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Thurs 27 Jul 06 - Kimmy Proves Once More That He's A GIT !&#33

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

" Kimmy Proves Once More That He's A GIT !!! "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 27 Jul 06 - Episode # 4239)

Note - Due to various circumstances, this ep guide is less detailed that usual.

Leah & Dan are talking about drew when martha enters their house - with the damaged plague.

Dan confronts drew, who tells him that the plague is stupid. When Drew tries to walk away, Dan tries to grab him, and drew responds by punching drew.

Dan catches up with drew at the beach, but drew is unapologetic.

when Dan later returns to the house, he is kind of shocked when Leah says that drew has packed his things and gone. Leah convinces Dan to go after drew - as she thinks that Drew is causing trouble, so Dan & co WILL abandon him - like everyone else has.

drew is walking down the road next the the beach when he sees Dan's car. Dan pulls up and tries to get Drew to stay with him. drew is way convincing - and drew decides to rtn Leah's place.

once there, drew gives Dan & Leah some money to go to the fixing of the damage plaque. Leah says that she is way glad that drew has decided to stay with them - as she thinks that he is a waaay better Wiggles dancer than Dan.

brad is talk on the phone as he is on the beach. he tells whoever the he hasn't told Rachel something (rather serious sounding) yet.

Sally is talk to Rachel at hospital - and she mentions that brad seemed funny when she mention that Flynn died from cancer.

when Rachel is at bachelor pad, she tells Brad bout what sally said. brad thinks that sally must have taken his actions that wrong way. he also tell Rachel that Rachel will be bailing for the bay today.

brad encounters sally in diner - and clears up threir misunderstanding. brad is clearly preoccupy[pied though - as he rejects Sally's offer for him to join her for coffee.

when brad return to the bachelor pad, Rachel wonders what he is hiding form her. brad insists that Rachel is barking up wrong path - but when Rachel bails, brad phone ring. he tells the caller that he (again hasn't told Rachel, as its not the right time.

Beth & Kit talk in Kit's hospital room. both are please that Tilly is now seeing a councillor.

Rachel tells kit about a group counselling sees ion for the LOST this arvo - and when Rachel bails, Beth notes that kit was acting weird around Rachel.

later. as kit is about to discharge form the hop ital, she & Beth encounter Kimmy & Rachel - and its way awkward.

when kit &Beth have bails, Kimmy isn't exactly keen on Rahel's idea to invite kit to dinner sometime.

when kit & Beth retn home, Beth confronts kit about way she acting - and kit is forced to admit that she & Kimmy got close again whilst LOST. kit say says that it only happen because both thought they could die etc.

kit tell Beth that she want to tell Rachel - but Kimmy doesn't want to.

Kimmy & Rachel enters the diner ... as have an uneasy chat with Beth & kit before kit & Kimmy bail.

Rachel tries to get Beth to tell her anything she knows about this unease - but Beth sheepishly denies.

Kimmy & kit are the only ppl who aren't late for the group session.

Rachel rings Kimmy and wonders to him about Beth's weird mood.

when the call has SUPPOSEDLY ended, Kimmy tells kit that he wished that he could tell Rachel about what happen in the bush, but he just can't - and Rahel of course has heard EVERY word, as Kimmy not "hang up" his mobile. (end of ep)


Relationships are in crisis in these post LOST times

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah's green halter top

SILVER – Rachel's chocolate brown (partly frilly) button up shirt

BRONZE – Rachel's orange singlet top

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