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Tues 20 Jun 06 - " Keeping It In The Family / Deadly Cure "

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Keeping It In The Family / Deadly Cure "

(Screened in Australia on Tues 20 Jun 06 - Episode # 4212)

Author Note – There were no opening credits with this ep. The program went straight for the recap/teaser, to the ep 4212 action

BARN – the place is partly ablaze. All is chaotic. Mark searches furiously for jack, whilst others (Beth, kit, Dan, leah, Rachel etc) begin to stir.

Martha sees the stalker & Tracey lying motionless on the ground (note – they look V dead).

Dan runs over to peter who is way trapped by one of the roof beam.

Ric finds cassie, whilst Robbie finds Tash and carries her outside. She is worry about their baby, as is Robbie, but he goes back into the barn t help others.

Rachel & Kimmy are tending to Rachel’s mum, whilst martha is still searching for jack, and others (the likes of colleen, sally, Beth, kit, tilly etc) go outside.

Whilst they exit, Macca goes inside to try to help, as all about as keen to find their family members (eg sally & Cassie).

Luke sees that tilly is WAAAAY in pain, and asks Rachael to help her.

Alf goes back inside – to assist Dan & leah with the still trapped peter – as the barn continues it steady collapse.

Macca, martha & Tony find jack. He appears to be way injured. As they are about to move him, a beam falls from the ceiling – pinning Macca to the ground. Tony carries jack (on his back) outside, whilst Dan tells leah to bail (but he stays by Peter’s side),

Rachel tends to jack, as the emergency vehicles arrives, and cassie races back inside to try to help Macca.

Cassie & Dan are both frantic are their trapped loved ones.

Note – these 1-st scenes were utterly frantic, and I hope that I’ve covered everyone/everything

HOSPITAL – Jack & tasha are that 1-st 2 to be bought in by the ambulance officers. Robbie is with Tash and they are worry about the baby. Rachel insists on getting an ultrasound done as soon as they can.

Meanwhile, Dr young tells Tony & martha that jack needs surgery. He is bleeding internally.

Jack is then bought in by the ambulance crews. The doctors go to work on his injuries ….. but he is too far gone.

Dan & leah can’t believe it when Rachel tells that the peter is DEAD !!!

BARN – the emergency workers “suggests” that Ric should take alf (who is having breathing etc issue) outside. Ric suggest that cassie should join them outside, but she insist on staying with the still trapped Macca no matter what.

HOSPITAL – Rachel does tasha's ultrasound, and gives her the good news that the unborn bub Is fine.

Rachel, however, is concerns by the burns on Robbie’s arm – as is Tash, who “suggests” that Robbie should have mentioned them sooner.

Elsewhere, Dr young tells Tony & martha that jack needs a liver transplant or he will die. Dr young insists that they have already begun the process of trying to find a compactable match for jack.

Nurse Julie quietly alerts Dr young to Peter’s situation, and Dr young goes to the room where Peter’s body still lies. He asks the stone faced Dan if he is willing to give content for Peter’s organs to be used on jack. Dan flatly says no … as Peter’s body isn’t even cold yet.

Dr young tells Tony about te situation … so Tony approaches Dan, and gives him this waaaaaaaay emotional speech about all this (Tony’s late wife Katie is at the centre of the story).

Dan agrees to let Peter’s organs be transplanted. When Tony bails, form the room, Dan REALLY “breaks” (he waaaaaaaaaaay cries) and leah tries to comfort him.

BARN – cassie is getting really frantic about the still trapped Macca, esp when the emergency workers say taht it will be a while yet before that hydraulic jack (t lift beam off Macca) arrives.

The emergency ppl suggest that cassie tries to keep Macca occupied by talking to him. Cassie does so, and jokes that it’s a one sided chat when Macca starts to lapse into unconsciousness, but cassie’s words bring him back to being lucid.

HOSPITAL – Rachel tells her mum that she will be back shortly as she has other patients to tend to. She says that Kimmy will keep her mum company.

When Rachel has gone, Rachel’s mum doesn’t recognise Kimmy (as usual), but as they chat, Kimmy is SHOCKED when Rachel’s mum says that now she has time to study him for THAT portrait (ie she’s remembered something),

However., moments later, Rachel’s mum slips into unconsciousness !!!

Kimmy calls for help – Dr young tries to revive her, and does Rachel when she arrives. Indeed, even after Dr young has “called” her death, Rachel still tries to revive her mum … but its in vain.

Rachel is mortified and screams out in this time of loss, and Kimmy does the best he can to console her.

SOON AFTER – We see a moving montage, of things like jack’s operation, and Dan & Rachel grieving for their just departed loved ones. (end of ep)


Ric confesses to Cassie that he is still in love with her.

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Rachel's red, plunging V neck top

SILVER – Martha's waaaaaay soot mottled wedding dress

BRONZE – Beth's green & blue spagheeti strap dress

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