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Tues 11 Jul 06 - " When Braddy Met Sally "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " When Braddy Met Sally "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 11 Jul 06 - Episode # 4227)

Synopsis Note – This ep had no opening credits (just the H&A logo that we see before each ad break)

BUSH – Robbie urges kit to reconsider her plans to stay behind, while Kimmy & Colin physically come to blows about what’s happening.

The others convince that to stop.

HOSPITAL – A female medic is speaking to Tash in the “ultrasound” room. Tash tells the medic where the pain is and is informed that a doctor will be here soon to perform ultrasound.

Btw, jack is in the room with Tash & the medic.

LEAH’S – sally & Leah that about what’s happened (ie the slap). Leah suggests to sally that she is going to tell to Rachel that she (Rachel) should move out – but leah only intends to use this as a wake up call.

BUSH – With Kit still insisting on the others leaving her behind (with the whole “the good of the many ….” deal), Kimmy offers to stay behind with kit.

LEAH’S – when Rachel enters the kitchen where Leah & sally are, Rachel opens the fridge and gets some more alcohol. Leah makes her threat about Rachel having to leave unless she faces her problems.

Rachel is astounded … and quickly bails to her room.

HOPITAL – Irene enters, and wonders what’s happened. The female medic says that the doctor will be here really soon for the ultrasound.

Irene seems more that a little annoyed when Tash insist that jack stays in the room with them.

LEAH’S – Rachel has packed her bags, and (in a huff) gives Leah rent money and her house keys. Rachel is way annoyed that Leah won’t give her her car keys, so (with 2 suitcases in hand) Rachel bails on foot.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel enters, and puts her bags down. She pays close attention to a pic of her & Kimmy on the fridge, before removing a bottle of wine form her bag, and drinking some.

LEAH’S – Leah tells sally that Rachel needs more help than she can provide. Leah decides to ring Rachel’s brother Brad.

BUSH – Robbie & Kimmy talk about Kimie’s decision. Robbie thinks that HE should stay behind with kit, but Kimmy thinks this is best – as it will mean no more chances of fights with Colin.

Belle apologises to kit for what happened, and Robbie & kit say the goodbyes for now – and then Colin, Robbie, belle & Martha set off.

HOPITAL – a female doctor arrives, and performs the ultrasound. She tells Tash that the placenta is not where it should be. The doctor says that if the placenta remains in its current place, Tash will need to have a C-section when she is due.

LEAH’S – After Leah ends her phone call with brad, she talks to sally. Leah is still concerned about her decision to go to brad about this.

Leah then bails – to pick up VJ, and sally says that she will remain at Leah’s just in case brad shows up in the mean time.

HOPSITAL – Irene, jack & Tash go from te ultrasound room back to jack’s room. Irene insists that Tash should go home and rest but Tash wants to stay her with jack.

When Tash leave the room, Irene talk to jack about the way that he is inadvertently using Tash.

When Tash returns, jack tells Tash that he wants to be alone for a while. Tash isn’t buying it – and thinks that Irene has swayed him.

When Irene returns to the room, Tash insists that she isn’t going anywhere.

LEAH’S – Sally hears a knock at front door. When she opens it, the 1-st thing she sees is a person’s behind – as the person is bending over with their head towards the road.

When the person is fully standing again, he introduces himself as Brad.

When they enter the house, sally moves some clothes of a chair so brad can sit down. She has to correct Brad when he thinks that Sally must be Leah’s house cleaner.

They then talk about Rachel.

BACHELOR PAD – Brad enetrs, but Rachel is NOT keen to hear another lecture.

Brad decides to bail for now – and Rachel slams the door behind him.

BUSH – As Martha & Co forge on slowly, belle sees some water. Colin, belle & Martha rush towards it, but Robbie is cautious. He thinks that the stagnant pool of water could be contaminated, and thinks that they should forge on – in hope of find running stream water further on. The others decide to take the risk about the water.

Elsewhere, Kimmy & Kit talk about what would have happened if kit returned form Paris when she 1-st planned to. Kimmy thinks that he never would have got together with either Hayley OR Rachel.

LEAH’S – Leah enters, and is pleased to see brad. All agree that unless Rachel “sees the light” and asks for help, there’s not much they can do.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel is staggering as she tries to walk, she drops the wine bottle she had in her hand (it smashes on the ground). Rachel then collapses – and starts convulsing !!! (end of ep)


Brad & Sally find Rachel – and enquire about her at the hospital, whilst Ric discovers Lee & Luke’s soon to be not so little secret

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tasha's full lenghth maroon, gold & blue skirt

SILVER – Irene's reddish-brown (Aussie native motifed) shirt

BRONZE – Leah's black plunging V neck top

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