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Thurs 20 Jul 06 - " Secrets Pact “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Secrets Pact “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 20 Jul 06 - Episode # 4234)

DINER – as colleen prepares a box for of goodies (doughnuts etc) for the hunter family, she talks to Tilly about all that’s happening with the Hunters at present … esp. the joy that kit & Robbie are back with the family.

Cassie enters – and tells Tilly that she is shocked to hear about breyburn & lee. Tilly responds by saying that Luke hates her even more now because of what’s happened.

Cassie looks intrigued when colleen comments that if one person ate all the goodies that Tilly has picked up for the Hunters, they would be as big as a house. Tilly then bails.

LEAH’S – Dan is more that a tad angry about what drew has done with the car. As he bails, to search for drew, Rachel enters.

DINER – Cassie is intrigued when Tilly has been buying a lot of things for the diner of late (and its always take away).

Luke enters, and cassia confronts him about his selfish comments towards Tilly. Luke insists that it wouldn’t matter what he said to her, as Tilly is SOOOOO down on herself.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly looks in the box of goodies from the diner. She had eaten about half of each of the treats already. She then runs in the direction of the bathroom (for obvious reasons)

HOSPITAL – sally & brad literally run into each other – as sally is turning around.

They talk about breyburn, and then how sally plans to apply for the full time principal’s job. Brad offers to help her with the application.

After brad bail – to meet with Rachel (apparently – see below), sally gets a call form Leah.

LEAH’S – Leah gets off the phone as Dan enters. There’s no sign of drew.

Sally enters, and is curious that she has no idea about a meeting with brad.

Dan & co are all about to go and search for drew when he enters. Drew says that the car ran out of petrol on a country road, and he walked back. Dan is SOOOO not impressed.

BACHELOR PAD – brad is on the phone when he says “try not to worry, I’m doing all that I can”. He ends the call when Rachel enters.

When she comments about what sally said about brad meeting with Rachel earlier, he says that he thought that she was working a shift at hospital at that time.

Rachel wants to discuss his love life, but he is saved by the ball – when Rachel’s mobile rings.

LEAH’S – Dan is way angry with drew, but Leah is the voice of reason in all of this. Leah’s calmness also prevails when she suggests that she & Dan should go and get that car (with drew – who thinks Dan doesn’t trust him to be left alone in the house).

COUNTRY ROAD– Leah & Dan arrive at te point where drew ditched the car. The only thing is that NOW it’s a burnt out wreck!!!!

HUNTER HOUSE – Cassie enters, as Tilly is getting rid of some not so old clothes. Most of them are halter or spaghetti step tops under which her burns bandages can easily be seen.

Cassie also notices that Tilly is throwing out the top she was wearing earlier in the diner – and she can smell that Tilly has been sick. Tilly takes offence to these inferences.

LEAH’S – Dan confronts drew about the car. Drew says that the car was good condition with he left it.

HUNTER HOUSE – Cassie is by herself when she looks in the bin (see below).

Luke enters and they talk about Tilly. He says that she’s been constantly in the bathroom (doing her hair, brushing teeth etc)– and he thinks that tally’s trying to make the REST of herself look perfect (to compensate for her burns).

Cassie decides to bail – so Tilly won’t know that she is still here.

LEAH’S – dan is looing at some of Peter’s old stuff when Leah enters the room. She thinks the he is being too anti drew.

Dan however thinks that Leah is being too naïve about drew – and things get icier tween Dan & drew when the police arrive (want to questions drew about Peter’s car)

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel quickly and unsuccessfully searches for some CDs to take up to kit in hospital.

After Rachel is out the door, brad finds the CD’s and trying to call out to her and she drives off. However, brad is now in a bond – as the towel that he was dressed in (after his shower) is now caught in the LOCKED front door.

SOON AFTER– the still naked brad tries to see if one of the side windows is open, but none are.

He goes into back yard – where the only clothes on the line are bras.

He wheels the wheelbarrow to beside the house.

Sally approaches the front door when she hears a crash in the backyard. She goes around there – and finds brad covered in grass clippings etc.

When sally asks, brad says that Rachel isn’t home – so sally bails.

DINER – sally tells Leah & colleen about the V unclad brad – and Leah is pleased that sally is smiling again.

Sally changes the subject to talk about Leah’s current situation. She says that she is at diner to avoid the latest Dan/drew confrontation.

COUNTRY ROAD – drew tells the police what happened, and when Lara & Dan are away form drew, lira thinks that this seems to be a V professional torching of a car (i.e. not a random act) but forensics are investigate.

HUNTER HOUSE – Cassie enters and confronts Tilly about a range of things, incl the binge eating, the vomiting, and the food in the bin.

Tilly assures Cassie that she DID have a problem but it’s over now – as she doesn’t want Beth & co to worry even more than they are about other things.

Tilly then uses all her skills to keep this form others – she tells cassie that she didn’t “spill” cassie’s secret about macca, so cassie should do the same for her. Cassie V uneasingly complies.

DINER – sally & Leah talk more about drew & Dan. Leah isn’t sure about how much more that she can take.

COUNTRY ROAD – after the police bail, Dan & draw continue to be at odds.

Drew insists that Dan doesn’t have to act like his father figure out of duty, ESPECAILLY since peter didn’t care about drew (the whole threw him in boarding school thing).

Drew then walks away in disgust. (end of ep)


Amanda & Belle BOND – thanks to Belle wanting to steal Ric back.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Colleen's pink t shirt/colourful village motifed button up shirt combo

SILVER – Rachel's red crossover top/balck singelet top combo

BRONZE – Cassie's pink halter top

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