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So Lucky To Have You

Guest loobieloo

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Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Rating: G

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Drama & Romance

Warnings: None

Is Story being proof read: Sometimes

Summary: Daily life of Jack and Martha.

Now this is my first ever fic so it may not be any good! Oh yeah and I'm not very good at punctuation so that might not be exactly right but i have tried. This is set just under a year after the wedding.

Please tell me what you think ....x

Chapter 1

It was early morning and as he stood it the kitchen, Jack could hear Martha waking up. As she walked towards him, he saw the bags under her eyes.

“What’s up? Didn’t you get much sleep last night?”

“No”, she replied sleepily, “I have really found it hard to be comfortable recently”.

Jack sighed, feeling her frustration. He didn’t know what to say to make her feel better. “If I could make it better you know I would”,

“I know. It’s really stupid that I moan about this I mean it could be worse, some people can’t get pregnant so I should be happy that I could”,

“That is true, but it doesn’t make you feel any better”,

“Or smaller”, Martha laughed.

She felt more tired and hot than she ever had, she felt bad for wishing that she wasn’t pregnant because she knew that this was going to bring them so much happiness but she couldn’t help it.

“So do you want to come for a walk along the beach with me in a bit when you’re ready?” Jack asked hoping she would say yes. “It will be a great opportunity to discuss names”, he sounded so excited Martha didn’t no how to say no.

“hmmm, suppose so, I’ll go and get a shower”, he watched as she went into the bathroom.

While she was gone, he sat on the sofa thinking of how great the last year had been; his dream wedding to the woman he loved, them living together and sharing everything and now they were going to become parents! Nothing could make him unhappy now.

As they walked along the beach, hand in hand, they discussed baby names.

“Well it could be Jack Junior!” Jack suggested laughing,

“Urgh no!”, she laughed too just imagining naming her child that,

“Ok then, Martha junior!”

They both laughed even harder at this.

“We do really need to be serious about this, this baby is going to be born in 3 weeks and we still don’t have a name for it!” She pointed out

“How about Paul for a boy and Helen for a girl?”

“Yeah I like Paul”, she agreed, “I like Jodi for a girl though”, she looked at the expression on his face,

“You hate it?”

“I love it!”

“So it’s settled then”, she asked.

“Yeah Paul or Jodi!”

“Sounds good!”

They then walked home in each others arms feeling the intense love that they shared. They knew that they were both so lucky to have found each other and to be sharing this with each other.

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Well I got bored before so i decided to write the next chapter. Not alot happens in it but oh well :)

It does get better later....... Honestly :D

Chapter 2

Later that day, jack and Martha went to Robbie and Tasha’s to tell them about their decisions.

“So how have you guys been?” Robbie asked

“Great, guess what?”


“We have officially decided on baby names!” Martha announced

“Well go on tell us?”

“For a boy Paul and for a girl Jodi!”

“Wow, they’re lovely names”, said Tasha “We had a hard time picking names but once you’ve decided it’s like a great weight has been lifted!!”

“I know” Jack answered, “We were thinking of a Jack or Martha junior-“

Martha cut him off, “No, you were thinking of a Jack or Martha junior!”

“Ok then I was but I thought it would be funny”

“It’s not exactly meant to be a funny thing”, Said Robbie.

As Jack thought of it, it was strange how Robbie and Tasha had become so much more mature and responsible since the arrival of little Louise. It suited them he thought, they made a great little family.

Tasha then came in with the dinner, it looked wonderful! They all sat down to eat but Jack noticed that Martha looked very down.

“You ok Martha?” He asked

“Yeah”, she sighed

“Come on Martha, we can tell you’re upset about something”, Tasha added

“Its nothing just leave it will you!” Martha snapped

They all ate dinner in silence after that but even though she knew she had ruined the night for the others she didn’t feel a bit guilty. “ They should have just left me alone if they didn’t want me to snap at them, they brought it all on themselves”, she thought as she took her plate into the kitchen.

“I think we should go now guys. Eh Martha?”

“Ok”, she replied

“Bye then, you should come to ours for dinner next time”, Jack said to Robbie

“Oh don’t worry we will”, Robbie laughed

“Bye then”


When they got home, both Jack and Martha went straight to the bedroom. It had been a long day and they were exhausted. As Jack lay on the bed, he watched as Martha got changed into her pj’s. He saw her frustration when she pulled her top very tightly over her stomach.

“It’s ok you know, it looks fine”, he reassured her

“No it doesn’t, don’t lie to me! I look awful and fat”

“You look pregnant not fat”

She lay onto the bed next to him and pulled the quilt over her. Jack thought she looked beautiful, with a big belly or not. He placed his hand under the covers and onto her stomach.

“Nite nite little one”, he said, “have a good sleep”

Beautiful chapter! Just keep up the fluffiness, and I'll be loving it! :D

lol thanks

Woah we posted in exactly the same minute!!!!! :D ..... wel a couple in between but oh well :D

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Ok I got bored again so heres the start of chapter 3. But its only the start so its really short

chapter three START

When Jack woke up the next morning, he noticed that Martha was not in bed with him. As he climbed out of bed he could hear noises coming from the lounge. He walked into the lounge to see Martha crouching on the floor and holding her stomach in agony.

“Martha!” He shouted as he rushed to her side.

And then he saw the pool of blood all around her…….

dun dun dun!!!!!!

Theres a cliffhanger and a half for you!

I wonder what will happenn next? :P

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Okie Dokie people I've just finished chapter 3. So here it is including the start bit that i posted earlier.

Hope you like lol. :D

When Jack woke up the next morning, he noticed that Martha was not in bed with him. As he climbed out of bed he could hear noises coming from the lounge. He walked into the lounge to see Martha crouching on the floor and holding her stomach in agony.

“Martha!” He shouted as he rushed to her side.

And then he saw the pool of blood all around her…….

“Oh no, oh no!” He shouted, “What happened?”

She looked at him, and he could see the tears in her eyes, the pain.

“I……..I just got out of bed to make some breakfast and I slipped and-”, Martha couldn’t go on.

Jack tried to get her to stand up but all of a sudden her body went limp and lifeless. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Martha, Martha”, he kept crying out to her but she still didn’t move at all. It was then that he realised that the pool of blood was a lot bigger than it had been before, panic struck him and he didn’t know what to do or how to help Martha. He called an ambulance but it seemed like a lifetime before they arrived. He sat on the floor holding Martha, “Everything will be ok Martha, you’ll see, you’re going to be fine, don’t worry I’ve got you”.

Jack couldn’t bear watching the ambulance men picking her up and checking for a pulse, “Of course she has a pulse!” He told them angrily

“Ok mate, just try to calm down we always should check in cases like this”

“Cases like what? Can someone please tell me what’s going on? What happening to her?”

“Come on mate calm down”

“How do you expect me to be calm at a time like this? Is she going to be ok? Where’s all the blood from?”

“It looks like she banged her stomach when she slipped and-“

“The baby! Please tell me the baby will be ok? Please!”

“Well mate we can’t tell you anything yet until she’s been fully checked over at the hospital”

Jack could tell that the ambulance man didn’t care what happened to Martha or the baby by the tone of his voice, it just made him angrier and angrier.

As he watched the men lift her onto the bed and into the ambulance it didn’t seem real. It was as if he was watching himself cry, watching from a distance, as his life fell apart.

Still a bit of a cliffhanger but not as much :D

I'll post chapter 4 later on today if i finish it.....x

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Ok then heres chapter 4. Hope you like x

Jack climbed into the ambulance after the paramedic. He told himself over and over that Martha would be ok but as the sirens started she didn’t even flinch. “How could she not hear that?” Jack thought to himself. The siren was so loud it was deafening him.

Jack held Martha’s hand whole way there and wouldn’t let go, even when they got to the hospital he walked alongside her. “You’ll have to wait here while we do some tests”, Nurse Julie told him

“But I’m her husband! Cant I stay with her please?”

“No sorry, we will tell you when you can come and see her”

“I have to stay with her though! You don’t understand, she needs me. She is scared she wants me with her”, he tried to convince the nurse but she still didn’t give in.

When the nurse went down the corridor where Martha had been taken Jack was left alone outside. He sank into one of the chairs and tried his best not to cry but it didn’t work. The tears spilled over his face and didn’t stop until the nurse came back about an hour later. “Where’s Martha? Can I go in and see her now?”

“She’s in theatre so she won’t be out for a while”

“What’s she in theatre for? Is it serious? Will the baby be ok?” He had so many questions but the nurse didn’t have the answers he needed.

“When Martha slipped….”

“What?” Jack couldn’t wait for the nurses answer,

“She was bleeding heavily”

“Oh God, how could this happen to us? To her? To the baby?”

“Would you like me to call anyone? Maybe Martha’s family to let them know what’s going on”

“Yeah can you ring Mr Stewart? He should know”

“Sure I’ll go and do it now”

As the nurse left, Jack felt so worried. “What if they all blame me?” he asked himself. “It could be my fault, if I had just been there when she got out of bed, I could have stopped her slipping”.

He watched the nurse walk back up the corridor towards him, her expression told him that something wasn’t right.

“Can I go and see her now?”

“I think you should sit down Jack”

“No what’s going on? Why wont you let me see her?”

“I’m so sorry Jack……”

not much has happened in this chapter but the next one is better :)

Please leave your comments x x :):D

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Heres the next chapter. I dont really like this one it took me ages to write and it doesnt sound right so sorry about that. hope you enjoy. Dont forget to leave comments....x


Jack couldn’t believe what the nurse had told him, he wouldn’t.

“Are you sure? You could have got it wrong”

“I’m so sorry Jack but we did all the tests-“

“How could you let this happen? You’re supposed to stop this kind of thing!”

“There was nothing we could do”

“There was loads you could have done! How am I supposed to deal with this? How am I going to tell everyone? What have I done to deserve this?”

“Jack maybe you should try to calm down-“

“How do you expect me to calm down when you have just told me that my baby is brain dead? Please just leave me alone”.

It all kept running through his mind, he should have protected Martha and the baby from this, that was his job and he failed. “I knew I would make a terrible father, I fail everything”, Jack said to himself quietly.

“You can go in and see Martha now”, he hadn’t even noticed the nurse standing there.

As he walked into the room and saw Martha lying there so peacefully his mind totally changed. “It was all your fault!” He told her, knowing that she couldn’t hear him. “If you had stayed in bed, you wouldn’t have slipped and hurt our baby! I bet this was your plan all along, you don’t like being pregnant do you? Everyone could tell and now everyone can tell that you did this on purpose! I hate you for this!” he stormed out of the room, down the corridor and out of the hospital.

But back in the room, Martha opened her eyes cautiously, the tears growing and the pain mounting, she had heard every word. Jack blamed her for something, she didn’t know what but she could tell that it must have been serious and she knew that he hated her for what had happened. She cried hard into her pillow.

P.S sorry its so short

Oh yeah and Martha doesn't know about the baby as she has not been told as she has been unconsious/asleep x

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Ok everyone heres the final chapter. Not written by me at all, Emz A.K.A Jack and Martha 4eva has written it all for me as i didnt feel creative and just couldnt be bothered :P

its very loooong too, emz did a good job :D so all credits toher lol she is sooo fab x

Martha had cried all night. One of the nurses had come and told her about her baby. She needed to be with Jack, for him to hold her and tell her that everything would be alright. But Jack still couldn't take it in. He didn't know that Martha had heard him. One of the doctors came in that morning to tell Martha that she would have to stay in for another week. She felt alone, in an uninviting hospital. Alf was going to come in later, as he had to work. Tony and Beth were working aswell, so there was only Jack.

"Why isn't he here?" she asked herself. She had just about forgotten what Jack had said to her. But after five minutes thinking about the previous events that had fallen over the last couple of days, she was doubting whether or not she could ever forgive him.


Martha had now been alone all morning, she had started to cry again, just as a nurse came in.

"Martha are you alright?" Julie asked

"No, not really" Martha replied stating the obvious.

"Well, I'm sure things will get better" Julie said going over to give her a hug.

"I just need...Grandad" Martha added. She was about to say Jack, but then she remebered all of the things that he had said to her the night before. She just couldn't find it in her to apologise. Suddenly she couldn't catch her breath. Julie ran outside to get some help. Flynn came running over. Martha had gone into cardiac arrest. Flynn tried to resusitate her, but it wasn't working. Finally he got her breathing again, but she was still unconscious.

"Julie, we need to get her up to theatre now" Flynn said

"Ok, I'll page them and tell them to keep a room free" Julie said before exiting the room. Flynn quickly got Martha ready for theatre. She had to have the baby now, otherwise her life and her baby would be in danger. After Flynn had taken Martha into theatre, Julie went to phone Jack.

"Hello, Jack Holden" he answered

"Hi Jack, it's Julie, I'm afraid Martha's had to go for an emergency cesaerean" Julie said

"What, why?" Jack asked in a worried tone.

"Well, she went into cardiac arrest, and the baby was under alot of stress, if the operation isn't successful, then Martha and the baby could die" Julie replied.

"I'll be there straight away." Jack said before throwing the phone down and racing outside to his car. How could he possibly lose the two things that he loved more than anything else in the world?


At the hospital Jack was sitting down in the waiting area. Alf had arrived five minutes earlier. They were both really anxious. Finally Flynn came out and asked Jack to come with him.

“Right Jack, well I’m pleased to tell you that the operation has been successful, and you have a beautiful baby girl, Martha is still asleep, as the anaesthetic is still wearing off. You’re daughter is in the special care unit, as she was born three weeks premature. You can go in and see Martha if you want, or you can go down to the unit and see your baby” Flynn finished

“I think I’ll see Martha, I want to be there when she wakes up” Jack said before walking into Martha’s room. Martha lay there so peacefully. Jack wanted her to wake up as soon as possible so that they could go and see their daughter for the first time together. Jack was still oblivious to the fact that Martha knew what he had said to her. He was feeling guilty about it now, and didn’t know how he would act around her. Martha woke up rather quickly, and at first was glad that Jack was there, but she soon remembered what had happened. If only Jack knew. She didn’t speak to him at all. Jack was quite taken a back by this. Finally he broke the cold silence that filled the room.

“Martha we have a baby girl” he said. A smile crept across Martha’s face. She didn’t know how to reply. Eventually she said something

“When can I see her?”

“I can go now, but I want to see her with you, I’ll just go and ask” Jack finished before going to find Flynn. It didn’t take him long before he came back in, much to Martha’s disappointment.

“Flynn says that you can go now” Jack finally answered her question.

“Great,” Martha said trying to get out of bed. She gripped her stomach where she had the scar. Jack held out his hand to help her up, but she ignored it, and carried on in pain.


Martha was in quite a lot of pain, but she still wouldn’t accept Jack’s help. She got to the special care unit quite quickly. She didn’t speak at all on the way there. Inside there were only about three babies apart from Martha’s. Martha somehow knew which baby was hers. She was the smallest out of all of them there. She had a band on her wrist that said baby Holden. Martha was definitely going to call her Jodi. She put her hands into the incubator. The nurse that was down there came over.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t hold her yet” she said to Martha and Jack.

“Oh, it’s alright, I didn’t think that I could” Martha replied

“Do we have a name for her?” the nurse asked

“Yep, erm, Jodi Kate Holden” Martha answered

“Right, well I’ll just go and get a new wrist band for her” the nurse said before walking off. A single tear rolled down Martha’s cheek. To her there was no point getting too attached to the baby, as she might not even survive. Martha decided that it was time to leave, as she was feeling tired. Jack went with her back to her room. He could tell that she was still giving him the cold shoulder. He decided that it was time to confront her about what he had done.

“Martha, why are you ignoring me?” Jack asked back in Martha’s room

“Jack, you thought that I deliberately fell to get rid of Jodi because I hated being pregnant” Martha replied before starting to cry.

“Where did you get that idea from?” Jack asked again

“Jack, I heard you, I heard you yell at me, I heard you telling me that it was all my fault. You may not have realised it, but I heard every word” Martha was now crying hysterically. Jack went over to give her a hug, but she pushed him away. Jack felt awful. He honestly thought that Martha couldn’t hear him, and he only said it in the heat of the moment.

“Martha, I was angry, angry because I thought that our baby might die. I said it all in the heat of the moment, I love you so much, I would never say anything like that to you, that I really meant.” Jack defended himself. Martha was still crying. Jack tried to pull her into a hug again, and this time she didn’t push him away. She needed Jack this morning. She needed him to hold her like he was doing now. Maybe Martha was ready to forgive him. After all, it wasn’t like Jack to yell at her. He did say some awful things when he got in a stress. She held onto him until she calmed down and stopped crying.


An hour later Flynn came in. Jack was sitting on Martha’s bed.

“Well, I’ve run some tests on Jodi” Flynn said

“What did they show?” Martha asked, the tears where welling up in her eyes again.

“Well, they didn’t show anything” Flynn replied

“What, what do you mean, you said that there was something wrong with her?” Jack asked

“Well, what we thought was wrong with her seems to have disappeared. It’s most likely that the tests that we did earlier were incorrect.” Flynn finished

“So our baby girl is going to be alright?” Martha asked again

“Well, it certainly looks like it” Flynn replied. “I’ll leave you guys to it” After Flynn had gone Martha and Jack sat there in silence, but this time it was a happy silence.


Martha had been home for a week now, and they had been told that they were allowed to bring Jodi home. They were both really excited. They had gone in every day to see her, and each day they had hoped that they could bring her home. Well today was that day. They had painted to nursery a sunny yellow. There was a cot in there with a changing table. It was ten o’clock, and Martha and Jack were now allowed to go and get her. The visiting hours were from ten till two in the afternoon. At the hospital, Martha was placing Jodi in her carrier. Finally, they could be a proper family, a happy family that nothing could tear apart. Or was there something, something that could hurt the family so much that they would never be the same again?


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