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Mon 31st Jul 06 - " Reasons To LOVE School “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Reasons To LOVE School “

(Screened in Australia on Mon 3 Jul 06 - Episode # 4241)

Note – Due to various circumstances, this ep guide is less detailed than usual.

Dan suggests that Drew should go to SBH. Dew thinks that he needs time to settle into the bay 1-st etc.

Later, drew is at the beach, where he waaaaaaaaaaaaay likes what he sees when he encounters belle for the 1-st time. She doesn’t reciprocate the keenness – and this is just after belle has chatted with Ric.

Drew returns to Leah’s housie – and Dan & Leah are really pleased when drew says that he’s had change of heart and wants to attend SBH as soon as possible.

Soon after, Dan & drew are walk near the surf club. After Dan enters said surf club, dre2w & Ric quite literally run into each other – this is partic annoying for Ric as he was carrying several take away coffees.

Later, when Dan & drew enter the corridors of SBH, drew is way pleased that the dress code is lees formal than his boardu8ing school.

After drew suggests to Dan he can cope with his 1-st day on his own, drew approaches belle – who doesn’t seem to like drew (i.e. belle says “great, you’re stalking me now”)

Speaking of Belle, Irene & Amanda had several clashes (at various palaces – like the beach house & the McAdams’s Mansion).

Irene isn‘t keen on how Amanda is corrupting belle – and really doesn’t like it when Amanda says that she isn’t exactly going to stop anyone form smoking (if they choose to do so) at bell’s party. Of course, when Irene arks up about matters such as the one I just mentioned, amanda trotted out the old “Irene’s alcoholic past” spiel.

Btw, the latest Amanda/Irene skirmish where all because Irene didn’t inform Amanda that belle is out of hospital after the fire at SBH recently.

Also, Amanda & Belle revelled as they planned the party – and discussed plans to snare Ric.

The police (headed by jack) begin to seek a profile for the pyromaniac that is now operating in the bay. Info from the fire brigade leads them straight to Drew.

They bring him in for questioning – and bring to light that he was once in trouble at boarding school for burning the effigy of school principal outside said principal’s office.

Dan meanwhile is steadfastly sticking with drew – not believing for a second that drew is responsible for this.

As the police let drew go (after questioning him), we see an unknown someone put a can of kerosene and a leather bag in a car boot.

Later, when drew returns to Leah’s house, Dan & Leah wonder why drew’s singlet etc is partly dirty. Drew says that when he was walking, he slipped down embankment.

At the bachelor pad, jack & Martha are enjoying a candlelit romantic evening – the 1-st chance they’ve had to do such a thing since their wedding.

Of course, their evening is interrupted – when the phone rings. The person on the other end of the line is one of the male uniform police officer, who tells jack that there has been another fire.

Jack, other police & the fire brigade (late at night) investigate the scene of this latest arson attack – a farm shed.

The next morning, jack & the others continue their investigation. They once more find a can of kerosene, but they also find a wristwatch.

Later, at the police station, jack makes a discovery. The watch has the initials AC on it – leading jack to think that the watch belongs to (An)Drew Curtis (end of ep)


Amanda helps the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY sexily dressed Belle with the party – and with her plans to snare Ric,

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s blight blue & gold halter neck top

SILVER – Irene’s green & apricot floral motifed crossover top/apricot top (beneath crossover) combo

BRONZE – Martha’s green, shimmery low cut dress

HONOURABLE MENTION – Amanda’s light green (floral motif) spaghetti strap top

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