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Fri 28 Jul 06 - " Let’s All Pretend That Things Are OK Again &quo

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Let’s All Pretend That Things Are OK Again "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 28 Jul 06 - Episode # 4240)

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel switch off her phone. She can’t bear to hear any more of this betrayal.

SBH – kit convinces kimmy to stop living in the past. She suggests that kimmy should truly go fwd in his life – by actually buying an engagement ring for Rachel.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel looks at a pic of her & kimmy on the fridge – and way starts to cry.

BEACH – tash sees jack near the rocks as she is walking. When she approaches they have an uneasy conversation about not seeing each other virtually at all since Robbie & Martha came home from hospital

Jack’s phone rings – and when the call beds, he tells tash that he has to go (police business).

BACHELOR PAD – kimmy enters with some food that he has just bought – and the engagement ring. He calls out to Rachel but she not answer.

HUNTER HOUSE – kit enters, and finds Rachel in the house. Kit just knows that Rachel knows.

BACHELOR PAD – Robbie arrives, and kimmy shows him that ring (that Rachel has said is that past that shoe likes). Kimmy is pleased that he& Rachel will be starting this whole new life together.

HUNTER HOUSE – kit tries to explain that whole “we thought we were going to die” ting, but Rachel is still way upset, and bails.

BACHELOR PAD – Robbie & kimmy are talk when kit enters. Kimmy just knows that Rachel knows (form the look on kit’s face).

BEACH – kimmy approaches Rachel. She tells him that she isn’t so much stressed about THAT night in the bush, but that kimmy didn’t tell her about it. Rachel then bails.

NEAR BEACH – jack & Lara are investigating another arson attack, this time it’s a couple of park benches.

Lara notes that jack seems miles away, so he begins to try to explain the situation between he & tash. Lara says that she went through something similar in the past – but jack won’t elaborate on what’s going on twenn he & tash.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene enters, and is worried that jack is using tash again. Tash however is more worry that she is TOO close to jack – and always thinking of him (despite that fact that she loves Robbie).

HUNTER HOUSE – kit is way down on herself for ruining Rachel/kimmy. Robbie tries to tell her that things aren’t that bad.

Kimmy enters, and tells them that its because he didn’t tell her that Rachel is stressing. Kimmy hopes that Rachel can find it in her heart to forgive.

BEACH – Rachel is waaaaaaaaay in emotional pain. A nearby V affectionate (extras) couple doesn’t help Rachel’s mood.

BEACH HOUSE – tash is worried about these feeling she haves for jack. Irene says tits whether tash intends on ACTING on those feeling that is important. Irene insist that tash should REALLY talk to jack about thins as “things that are left unsaid have the most power”

HUNTER HOUSE – Rachel enters, and kit assure her that she doesn’t have feelings for kimmy, as that it was DEF a “thought we were going to die / needed to be close to someone“ thing.

BACHELOR PAD – Robbie tries to assure kimmy that Rachel is a logical person and will realise the truth.

Rachel then enters, and Robbie bails.

Kimmy tells Rachel that what happened in the bush will never happen again. Rachel insists that kimmy way hurt her, esp. after she wants to trust again (after she learned the truth that her father caused her mum’s injuries in THAT crash).

Rachel gets increasingly emotional as she tells kimmy that she was totally grieving when she thought that he had died, and that she waaaaaaaaaaaaay loves him.

They hug – and then kimmy give Rachel that engagement ring. Rachel way loves it and they PASH, but when they hug afterwards, kimmy still looks as though he DOES still have feelings for kit.

BEACH HOUSE – Robbie enters, and tells Irene & tash about kimmy/Rachel.

Tash tells Robbie that she is going to go out. Robbie wants to go with, but Irene (knowing that tash is going to see jack) asks Robbie to help her with the BBQ.

POLICE STATION – tash & jack try to get things out into the open. Both say that it was just the situation (being dependent on each other) which is why they are sooooo close – but both she to be trying to convince themselves that there is noting going on, i.e. both seem to be trying TOO hard to admit that the current situation is more that just friendship.

After tash bails, Lara approaches jack – and tells him that the investigators have discovers that the same accelerant that was used at SSH and peter’s car was also used on the benches !!! (end of ep)


Who will the firebug? – and what clue do they leave at the scene of the crime?

Will Kimmy DIE ??? (he collapse on beach)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Irene’s green & apricot floral motifed crossover top/apricot top (beneath crossover) combo

SILVER – Rachel’s black full length ruffle skirt

BRONZE – Robbie’s red (with intriguing blue motif) t shirt

HONOURABLE MENTION – Tasha’s rainbow (horizontal) striped spaghetti strap top

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