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Wed 28 Jun 06 - " THAT One Percent "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " THAT One Percent "

(Screened in Australia on Wed 28 Jun 06 - Episode # 4218)

BUSHLAND – It takes some struggle, but Macca is able to rescue ric from the edge of THAT cliff.

HOSPITAL – As macca is trolleyed in by rescue staff, Cassie is surprised to hear that macca tore some of his stitches trying to save ric.

SURF CLUB – Morag enters and, like sally, tries to Alf to take a rest – as no one will be advantaged is Alf overstressed his heart etc.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan & Leah return Amanda home after they attended the service for peter that their parents arranged.

Amanda isn’t keen when she sees kitty outside the mansion. Amanda changes her tune when she hears about belle/the chopper crash.

SURF CLUB – Amanda charges in, demanding answers form Alf about the search. Morag & sally are way annoyed that Amanda is being this pushy.

Amanda & kitty go outside. Kitty thinks that they should become closer – form belle’s sake – but Amanda insists that kitty was had all the chances that she is ever going to get.

HOSPITAL –ric wants Cassie to stop avoiding the subject as their relationship, but Cassie insists that she & ric tried to be in a relationship, which didn’t work.

Ric then changes tact, suggests that Cassie should be most concerned with that little % of macca that might hit her again.

Nurse Julie informs them that macca is up for visitors. When Cassie & ric enter room, Cassie tells macca that he was silly (but brave) to go out & rescue ric.

When Cassie bail, ric & macca make it clear that they are both keen to WAY fight fore Cassie’ love.

SURF CLUB – Amanda tells Dan that she is annoyed that kitty tried to use the belle situation for her own gains. Amanda is further annoyed when kitty rings her, insisting that she has something that Amanda should see.

When off the phone, Dan thinks that if Amanda wants answers about belle, then she should at least hear what kitty has to say.

KITTY’S HOUSE – after Amanda arrives, kitty shows her a box full of the letters that bell’s adopted parents sent to kitty over the years. Most of the letters also contain photos of the growing belle, incl. A pic of her V 1-st day of school (sooooooo cute).

Amanda however is disgusted, and bails, as soon as kitty hope that can reforge their rocky relationship.

HOSPITAL – Cassie enters macca’s room, and although she says that she waaaaaay loved macca she just WON”T take the risk that he will hit her again.

Cassie is V emotional as she tells macca this.

VAN PARK HOUSE – when cassie returns home, she tells ric her decision about macca, but she also tells ric that nothing is going to happen between them (ric & cassie) either.

SURF CLUB – sally, Dan & Leah talk about the still missing friends – and how this is sooo frustrating (esp. after the explosion at the reception).

Nearby, Morag is pleased (and surprised) that Alf isn’t going at 110%. Indeed, Alf is waaaaaaay worried as its been over 24 hours since the chopper went down (end of ep)


Irene & co pray for their missing friends, whilst Tony says “the search ppl are looking at this as a body recovery mission”

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Kitty’s purplish, with floral motif, button up shirt

SILVER – Luke’s white, grey & pink (big horizontal striped) collared shirt

BRONZE – Amanda’s leopard skin themed scarf

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