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Fri 14 Jul 06 - " Death Sentence ??? "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Death Sentence ??? "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 14 Jul 06 - Episode # 4230)

Synopsis Note – Again with the no opening credits (just the H&A logo that we see before each ad break)

HUNTER HOUSE – Beth sees that Tilly has hurt her hand. Tilly says that she banged it against the wall by accident – but I suspect it’s coming her attempts to vomit up THAT chocolate dessert.

\Beth insists that their family luck must change soon – but Tilly insists that Beth should get a BIG reality check. They start to argue – and Tony has to calm the situation.

DINER – Amanda tells Alf & co that she thought she would be able to free up her other money before this current lot (movie etc\) was totally spend.

Morag & others thinks that they should use their combined savings (a fair few 10s of thousands of dollars) to go the bank with a combined front, but macca is the one who is the voice of reality.

He says that even if they got that loan, there’s no hope for the LOST – who’ve been like that for several weeks who.

Beth & Tony enter, and Beth REALLY verbally blasts macca for even thinking such a thing – but Alf & the others (with long looks on their faces) finally voices their opinions, and Beth is annoyed that they agree with macca.

BUSH – as Robbie and Co tries to continue to go for help, Colin, Martha & belle are in a dreadful way – as THAT water was obviously contaminated.

The trio fall to the ground, and although Robbie tries several times (incl. trying to carry Martha), the sick trio can not go any further.

Things get worse when Belle is bitten by a spider or a snake.

MEANWHILE – kimmy once more rebandage kit’s ankle. Kit suggests that kimmy will have to try to go for help, and Robbie & co must have struck trouble (as no one has rescue them yet).

Kimmy isn’t keen to leave kit, but she insists, and he bails.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony *& Beth enter, and Beth is WAY fired up about the other giving up on her children. Tilly hears this, and she & Beth have a FIERCE verbal duel (think the one at start of ep and times it by a million).

Beth exits the room – and Tony finds her in the entertainment room.

Beth then ‘breaks” … and admits that she has to face facts. She starts WAY crying. …although she was not as emotional as THAT memorable time that she the thought her son Scott had drowned (thanks to ‘policewoman’ Psycho Sarah).

Tilly enters the room, and Tony bails to let the 2 hunter women chat.

Both apologise to the others. They hug, and both are WAY crying. Beth asks tilly to look at her – so she can see Tilly's beautiful face (nice touch – with all of tilly’s current body image etc issues etc).

Beth insists that they must help each other get through this painful loss.

BUSH – kit is in a sleeping bag, trying to keep herself warm when she is V glad when kimmy returns to her side. He tells her that he couldn’t find any water, or anyone nearby, but kit doesn't care. She just glad that she is not alone any more.

DINER – Alf tells the likes of Morag, Irene, colleen etc that he is going to go to new York, to in person tell Roo about Martha,

Many in the room are crying, incl. Morag.

Amanda wonders if they’ve done the right thing by ending their search for the LOST. Macca sys that it’s the right time. Amanda sys that she hopes so, as they are signing their LOST loved ones death sentences !!!

BUSH – it’s night time, an kimmy & kit are in sleeping bag together. Kit apologises for the past – and they get even close together, before they KISS !!!!!

MENWHILE – Robbie & Martha are talking about their spouses, before Martha lapses into unconsciousness.

Robbie is totally forlorn when he sess that Colin & belle appear to have done the same. (end of ep)


Amanda senses that belle is alive, but will the LOST be found in time – Kit & Martha appear to be at death’s door / Tilly confronts Lee

(note – if this preview sound familiar, it’s the same one that they used last Friday !!!)

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly’s white (with floral motif near the small V neck collar) top

SILVER – Morag’s shimmery intricate gold motifed jacket

BRONZE – Irene’s black (with red & white leafy motifs) button up shirt

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