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Tues 25 Jul 06 - " It’s In The Blood "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " It’s In The Blood "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 25 Jul 06 - Episode # 4237)

OPENING CREDITS – They’re back !!! Drew is now aboard – with Dan & Leah, whilst Brad is now in a V sibling pose with Rachel, and the image of Amanda (pink frees) and colleen is back !!!

SBH – As sally & belle try their all to escape, Tony struggles to keep control outside. Cassie is partic freaky out (i.e. “it’s happening again” with a terrified look on face) – and Tilly does her best to calm Cassie down.

Back inside, belle is also stressing but sally insists that need to keep low, and keep as calm as possible.

Cassie decides that sally & bell have been inside for to long – esp. with more & more smoke billowing form the buildings. She tries to race into the building – but Tony is able to stop her. This aren’t helped when they discovers tat sally has left her mobile in her handbag – which is with them are the assembly area.

Sally tries to break the office window using a small table that is in the office – but it’s to no avail. The smoke gets too much for her – and she gets beneath a desk.

Belle decides to take up the challenge of break the glass – but it’s hopeless, and belle curses that shatter proof gals that the window is made from.

Belle then sees that sally is lying on the floor – and she appears to be unconscious!!! Belle calls out form help – in total terror.

Outside, brad arrives – ands when he hears of sally & belle, He charges inside – Tony tries to stop but fails.

As belle tries her best to revive sally, and not loose it completely as well, brad calls out to them.

He looks in several classrooms, and one that is muchly ablaze.

He continues to callout – and belle finally hears him. Once alerted to their presence, brad kicks open the offie door, and takes the unconscious sally in his arms. He tells belle to taken hold of him and not to let go until they are out of the buildings.

Meanwhile, the fire brigade arrive, and they are V timely, as bard, sally & belle emerge from the billowing smoke to the area where Tony & co are.

Tony & brad immediately set to work on reviving sally – which they are able to do after a bit of a struggle.

HOSPITAL – Cassie & Irene are ecstatic to hear from a female nurse that sally & belle are for the most part unscathed form their ordeal.

Irene way thanks brad for save belle & sally – before the trio (after nurse says so) go into the room that both sally & belle are in.

Irene wonders (jokingly I think) whey sally & belle put them through so much after what’s happened recently.

Belle way admits to all that this was her fault – whilst sally seems more worried about damage to the school than anything else.

SBH – Tony and the back on the job Jack talk to the lead fire-fighter, who says that their investigation is underway. The firie adds that the school is not too badly affected – there’s some electrical wiring damage and some smoke damage but all in all tings are pretty good.

After Tony answers that fire-fighters questions about what he saw today. Tony bails. As he does, another firie approached the head guy – with a tin of kerosene that was found in the science block air conditioning vents.

DINER – colleen comments to Tilly & Luke about what’s happened today, before she goes and serves other customers.

When Luke tries to talk to Tilly, she doesn’t want to – and she’s not hungry either.

Tony approaches Tilly & Luke and whilst he is talking to them about the fire, Amanda enters – and overhears.

HOPITAL – Ric is now by sally’s side too – he and Cassie are both way pleased that sally is still alive (given that Flynn died not so long ago).

Sally is more worry about who will pick up little pippa form daycare – brad says that he will, but sally only agree to let him if Cassie goes to.

Amanda arrives – and has a go at Irene for not tell her sooner about belle. The others (even sally) comply when Amanda wants a private word with belle.

When the others are gone, bell tells Amanda that she is in this mess after she followed Amanda’s advice (and was trying to access school file info in Cassie).

SBH – jack talks to another male uniform cop. Jack doesn’t think that this is the work of a stalker copycat, but he WAY wants to catch whoever it is REALLLY soon.

The lead firie approaches, and shows jack more cans of kero that they found in the air con vents.

HOSPITAL – Amanda & bell are talking when Ric & sally re enter the room. Jack also arrives – he wants to speak to sally about the fire.

When sally exits the room with jack, Amanda (in THAT simpering voice) asks Ric to keep belle company. Ric agrees to – and Amanda tells him that she wishes there were more gentlemen like him in the world.

In corridor, jack wonders if sally suspects who it could be. Sally mentions Mr Breyburn – but she doesn’t think the suspended teacher is responsible.

When jack wants sally to access her teacher & student files ASAP, sally is more than a little wary of returning to the school so soon as what she endured.

HUNTER HOUSE – after Tony bails -to pick up Beth form hospital (whose car is breakdown), Luke tries to talk to Tilly about the fire, and esp. how she was cool (with Cassie) is a crisis.

Tilly rejects this – as she was faking what she was saying. Tilly tells Luke that she wants things to be real.

Luke then can’t believe it when Tilly says that she is SOOOOO weak (in terms of her character) and also when Tilly says that she is getting what she deserves!!!

Luke offers to take dinner dishes to the sink, but Tilly tells Luke that she will – as he has assignment to do.

When in the kitchen (muchly by herself), Tilly starts pigging out on the food she hardly touched that was on her plate.

HOSPITAL – belle uses every little emotional trick to keep Ric by her side, and it work as she ends up hug him.

In corridor, sally & brad talk about what’s happened. Brad seems V intrigued when sally mentions that Flynn die of cancer.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly enters the kitchen and starts to cough (in a bid to vomit) but things get serious when she notices that things feel different. She grabs a tissue – and discovers that she is now (like Kit a couple a years ago) coughing up BLOOD !!!!!!!!! (end of ep)


Sounds like Rachel discovers what happened when Kimmy & Kit were LOST !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's red (with a wavey silver motif across the bust) t shirt

SILVER – Amanda's red (with lots of green leafy motifs all over) top

BRONZE – Tony's turquoise polo shirt

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