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Thurs 29 Jun 06 - " United, For Now, In Loss "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " United, For Now, In Loss "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 29 Jun 06 - Episode # 4219)

SURF CLUB – Tony enters and tell the likes of Alf, colleen & Leah that they stopped searching today .. but will go back out at 1-st light tomorrow. With suggestions that, if chopper crash ppl not found tomorrow, the bay side volunteers will camp out of the search site (rather that waste the time returning to bay for the night).

Tony is keen to go see jack – and Irene offers to drive him there.

Amanda arrives, and demands to know about the search (which doesn’t help matters).

Morag insists that Alf should get some rest, whilst Dan suggests to Amanda that she should stay the night here (with many others that are worried about those on the chopper).

Amanda isn’t keen on the idea. Indeed, she is more into ranting about her mum’s crying act … Amanda’s mood not helped by the fact that Kitty phones her mid conversation.

HOSPITAL – Irene, Tash, Leah, jack & Tony are talking (in tasha’s room) about the situation.

Irene suggests that she should lead them all in a payer. As she does this, Leah notices that Rachel arrives at the doorway of the room, but she doesn’t come in until Irene is finished.

Tash & jack wonder if it could be arranged that jack could be moved into tashs’s room, and Rachel says that she will begin to made the arrangements to make in happen.

Rachel exits the room,. Followed, by Leah. Leah wonders whey Rachel didn’t enter room until prayer over. Rachel insists that she’s seen too many good ppl have bad things happen to believe.

McADAMS MANSION – next morn,. Amanda has just got the newspaper (healine – hopes fade for missing chopper crash ppl) when Joan (kitty’s maid/confidant) approaches. She tells Amanda that kitty is REALLY cut up about what’s happened. Amanda however denies a request to see kitty.

SURF CLUB – leah tells Irene that she is really worried about Rachel …. Saying things like “doctors make the worst patients” etc.

KITTY’S PLACE – kitty is in bed, and looks terribly ill. June refuses to give her the newspaper to read (for obvious reasons). Joan &* kitty are surprises when Amanda enters the room.

SURF CLUB – Alf is getting really annoyed at the likes of Morag & colleen suggesting that he should takes a break, but during one of alfs’ rants, we clutched his chesty and falls to the ground. Morag tells colleen to call for an ambulance.

HOSPITAL – Rachel tells Alf & co that it wasn’t a heart attack, “merely” a heart flutter. Rachel however tell Alf top takes this as a BIG warning. Alf then tells Morag that he was keeping busy (with search) .. so he wouldn’t have to think about the possibility of not seeing the likes of Martha ever again.

KITTY’S PLACE – kitty tells Amanda that she’ll do anything to make things up to Amanda … who seems unconvinced.

Kitty’s doctor (a real one) enters, so Amanda bails form the room. She goes into the living room, and sees those framed photos of her younger self … the ones that kitty & Joan hid form belle a little while back.

Amanda sees a photo alum, and starts looking inside. There are newspaper clippings of every little thing that Amanda has done in showbiz.

Joan approaches and tells Amanda that although she knows kitty have her faults, Joan also knows that kitty is V often inconsolable for days afterward, and Joan has to pick up the pieces. Kitty suggest that Amanda should give kitty another chance.

SOON AFTER – kitty is ecstatic, when Amanda says that she thinks they should try to reforge a relationship between them and Amanda admits that she isn’t exactly a saint either.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Amanda tells Dan about what happen today with kitty. They pass by Irene, who suggests that Amanda should join everyone who is staying at the surf club tonight. Amanda accepts the time (note – it says a lot about times of grief and worry, i.e. Amanda was despised recently but now hostilities has, for now, ceased)

SURF CLUB – Irene & co are shocked when they see Tony enter. He tells that that the summer bay volunteers returned back home at the end of the day as the search for the chopper has been scaled back – as resources are more needed for a raging bushfire. Amanda & co are further distressed when Tony says that this mission has become one of body RECIOVERY rather that finding the missing ppl alive !!!!

LEAH’S PLACE – Leah returns home, and tells Rachel the news that Tony told them about the scale back search. Rachel then, like Alf, admits that she was keeping herself busy so to not think of the painful possibilities. She starts REALY crying and she tells Leah how much the kimmy means to her. (end of ep)


We’ll find out if Martha & co are alive, whilst Alf blames Rachel for all of this.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Amanda’s pink, plunging V-neck long sleeve (with a white lacy collar) top

SILVER – Morag’s gold rather large button up shirt

BRONZE – Kitty’s sky blue satin PJs

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