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Fri 23 Jun 06 - " History Lesson "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " History Lesson "

(Screened in Australia on Fri 23 Jun 06 - Episode # 4215)

BEACH HOUSE – Irene can’t believe that Amanda is bell’s mum (think her reaction to the news of who Tasha’s mother is).

Amanda also can’t believe it, when belle insists that she is going to go back to packing her bags – as nothing has changed.

LEAH’S PLACE – Kimmy enters, looking for Rachel. She’ not there.

HOSPITAL – Kimmy approaches Rachel, who is near the nurse’s station. Kimmy is worry about Rachel, who insists that this is her way to deal with things (her grief) at the moment.

BEACH HOUSE – Irene & Amanda talks about what’s happened, and how Amanda should approach things. Irene reminds Amanda that belle is just like Amanda – gets riled when wrong buttons are pushed.

Belle comes downstairs (with a box of the things she’s packed). Despite Amanda & Irene trying to convince her to talk about this, belle is still intent of leaving the bay.

HOSPITAL – Jack, Martha, Robbie & tash are talking about what’s happened lately when Rachel enters the room to check on jack’s condition. Robbie & tash bail at this point.

BEACH HOUSE – with Amanda have bailed, Irene “suggests” that she & bell talk about what’s happened.

Irene insists that belle must have subconsciously know that she has connection with Amanda – as belle herself says that there has always been a “vibe” between them.

Belle then admits that she dreamed of her mum bearing a pretty, kind woman etc, and even after kitty said that she was dead, belle still had those feelings. Belle thinks that instead of her dream mum, she’s got a nightmare.

Irene urges belle not to walk away from this opportunity.

SOON AFTER – belle is alone in the lounge. She looks in her journal. She THAT black & white picture of a woman that led her to the bay, and a postcard (form the bay) too. Belle is waay deep in thought.

McADAMS MANSION – belle approaches the door, and opens it slightly. She hears Amanda badmouthing her (or perceives it to be badmouthing) and has a go at Amanda, before running away. Amanda tries to chase, but its in vain.

BEACH HOUSE – belle enters, and rips up many of the pages in her journal.

She is way crying – when kitty arrives, and insists that there are things belle needs to know,

HOSPITAL – Rachel sees the empty hospital bed that her mum was once in.

Kimmy approaches think Rachel should go home, but Rachel disagrees, and walks away.

BEACH HOUSE – belle is waaaay annoyed with kitty initially (“sold any babies lately?”) but kitty insists that belle & amanda don’t know all the facts. Belle agrees to hear her out.

HOSPITAL – Kimmy is increasingly worried about Rachel, who is on the phone.

Kimmy’s worry increases when Rachel says that she has arranged for Kimmy, Martha, Robbie, kit & Tilly to fly [via helicopter] to be treated by one of the top plastic surgeons in Australia.

Rachel is clearly pleased with her action 9ie that she could help ppl, which couldn’t do for her mum), but she is annoyed when Kimmy suggests that she should deal with her emotions.

BEACH HOUSE – kitty gives a version of events that seems to slant things in a way where kitty isn’t as bad a person as she really is in the instance.

Kitty is pleased when bell agrees to continue to have relationship with her.

Irene & Amanda arrive – and belle, Amanda & kitty get into a BIG shout match – which Irene has to break up. Iran then “suggests” that Amanda & kitty should bail.

SOON AFTER – belle is surprised that Irene seems to be defending Amanda, but things change a little when Irene reveals some of her own (alcoholic) not too brilliant past.

Irene insists that she is grateful that her kids forgave her, but belle isn’t ready to do the same for Amanda.

Belle then gets a phone call form Rachel.

HOSPITAL – although Martha isn’t keen to leave jack *to go to city), jack thinks she should (as Martha has bandages over the burns of the upper right of her back).

Robbie & tash enter, and give jack & Martha a wedding album of photos that they toot themselves (or other ppl at the wedding did). Jack & Martha LOVE it.

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda [pick up a framed pic of her & kit, and throws it across the room. It smashes against the stairs.

HOSPITAL – Kit & the others are way pleased that Rachel has arranged this consult with the plastic surgeon.

The chopper pilot arrives and suggests that everyone going with on the flight follows him.

As belle is about to, Amanda enters, but belle insists that “I though my mum was dead, and now nothing has changed”. Belle storms out.

SOON AFTER – Rachel tell jack that an organ donor specialist will be in to see him shortly.

When Rachel leaves jack’s room, the likes of Alf, colleen & tash comment on how Rachel is bottling thing in. Alf also suggests something like a big public BBQ on the beach … to get ppl out & about again.

Rachel is on the phone, wondering about those abroad the chopper. It sounds like she has received bad news.

She enters jack’s room – and tells those in the room that the chopper didn’t make it to the city, it encountered a storm … and has dropped off the radar.

Rachel’s look turns from one of distress to a look of guilt – blaming herself for this. (end of ep)


Sally & others hear THAT distress call …. and as ppl search for survivors, Ric (hanging for a cliff) asks macca for help.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel’s burgend top, with a partial collar of white lace.

SILVER – Belle's royal blue T shirt

BRONZE – Kimmy’s creamy cloloured, with red motif, shirt

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