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Tues 4 Jul 06 - " Ironic New Status For Kit & Amanda "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Ironic New Status For Kit & Amanda "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 4 Jul 06 - Episode # 4222)

Author Note – The trend started that started in ep 4221 (recap, 1-st few scenes, opening credits, before the show continued as normal) was featured again last night. I get the feeling that this is most likely the permanent way they are formatting eps now.

BACHELOR PAD – Jack & Tash talk about what’s happening. Tash uses jack’s recent stop-Tash-from-giving-birth speech against him, and convinces him to go to the hospital, as Tash & the baby need him.

NOAH’S – Tony and the likes of alf, Beth & Dan talk about the LOST – and when Amanda arrives, she annoys all (partic Beth) when wants to hold a morning tea for those who have ppl missing.

Beth confronts Amanda – insisting that they shouldn’t give up hope, so Amanda quickly bails.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan follows Amanda as they enter her home. He tries to assure her that Beth didn’t really man what she said – as all are stressed at present.

Amanda tells Dan that all of this (belle missing) is punishment for all of Amanda’s wrongs.

BUSH – The LOST take a beak form walking. Kimmy is keen to head in another direction – as he think it will lead to less dense bushland or a clearing. Colin suggests that they keep going the way they are – as they on the most used flight path. Robbie & kit are the voice of reason – and they continue to go in that direction that former army dude Colin is taking them.

HOPITAL – A female doctor tells jack that his anti-rejection levels are still OK luckily. Jack way thanks Tash for convincing him to rtn to the hospital – and this pair starts to R bond.

Tash even begins to teach jack to play a Tamagotchi type computer game – to cure his boredom.

Tash tells Irene that she will take the bus home – rather that go home with Irene.

Tash does eventually bail, but not for quite a while.

NOAH’S – Alf thanks Macca for all he did to rescue ppl after the explosion. Indeed, he knows that Macca did several wrongs tin the past, but he knows that Macca is on the right track.

An unknown mail policeman arrives – and tells the likes of bath, alf & Tony that, as of the end of today, the search will be called off.

Beth and Co can’t believes it – and are further discouraged when the police dude says that a private search would cost them $50,000 a day !!!

BUSH – The LOST stop for another rest, and there is another Kimmy/Colin “chat”. This time the group decides to go with kimmy’s plan.

HUNTER HOUSE – Tony is most surprised when Beth is working through her finances – trying to get a bank loan for the search.

Tony think its will bankrupt her, but Beth tells him that without her kids, she is nothing.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan tells Amanda that the local police want to hold a memorial service for peter. Dan thinks that his place is a bad idea for it (with Rachel’s current carry on) so Amanda suggests that they could have it at her place. Dan thanks her, and accepts the offer.

HUNTER HOUSE – Beth & Tony are now waaaaaaaay dressed to go to the meeting with the bank manager. Tony is still unsure if this is the best idea.

BUSH – Colin & belle are partic annoyed when they discover that Kimmy has wasted them 2 hours – as they have walked around in a circle !!!

All agree to camp here for the night.

Bell then takes offence when kit won’t give her more painkillers. (note – LOVE how former addict Kit is in charge of the meds).

NOAH’S – Beth & tony enter, and tell the other that they had no luck with the back.

Macca suggests pooling their resources, but Alf doesn’t think it will be enough. Beth, however, has a thought about the money situation.

SOON AFTER – Beth enters, with Amanda !!! Beth tells all that Amanda has offered the fully fund the search until all are found.

All assembled (Irene, alf, Tony, Macca etc) are WAAAAAAAY pleased, and alf tells Beth that they can now get in contact the various aviation companies and bush walking groups that the police man suggested.

Alf also thanks Beth for her courage to approach her nemesis Amanda – but Beth says that she knew that both she & Amanda are feeling the same at present (with both having ppl LOST)

Irene personally thanks Amanda for her generosity, but Amanda gets the wrong impresion when she thinks that Irene had said that she has only done this to rid herself of her bad reputation in town.

BUSH – its’ late at night, and belle & Colin are taking. Belle tells Colin the story of her weird family (ie belle sold by grandmother etc).

Belle however then starts balling– WAY wanting to see her family again.

NEXT MORNING – Colin “suggests” that the LOST go the way that he was talking them yesterday, and they all agree (even Kimmy).

Kit tries to find the meds bag – and sees that bell has it. Belle insists that she needs more painkillers, but kit tries to grab the bag.

There’s a struggle, and when belle lets go, belle falls backward over a pretty high ledge. She appears to be unconscious. (end of ep)


Amanda is sure the LOST will be found / Is Kit alive? / Lee is back – with BIG news fro Luke

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s AWESOME blue & white (totally dreamy) spaghetti strap top

SILVER – Tony’s maroon (with small white spots) neck tie, worn with V nice business suit

BRONZE – Female doctor’s burgundy button up collared shirt

H&A Memorable Moments

A year ago yesterday (4 Jul), the ep where Leah & Dan got married was screened in Oz

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