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Thurs 22 Jun 06 - " Tilly Does A Hayley / Yummy Mummy "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Tilly Does A Hayley / Yummy Mummy "

(Screened in Australia on Thurs 22 Jun 06 - Episode # 4214)

McADAMS MANSION – Amanda confronts kitty about what’s happened, but Amanda is merely of he opinion that kitty is masquerading as belle’s gran. Kitty thins that Amanda knows that truth so she is all panicky and totally spill the beans on what happen …. incl. that she SOLD Belle to the other family.

Kitty tries to justify tings (14 year old mum … wouldn’t be where you are today etc) but Amanda is waaaaaaaaay furious, as she emotionally explains that she STILL has nightmares about what happened THAT day.

Kitty finally comes clean about herself being blackmailed bout the family that raised belle …. And then she is forced to admit that she isn’t even sick !!!

Amanda tells kitty to waaaay pack her bags and go – and Amanda finds it ironic that kitty wants to at least say goodbye to Ryan. She doesn’t change her mind though, and kitty is forced to bail.

HOSPITAL – belle tells Irene that she has no reasons to stay bayside now (that Ric is interested in cassie again), Irene tries to convince belle to stay but she doesn’t get far.

Elsewhere, Luke wheels the wheelchairs Tilly into her room. They are accompanied by Tony, whilst Beth is sopped at the door by the passing Irene. Beth says that kit will be transferred to this hospital in a few hours.

When Irene ask how tilly is coping, Beth says that tilly has hardly said a word since the incident.

SOON AFTER – A nurse tells Tilly that another nurse will be in soon to take a look at her burns, the nurse comments that tilly is WAY brave. Tilly wonders what she meant, and is way wary, despite the words of encouragement for the likes of Beth (note – we can see the top part of a bandage on tilly’s upper left torso – just below her shoulder.

Elsewhere, Dr young tends to belle’s wounds. He says that they are healing V nicely. When he is gone, belle & Irene have another “discussion” about belle leaving the bay.

McADAMS MANSION – Dan arrives to pick up Ryan. He finds Amanda in the kitchen crying. She tells him what has happened … and that THAT baby cry she heard the day her bub was born WASN”T just her imagination.

Despite all this new knowledge – and her fury at kitty, she tells Dan that she is apprehencious about telling belle (esp. considering their current relationship with the girl).Amanda thinks this should remain a secret but Dan insist that Amanda MUST tell belle the truth.

HOSPITAL – a nurse removes Tilly’s bandages, and the look of horror on luke’s face is priceless.

Tilly insists on seeing the damage for herself – and is shocked to (in a small mirror) see THOSE burns.

The nurse (and Beth etc) try to assure Tilly that with modern medicine (plastic surgery etc) all will look fine again but tilly isn’t exactly “buying” any of it.

In the corridor, Irene asks a nurse how often belle needs to return to have her wounds redressed. As the nurse tells Irene that belle will need to return twice a week for at least a fortnight. Amanda sees Belle … and just stairs at her. Belle & Irene wonder what planet Amanda is on … and she makes up an excuse about being at hospital to see someone. Belle responds with a V “whatever” like comment.

LEAH’S PLACE – Amanda & Dan enter, and Amanda tells Dan that she just can’t handle loosing this child again (if belle rejects her). Amanda then rants about what a bad mum she is, but Dan tries to get her to see all her good points, before further trying to convince Amanda to act.

HOSPITAL – Beth & Co try to further assure Tilly that what’s happened isn’t the end of the world. Tilly forcefully “suggests” that they all should bail form her room.

GRASSY HILL SOMEWHERE – Dan & Amanda are talking … and Ryan is playing nearby. There are several trees and a body of water in the distance.

Irene approaches, and Dan tells her that Peter’s funeral is tomorrow at his & peters’ parents place. Irene says that she’ll way be thinking of Dan tomorrow.

Irene then mention that belle is thinking of leaving town, and when Irene has walks away, Dan once more urges Amanda to tell Belle the truth.

HOPITAL – Luke enters tilly’ room. He apologises for THAT look of horror. Tilly thanks him for at least being honest (wth the look). Luke tells tilly it’s a person’s inner beauty that counts, and Tilly agrees. She asks Luke to bail so she can get some rest.

When he has bailed, tilly drops the inner beauty act … and starts crying.

BEACH HOUSE – belle is packing her bags when Irene returns. As ire urges Belle to stay, there is a knock on the door. Belle is NOT pleased to see Amanda … but shocks belle when she says “it’s about your mother”

(end of ep)


A helicopter flight ends is disaster … the distress call is waaaaaaaaaay awesome

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Belle's royal blue T shirt

SILVER – Irene's white, ruffled V neck top/scarlet unbuttoned button up shirt combo

BRONZE – Tilly's pink hospital gown

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