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The Believers Finale

Guest Stuart2006

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Topic Title – The Believers finale

Topic Description – Tasha/Robbie/The believers, G (V/D)

Type of story: Short/Medium story

Rating: G

Main Characters: Robbie, Tasha and The Believers

Genre: Drama

Warnings: (V/D)

Is Story being proof read: Not sure

Summary: Tasha and Robbie's baby is born, but in danger! Will someone be able to save the baby before the Believers get what they want?

Episode 1

The sun rose on the 24TH of December when tasha was taken into hospital for her baby to be born. Soon later it came to 11:54PM when she gave birth but i came out at exactly 12 AM. Not 1 second later. It was a Girl. Tasha and robbie called it Emma because tasha liked that name. 1 week later Tasha was allowed out of hospital with the baby but little did she know that her baby was in danger. Charity Tate(Believer worker) came to see the baby but had a secret plan to protect the baby. She knew Mumma Rose would return so she set a trap.

To be continued............

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Charity knew that mumma rose was watching her every move so she pretended to kill the baby but it was so mumma rose thought it was dead. It worked but 2 week later she returned with a her so called son (Jonah Aberham).Mumma rose told jonah about the baby and he said I'l Kill her! He then seen her. He got his power and put his arms spinning round his head and said we are the believers and said it quicker and quicker. The clouds wer dull. He then shouted STOP!! and pointed his arms to Charity and all the power rushed to her and Killed her instantly.

*Please note i am quite busy that is why i am only doing small chapters*

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As the camara comes closer it is revealed to be a former believer. Jonah pulled a gun out and aimed it at Mumma Rose. I am Peter Baker Head of Undercover Police Department and i have been pretending to be Jonah for weeks. Mumma rose stared narrowly at him and said You Little Liar! Charity then said ''Sorry but i have been working for police for weeks and i am now Undercover Police Officer!'' Mumma rose pulled a gun out and aimed it at the baby. ''Anybody move i shoot! '' The baby grabbed the gun and shot the tyres on Mumma Roses Car. Jack And Lara run towards Mumma Rose and she run into a police car. The rest jumped in another Police car and chased her. Mumma Rose Came to a grindding hauult and run upstairs on a big house. She stood on the balcony and said ''If somebody comes up i will drop the baby'' Tasha pushed mumma Rose over and left her hanging their. She took the baby and handcuffed Mumma Rose to the railings leaving her hanging. Please help me she shouted. Tasha shouted up You tortured me so here you you are!Suddenly with no warning the house clapsed to the ground. Whether Mumma Rose is alive is unknown..............

Did you like it?

Do you think i should do a one shot called The Rescue?


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