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Thurs 6 Jul 06 - " Comfort Food "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Comfort Food "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 6 Jul 06 - Episode # 4224)

Author Note – Due to various circumstances, the guide is less detailed than usual.

Ric & Cassie are talking at the van park house when Colleen enters. She asks them to help her bake the lamington for her fund rasing drive for Peter’s memorial plaque. Ric isn’t keen on the idea, but colleen is way pleased when Cassie “signs them up” to do it.

Ric & Cassie go over the hunter place, and ask Tilly to help them. Tilly says that she doesn’t want to help them, and wants to be left alone (and they comply).

Luke returns to the hunter place, and Tilly confronts him and seeing him with lee. Luke says that he can’t tell her what’s about, but he says that she has nothing to worry about. Tilly is sooooooo not convinced, and Tilly further doesn’t like it when she takes a comment from Luke to mean that she has a mouth bigger that colleen’s.

Back at the van park house, colleen delivers the ingredients – for 500 !!! Lamingtons that she wants Cassie & Ric to make.

Later, Ric ^ cassie are pleased that they’ve make their 1-st batch, and that joy leads to a food fight. There’s chocolate & lamington mix everywhere – and Ric & cassie gets so close that they almost kiss. Ric however backs away.

Cassie tells Ric that they are allowed to have fun – as she gets that feeling that Ric backed off because of their friends LOST in the bush.

Ric & cassie delivers that 1-st batch of lamingtons to tilly, she tells that about Luke & lee, and then tells cassie & Ric that her endless search for a boyfriend is hopeless, as she’s realised that SHE is that one that is flawed, not the guys she picks etc.

Later, when Tilly is alone, she approaches a mirror. She pulls back the very top of her bandages – and touches her burns. She waaaaaaaaaaay cries.

Meanwhile, Luke, Ric & Cassie agree to keep a close eye on Tilly – as they think that she has waaaaaaaaaaaaay DEEP issues. They wonder what Tilly will do next.

At the hunter place, Tilly looks at those lamingtons. She begins to quickly eat part of one, stuffing several handfuls of food quickly into her mouth.

She then rushes to the sink, and spits in out. She starts crying once more.

Dan begins to sort through all of Peter’s things (which are in boxes in Leah’s place living room). He even finds (and shows to sally & Leah) old soccer trophy that he got – but peter won off him in a bet.

As dan searches through all these things, he discovers that Peter’s back accounts indicate that peter was not as financially secure as Dan tough he’d be.

Further investigating leads Dan to discover that much of peter’s salary was transfer each time to a bank account in the name of Andrew Curtis.

After the back is no help (confidentially issues), Leah finds a letter signed by Andrew. It’s on a piece of paper with a boarding school letterhead.

Dan goes to said boarding school and ask the receptionist if he can speak to this Andrew – as Dan is a teacher, and thinks that Andrew is one to.

Dan then reveals peter died recently. The receptionist is a tad surprised, but Dan is SHOCKED when she reveals that Andrew is Peter’s SON !!!! (end of ep)


Leah is shocked when Dan tells her / it sounds like Amanda knows something about Andrew / are Ric & cassie get close again?

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Leah’s green halter (with large bangle near the neck) top

SILVER – Sally’s burgundy low cut top

BRONZE – Luke’s light purple (surfing motif) t-shirt

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