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Wed 5 Jul 06 - " Is Amanda "Borrowing" Tilly's Clo

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Is Amanda "Borrowing" Tilly's Clothes? "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 5 Jul 06 - Episode # 4223)

BUSH – Kimmy & Robbie quickly get down to where kit has landed. She is alive – but has cut o her head, and her ankle is way sore. Colin joins Robbie & Kimmy at where kit is – to help her back up to where the campsite is.

SURF CLUB – Amanda (wearing a brown plunging V neck top V similar to one Tilly had on a few weeks ago) & alf suggest a spot where those searchers should begin to look, given various factors that they know.

When Amanda is asked about how she will fund the search, Amanda looks/acts a little sheepish when alf & Co think that she is doing so by selling her house.


HUNTER HOUSE – Tilly (in PJs) wakes suddenly on the couch. Luke has startled her.

Luke tries to talk to her about the LOST but Tilly isn’t keen on the subject. Tilly is however pleased that Luke has made her breakfast – as she can see that Luke still likes her despite what’s happening.

BUSH – kit’s ankle is bandaged, and Kimmy is keen to give kit time to recuperate a little, but Colin is keen to move before it’s too hot.

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke hands Tilly some school notes that he’s been taking for her so she won’t fall behind. Tilly really appreciates it.

After Tilly bails to take a shower, lee arrives. She tells Luke that they R need to talk.

SOON AFTER –Beth & Tony are talk about Amanda’s generosity as they enter.

Tilly (in T-shirt) asks them if they know where Luke is.

BEACH – Luke enquires to lee is she is sure that she is preggers. Luke also suggests that she should seek advice – but lee makes him swear that he not tell others or she’ll bail form the bay.

Lee then asks Luke for some money – and he says that he will get some for her.

(Note – you have to wonder if the bub is luke’s, form the way lee is acting – and if it is his, when they slept together, given they he told tilly he & lee didn’t “get close” that time when Tony found lee in luke’s bed.

BUSH – Colin & belle are walking a little ahead of the others. Belle is way blame herself for all of this.

Kit (who is walking with Robbie’s assistance) sounds partic in pain, and the group stops for a break. Colin does so begrudgingly – as the tension continue.

LATER – There’s are more clashes when Colin suggest that perhaps someone should stay behind with kit whilst the others push on.

Kimmy walks off on her own for a bit, followed by Robbie. Kimmy knows that something have to change (note – will Kimmy offer to stay back with kit, or will someone else make the suggestion?)

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke returns to the house and Tilly wonders where he has been. Luke says that he had errands to run.

Tilly way thanks Luke for sticking by her, but when she tries to kiss, he backs away. Tilly thinks that Luke previous behaviour was just an act (and not because of his encounters with lee).

SURF CLUB – colleen & alf are talk about the search, and Colleen is still way sceptical about Macca.

Talk trumps to peter, as colleen tells alf that the local police want peter to R be remembered with a “commensurate” plaque.

Colleen also shows alf a sketch that she has done of the plaque – and alf likes what he sees, and compliments her.

Sally enters, with a box of things for the service for peter. Alf suggests that she should take it to Amanda’s.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda is on the phone (in a bit of a fluster about finances) when sally enters and overhears.

Sally thanks Amanda for her generosity, and suggests that she join everyone for a get together at surf club later. Amanda accepts.

HUNTER HOUSE – after Luke check his wallet, and she all but no money, Tilly asks Tony for $50 (to pay for new school skirt -= wrecked one in science class). Tony suggests that he be more careful next time, but does give him money.

BEACH – Luke meets with lee, and shows her the money. She asks him to get some things for her from chemist.

Tony sees that pair talking (form his viewpoint outside the diner)

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke returns, and Tony confronts him about the money. Luke says that he owed lee the cash.

Tilly (zip up top) & Beth return from the hospital. Tilly takes offence to Luke immediately asking about when she can get plastic surgery.

Luke bails, and Tilly is distraught hen she overhears Tony telling Beth about seeing Luke with lee.

SURF CLUB – when colleen suggests that Amanda should easily be able to contribute to the fund raising for peter, sally tells Colleen, alf & Co that (from what she overheard) things aren’t so easy form Amanda on the money front.

When Amanda arrives, Sally & Co enquires, and Amanda goes with their theory that she has stopped making her movie, and is using those funds for the search.

(Note – form the way Amanda is acting, I don’t think the movie theory is correct)

HUNTER HOUSE – Luke arrives, and Tilly confronts him about recent events. Luke, however, doesn’t tell her what’s really happening.

BEACH – Luke meets with lee. He gives her some anti-morning sickness meds and advice that the chemist gave him. He assures lee that the chemist has no idea that the meds etc are for her – and, of course, Tilly sees them talking (end of ep)


Tilly confronts Luke (about Lee), whilst Dan discovers Peter’s BIG secret – Andrew Curtis.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly's white (with red loveheart motifs) PJs

SILVER – Lee's red, white & pink top

BRONZE – Colleen's blue top/hawaian button up shirt combo

HONOURABLE MENTIONS – Sally's burgendy low cut top; Luke's purple T shirt/white (with colourfyul traingle patterned) boardshorts; Tilly's turqoise bush motif top AND Tilly's blue & white fully zip up tracksuit top

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