06 - " Lessons From Masters “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Lessons From Masters “

(Screened in Australia on Tues 1 Aug 06 - Episode # 4242)

SBH – Drew suggest to Dan that having someone to show him around the school, and to catch up on the work he’s missed, will be great.

The nearby Belle declines the request, but cassie accepts.

Jack & another police officer arrive – they want to talk to drew.

POLICE STATION – McGrath questions drew about the fire about the shed – esp. in light of the watch being found at the scene of the crime.

Drew tells them that when he was swimming at the beach the previous day, his watch was stolen. Drew says he not tell Dan (who is with him in interview room) as it’s only a watch.

When the police enquire, drew says that he was no one who can prove that he was walking alone near surf club as the time of the fire.

DINER – Irene talk to Leah about how she doesn’t like that way that Amanda is behaving around belle.

Leah answers the phone when it rings 0- she is shocked when Dan tells her that he & drew are currently at police station.

POLICE STATION – seconds after Dan ends the phone call with Leah, the police tell drew that he can go – dure to lack of evidence. Drew doesn’t help with case by being sarcastic about the situation.

LEAH’S – when Dan & drew enter, Leah is there to greet them. Drew doesn’t like it when Dan questions him about the dirt on his shirt yesterday. Dan thinks it looked like soot. Drew hates that Dan should question him in this manner – and drew charges out of the house.

Leah suggests that she should go after him, and drew may react badly if Dan does.

DINER – Irene & bell discus belle’s party tonight. Irene wants bell home by 11pm, but belle suggests midnight. They compromise at 11.30pm.

McADAMS MANSION –bell enters, and is surprised that Amanda has prepared to have ice in her sink – for anyone who brings own alcohol.

Amanda wonders what belle’s tactics of getting Ric alone are. She isn’t too keen on belle’s “just winging it” plan – and suggests that belle should stop/delay cassie from attending the party.

NEAR SURF CLUB – drew pushes over a garbage bin in anger, and is about to “borrow” sally’ car when Ric intervenes. The pair almost comes to blows – but Leah arrives, and prevents them from fighting.

Belle sees all this – she is standing right beside the surf club.

LEAH’S – Leah returns, and Dan is verbally beating himself up for not trusting drew.

BEACH – belle approaches drew. She suggests that he can be far more devious if ppl think that he is a saint.

She also suggests that, to annoy Ric, drew should ask cassie to REALLY help him today catch up with school work.

DINER – drew enters, and wonders if cassie can help with said catch up work today. Cassie tells him about the party, but drew says that they will have plenty of time before belle’s party starts.

As cassie bails, belle enters. Drew tells her that the catch up study plan is on.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene is beside herself when belle comes downstairs in the outfit that she is wearing to the party (see below).

Irene thinks that such a sexy outfit only re-enforces her thoughts that belle is only having this party to snare Ric.

LEAH’S – Drew enter the lounge room where Leah & drew are. He way apologises for his behaviour – as just as belle suggested they would Dan & Leah totally “buy” the new Drew.

McADAMS MANSION – Ric enters the party, and belle is unimpressed with the lack of effort that Ric has put into the clothes that he is wearing to the party.

Belle goes to the kitchen to get Ric a drink, and whilst in kitchen, she tells Amanda that Ric has arrived on his own. Amanda of course is way pleased too.

LEAH’S – Cassie & drew are doing the catch up study thing.

As time ticks on, Cassie mentions that she better head to the party soon, but drew insists that he needs more help.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda is a tad concerned with belle’s idea to give ric another cup of alcohol spiked punch – as ric already look waaaaaaaaay affected now.

Belle insists on one more hit – while an unknown guy at the party is way surprised when Amanda answers his question ands confirms to him that she is Belle’s mum

LEAH’S – As Cassie & drew continue to study, drew gets a text form belle, saying that he & cassia can come over to the party now

McADAMS MANSION – when Cassie & drew arrive, ric is way, way, way sloshed – and Cassie finds ric either kissing (or dance V close to) belle.

Cassie tears into belle & Amanda for being so immoral, and Amanda’s time gets worse when ric slumps to the ground, and throws up – part of which goes on her no doubt expensive boots. (end of ep)


Will Belle move in with Amanda?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle’s totally black punk-like party outfit (cleavage enhancing strapless top, short skirt, fishnet stockings, boots, choker necklace etc)

SILVER – Leah’s brown asymmetric skirt

BRONZE – Amanda’s white (with awesome gold pattern) cowboy boots

HONOURABLE MENTION – Cassie’s pink sparkly top

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