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Fri 21 Jul 06 - " Belle’s Achilles Heel “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Belle’s Achilles Heel “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 21 Jul 06 - Episode # 4235)

HOSPITAL – Martha is talk to Morag, jack & ric when she says that she is being discharge form the hospital today. When ric offers to mnuchly help Martha when she gets home, Martha makes comments that jack certainly not need help – as has got plenty form tash.

Martha then says that she is jokingly when she said it, and jack says that he wasn’t offended but it (but jack’s face tells you a different story.

BEACH HOUSE – Robbie & tash are talking in bed. Robbie suggests that they should do something today (with just the two of them). Tash says that she had arranged to help jack with a few things.

Although he says otherwise, Robbie is clearly frustrated.

HOSPITAL – Amanda enters, and sees that belle is gone form her usual room. Amanda approach nurses station – ask about belle. When Amanda assures nurse that she is family, nurse says that bell was discharged today.

BEACH HOUSE – Amanda arrives, and wants to speak to belle. Irene isn’t keen on the idea, whilst belle flat out tells Amanda to get lost.

Amanda insists that she’ll do anything to prove herself to belle, but neither belle or Irene is interested.

After Amanda bails, belle assures Irene that she not want Amanda is her life. Belle then exits.

BACHERLOR PAD – Robbie & tash entr, and jack wonders if tash is keep up breathing experiences. Robbie wonders why – and tash is forced to tell him about baby trouble whilst he was LOST.

Robbie tells jack that he owes him one now, but Robbie’s face tells you that things aren’t that rosy.

BEACH – Cassie ^ ric are talking when belle approaches. Belle scathingly (verbally) attacks casse for stealing ric back when she was LOST.

Cassie & ric suggests that belle should leave them alone – and, of course, Amanda sess all of things form afar.

DINER –ric assures Cassie that he knows that they are perfect together) and that belle was just a fling).

Nearby, Colleen approaches Morag – tells her to ring Roo immediately.

Amanda enters, just as cassie (I think) goes to the bathroom. Amanda tells ric in the supposed goss that macca told her (about macca/cassie) whilst they were search for the LOST.

Amanda walks away before Cassie returns – and as Cassie does rtn to the ric's table, Morag tells them that Alf will be O/S for longer than expected. Morag continues by seeing doctors in New York are worried about Alf’s heart.

BACHELOR PAD – Robbie & co are talking when the bub starts to kick. Robbie isn’t pleased that tash not tell him that bub did so when he was LOST, and things gets icier when the bub doesn’t kick when Robbie puts hand of tash stomach, and yet it does when jack does the same.

BEACH HOUSE – Amanda arrives, and bell makes it clear that she doesn’t want to speak to her. Amanda changes all that with a few words - “I cam help you get Ric back”

MEANWHILE – Robbie & tash are in their room, and tash assures Robbie that she didn’t tell him other the baby problems because he had already been through soooooooooo much whilst LOST.

Robbie however says that he feels like outsider now – but tash thinks that she & jack bond because they were in similar situation (both facing loss of spouses).

Tash then WAAAAAAAAY hugs & kisses Robbie in a bad to reassure – but it looked like she try TOO hard.

BEACH – as ric & Cassie talk about what macca supposedly said to Amanda, Cassie realises what’s REALLY going on.

BEACH HOUSE – Cassie arrives, and confronts belle about Amanda's meddling. Belle responds by threatening Cassie, i.e. “I stole Ric form you once, and I’ll do it again”,

SOON AFTER – belle is trying to write something (several screwed up pieces of paper beside her when Robbie enters the room after a sleep. He isn’t surprised when belle says that tash is over at jack’s house.

BACHELOR PAD – tash enters, and is clearly wanting to spend more alone time with jack. This is shattered when Martha enters the room – saying that she was discharge today.

Tash give jack the things that she bought over for him and bails – but as she does, tash &* jack look longingly at each other.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene sees that belle has written a letter about spending the night with ric. Belle tries to say that it’s fictional. Irene sees through that – and belle is forced to admit that it was part of Amanda’s plan to help her get ric back.

Irene then wonders if Amanda being around belle is such a good thing now, if things like this are the result

DINER – Irene enters, and confronts Amanda. Irene tells Amanda that although she thought Amanda had changed, she thinks Amanda has gone back to old way to help belle.

When Irene threatens to (as belle’s carer) prevent Amanda form seeing belle, Amanda insists that Irene has fight on her hands. (end of ep)


Relationships are in chaos – because of what happened when Robbie & Co were LOST

Sally & Belle are tapped inside the burning SBH

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tasha’s pink satin-y shirt

SILVER – Tasha’s blue & green (in horizontal blocks) full-length skirt

BRONZE – Irene’s light blue button up shirt

HONOURABLE MENTION – Amanda’s red sparkly plunge V-neck top

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