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Tues 18 Jul 06 - " Swimming Pools Are SOOOO Dangerous “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Swimming Pools Are SOOOO Dangerous “

(Screened in Australia on Tues 18 Jul 06 - Episode # 4232)

Note – From now on, unless I mention that there was opening credits, assume that there wasn’t any.

HOPITAL – Belle tells Irene about her pain because Ric & Cassie are back together. Belle however says that she IS going to stay in town to made sure Irene doesn’t get into any mischief (V tongue in cheek).

Irene tries, without success, to persuade belle to at least talk to Amanda. Irene then bails.

BEACH HOUSE – Amanda enters, and asks Irene to try again to convince belle to speak to her. Irene isn’t keen on the idea – but Amanda is able to convince Irene to be so.

HOSPITAL – Irene enters bells’ room, and although belle initially rejects that idea, Irene is able to convince her to speak to Amanda.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan & Amanda (in a swimsuit – see below) are talking about drew as they sit by the pool

Irene approaches, and tells Amanda that she has arranged a meeting tween Amanda & belle for this afternoon. Irene doesn’t fail to mention the difficulty she has though.

When Dan & Irene have bailed, Amanda dives into the pool but after swimming for just a bit she appears to have lost something (see below).

She reaches into the pool’s filter and gets her arm stuck !!! Amanda calls out for help.

HOSPITAL – as the time of the meeting draws near, Irene playfully teases belle about how she is looking at the clock constantly.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda is STIIL stuck when she hears someone at her front door. She calls out to said person and Macca arrives in the pool area.

Amanda tells Macca that she lost an earring whilst swimming – and was trying t see if it went in the filter, which is how she got her arm stuck. He immediately sets to work on freeing her.

HOSPITAL – belle & Irene get frustrated as the time of the proposed meeting comes & goes. Belle assures Irene that amend had her chance and blew it.

McADAMS MANSION – Macca is finally able to free Amanda (her bracelet was the problem).

Amanda is rather frantic about the situation – as she knows that the meeting time is passed – but she is also frustrated that neither Irene nor belle has their mobile turned on.

Then as Macca tries to help Amanda out of the water, he looses his balance, and falls into the pool.

SOON AFTER – Amanda & Macca are just outside the front door of the house (dressed only in towels, bathrobes etc).

Amanda insists that Macca should use her shower before he bails form the bay (as he merely came to the house to say goodbye to her). The two then share a joke about what’s happened today – just as Irene arrives.

Amanda tries to explain what happened, and Macca tries to back her up, but Irene makes it V clear that Amanda has lost ANY hope she had to bond with belle now.

As Irene walks away, Amanda is distraught.

HOSPITAL – Amanda (dressed more appropriately now) approaches Irene one last time, but Irene makes its clear that she won’t even keen to “go to bat” for Amanda the 1-st time today.

Irene says that she is unwilling to try again, leaving Amanda DEVASTATED.

MEANWHLE – Kimmy & Kit talk about their situation. Kimmy tells kit that he still loves Rachel, and that he thinks that they only kissed because that thought they were going to die etc.

Kit accepts the situation – but insists Kimmy should let Rachel KNOW about the kiss. This secret is almost busted when Beth returns’ to the room (as she forgot something.)

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel is talking to brad about how long he will be in the bay. Brad suggests that it won’t be too long, as he has to find a job.

Rachel is surprised when Kimmy enters, and tells her that the doctors discharged him.

Kimmy doesn’t ell her about what happened – insisting that he needs some more rest.

LATER – when Kimmy wakes up, he wants to speak to Rachel but she isn’t there.

After Kimmy & brad talk about all the things that Rachel has been though (incl. when she HIT Leah), brad says that he doesn’t think than Rachel can handle any further shocks.

Kimmy is then alarmed – when brad tells him that Rachel is on her way to visit Kit.

HOSPITAL – Rachel & kit are talking and kit is about to tell her about the kiss, when Kimmy arrives.

Kit can sense that Kimmy hasn’t told Rachel yet – as tells Rachel that the thing she was going to tell Rachel about Kimmy is that he kept her alive (and that she is V grateful for that).

When Rachel has bailed form the room, Kimmy tells kit about what brad said about Rachel’s current state of mind. Both agree not to tell her about what happened (note – you KNOW that this is gong to end BADLY, don’t you?)

LEAH’S – Dan & Leah & Rachel about talking about various things (incl. Amanda’s misadventures) when they hear a knock at the front door.

Dan opens said door – and is shocked that Drew has shown up on his doorstep. (end of ep)


It sounds like Drew is in for a shock regarding the reading of Peter’s will.

Tilly confronts Lee – sound like Tilly knows who the father REALLY is.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Beth's shimmery pink button up shirt / white singlet top combo

SILVER – Amanda's bright orange (with ocasional whitre streaks) bikini

BRONZE – Leah's orange (with several silver spots acroos the bust) staghetti strap top

HONOURABLE MENTION - Rachel's black (with a blue flower clasp) halter top

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