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Mon 24 Jul 06 - " Amanda Brings Up THAT Old Chestnut "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Amanda Brings Up THAT Old Chestnut "

(Screened in Australia on Mon 24 Jul 06 - Episode # 4236)

SBH –It’s late at night, and sally locks the gates. She then starts the walk t her car – but she is startled hen brad approaches. He wants to help with her application for the position of school principal.

Sally then jokes about brad not being able to help her previously because of his nakedness.

Sally & brad agree to discuss her job application elsewhere – incl. sally’s plan to cram for it (which brad thinks is funny, given how teacher’s suggest for students NOT to cram).

As they walk away, we see another unknown person approach then school gates. The person starts to unlock.

BEACH HOUSE –next morning, Irene further enforces her previous message about belle keeping away from trying to get Ric back. Irene also warns belle off following Amanda at the moment.

Irene then hugs belle – after belle tearfully says "why doesn’t ric love me?"

HUNTER HOUSE - Ric, Luke & Cassie wait for Tilly t get out of the bathroom, and they comment on all the time that she spends in there of late.

When Tilly emerges, she goes to the kitchen, where she tells that others to go on without her, as she is going to add something the tuna sandwiches that she has for lunch (supposedly).

SBH – Cassie & the others enter, and they are still muchly concern about Tilly, who arrives seconds later.

Ric then wishes sally good luck as she passes whilst going to her job interview.

Belle approaches and wonders if Luke & co would like to attend a party that she is planing. Tilly & co tentatively agree to attend, whilst bell says that she’ll have all the details soon.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene & Amanda have a stoush about how Irene isn’t keen on the way that Amanda is influencing belle.

SBH – its lunch time, and when Cassie enquires, Tilly says that she didn’t bring lunch as the tuna was off.

They approach Luke & belle who suggest that they all go t diner. Tilly agrees to go – but you can tell that she isn’t keen.

As they bail for the diner, we see Tilly & co from another person’s perspective.

DINER – sally enter, and talks to brad about the job interview she has just come form. Sally says that she was in the interview for 2 hours, and although she thinks she did well, she is worried that it might be a case of thinking she went well, when she actually did badly.

Nearby, Irene is NOT pleased when she hears that bell is planning a party. Indeed, she approaches bell and vetoes the plan.

Belle is not impressed, and bails.

BEACH HOUSE – belle enters, and Amanda does so seconds later.

Amanda comments on seeing the Belle 4 Ric written several times on belles’ books.

When belle tells her about Irene vetoing the party, Amanda suggests that belle can have a pool party at her house – as Amanda thinks belle would look great a brand new bikini.

Belle tells Amanda that she’ll give it some thought.

DINER – as tilly are co prepare to go back to school after lunch, tilly thinks cassie is checking up on her when she, like tilly, decides to go to the bathroom before they bail.

Meanwhile, Amanda approaches Irene, and Irene gives her a BIG serve about parental responsibility.

Naturally this leads to another verbal stoush – in which Amanda (of course) beings up Irene’s alcoholic past !!!

BEACH HOUSE – Irene enters, and WAY questions belle’s intentions of this party, i.e. to gain new friends – or to merely get Ric back?

Irene also voices her opinion about how Amanda seems to have reverted to old ways (after showing some promise in recent weeks).

Belle bails – in a TOTAL huff.

BEACH – Amanda approaches a rather skulking belle – who tells her about the clash with Irene.

Belle likes it when Amanda says that she thinks that belle should take back what’s hers – esp. since Cassie stole Ric form belle whilst she was LOST.

Amanda then wonders why Ric/cassie broke up in the 1-st place, and when belle says tat it was trust issue, Amanda insist that they can work on that.

Amanda then insists that belle should learn as much about her enemy (Cassie) as she can.

SBH –Tilly & co re-enter the grounds after lunch.

Sally approaches Cassie and wants to see her in the principal’s office (see below).

Tilly then tells Luke that she has to get a book for the library before class – but she actually goes to the bathroom.

She waits until several netballers have left the bathroom before entering one of the cubicles – and throwing up.

One of the said netball girls must have forgotten something as she re-enters the bathroom whilst Tilly is being sick. The girl takes no action through.

When Tilly is finished, she starts crying.

SOON AFTER – Tilly enters a classroom where the like of Luke & belle are wait preparing for next lesson. Luke thinks that Tilly not look so good - she says that she has hay fever issues.

Tony then arrives and the class begins.

Cassie enters -0 and says that she was in office after sally wanted to check some things on her student file. this gave Belle an idea.

she asks Tony if she can get textbook for her locker - but tony give her his copy.

suddenly the fire alarm goes, and Tony instructs students to calm make their way outside to marshal ling are.

in office, sally & the secretary wonder if this is real - or another wiring problem, as the neighbours complained on a recent weekend after faulty wiring set alarm off.

sally approaches tony and says that she although she thinks threat in real, it might be get a test. belle hears this - and makes her move.

as the other students going out of the buildings and down the stairs they see smoke billow form science block.

when sally & co are at marshal ling area, secretary informs sally the fire brigade is on its way.

Tony's roll call reveals that Belle is not there - so sally goes back into building to find.

m,meanwhile, belle is looking at Cassie's' file - when she hears sally calling out.

indeed, sally catches her with the file but things more pressing than that happen when the office door (that's deadlocked) shuts !!!!

Belle & sally bang on door and call for help - as the smoke continues to pour into room. (end of ep)


Will Belle & Sally escape ?? …

AND the person who lit the fire is someone they know.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's SBH uniform

SILVER – Amanda's red (with lots of green leafy motifs all over) top

BRONZE – Irene's aqua (fern motifed) top

HONOURABLE MENTION - Tony's turquoise polo shirt

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