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The Stalker 2006

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The stalker 06 Episode 1

The stalker Had been terrorising Summer bay for 1 whole year and then was presumed dead in the big explosion in summer bay house which nearly killed Flynn Saunders. The person Breaked into houses and much more. The building of The new High-tec Summer bay house was beginning by Tivison. Little did they know the stalker was working there with them. During the building of S B H the stalker put survalince Cameras up and Microphones in the walls. Also they put a Bomb which was wired to the stalkers hideout. The building was complete. The saunders family loved it. The stalker Drove away into the police office and left a note for Tracey Saying The has stalker returned and will get revenge. Peter went downstairs into the Staffroom and Poured Vodca into a glass and then heard a noise. It was tracey coming to see peter. She said Are you still up for that date Tonight? Peter noded. Tracey went into her office and locked the door. Eve was sitting in Traceys chair. Tracey pulled a key out her pocket and pulled a secret door open. Eve pulled a tub out of her pocket and opened it she took a pill and she became hyper. Inside the secret room there was Gas cylinders,A big supply of lighters and matchs and bombs and Ciggarettes. Tracey said what are they for? Eve replyed saying they keep me under control and most of my friends smoke. Tracey said when did you make this lair. Eve replyed saying I made it when I WAS THE STALKERI made a new one after i was seen in the city tending to the patient but i then turned good.

The stalker mayhem continues with action next time on Stalker 06.

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Episode 2 on The stalker 06

Peter came and chapped at Tracey’s door. Eve close the old stalker lair and run out the window. Tracey unlocked the door and Peter came in and said we have got a case with the stalker. She said Go and get ready I will be ready in a second. They jumped in separate cars and drove to summer bay road bridge. There standing was Jack Holden held at gun point. When the stalker seen Peter they quickly drove away. The stalker pressed a button and a big banner came down from the top of the bridge saying CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

Meanwhile josh west put up banners for a radio on the road show in 1 hour at his office. Josh west was seeing Eve and he said do you remember what happened in Scotland the secret I will tell everybody on live radio. Eve replied saying you tell them and I promise you will be sorry. Josh said Meet me here at 6.00AM this morning. She nodded. Eve decided she would bring Kit Hunter and Kit’s friend Jane with her. On there way there they met Amanda. Amanda said what we have got here a Stalker, Alcoholic and a murderer. Eve said to Jane and Kit Do it. The two of them punched her and then kicked her. Kit and Jane pulled out guns and said you’re coming with me or you’re dead. Amanda went with them. Eve said Kit does it. Kit gave Amanda a big punch and knocked her out. Robbie and Kim had seen it all. Robbie said you go girl. Kim just stood there until Kit pulled him over and started Kissing. Then Kit walked away. Kim was in love with Kit and Kit loved him. They soon moved in with each other but Robbie was also living there but for how long?

Major mayhem next time and a fun fair comes to town.

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Episode 3

The stalker decided to freak Sally and trashed her home. Sally was now scared but the stalker was just beginging. The stalker also made the caravan site explode. The surf club was bombarded with fliers for a funfair. It started on the 25th march 06 and ended on 5th apriil 06. THere was a big wheel and a performance of Emmerdale live. Peter,sally,Eve,colleen,morag,alf,ric,Cassie,Leah,Flynn and tracey went on the big wheel. It started slow but then went fast. It then unexpectectly grinded to a halt and all carages flew off it and went in the water. Flynn died.

THe others were rescued by Martha,Jack,Matilda,Lucas,Beth and tony. At flynns funeral cassie and colleen said a poem

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there; I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glints on snow,

I am the sun on ripened grain,

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circling flight.

I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there; I do not sleep.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,

I am not there; I did not die.(Credit to Backtothebay.net for the poem)

As days passed the stalker striked

Eyes were wiped as Leah died. Martha was being held captive by the stalker.

Jack was on the hunt for the stalker and he hit jackpot. Just as he was giving up he heard marthas cries behind a book shelf and he slid it into the wall, Pulled a metal caging up and unlocked a door. There sat Martha tied up. He untied her and escaped from the place. Jack seen a car pulling up and got martha in the car. It was peter. Jack said to peter he found martha in the place and showed him where then Jack drove away. THe stalker at night tied jack up and put live input into marthas tv. She seen him shouting for her and then the tv cut off then the power,THen the door swung open and When the lights went back on there was something at her door.

What is it at her door?


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Martha screamed it was jack. Stabbed :o. He suddenly came alive and said You,you,you are a murderer he then just flopped on the ground. Martha called An ambulance. He was Stable. When he woke up he said sorry martha i just though the murderer was you. Peter rushed in and said are you ok what happened? The stalker tried killing me. Peter went and got water for him. Jack drunk it and pulled all his wires out and started wierdly started laughing. Martha was sent out the room then Rachel came out and looked at her. He was dead. Peter left the hospital and martha walked in to see jack getting ready to go out. She said i though you were dead. He replyed saying No thats to fool the stalker so i can secretly spy. Peter then found out he was alive. Jack was losing his mind. Jack went into a metal home like what happened to Irene. He was getting poisened but by who. Peter decided to leave the bay and gave him poisoned sweets. Eve raced to save him and knocked the sweets out of jacks hands. Peter seen it and run to his car and drove away. Eve chased him,Aimed a big gun at his car and she shot. His tyres were burst and his car locked. Eve arrested him and took him back to the station. She searched him and found keys. but what did they fit. She also found a Plan sheet and questioned him. He said he was going to watch him die then run.

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Peter whacked eve and was gave a jag by tracey. He fell asleep. When he woke up he pressed a button on his phone. The lights went out and he escaped. When they went back on the stalker was behind Tracey. Tracey put her foot back and kicked the stalker. The stalker fell. Tracey unmasked the stalker but it was jack. Jack said that if he dressed up as the stalker he could think like the stalker so he could catch the person. The stalker trashed sallys home and the stalker got a gas cylinder and set it in flames, It exploded in a caravan. The diners annaversery was coming up and the diner recieved a card with plane passes to Scotland. All members went exept Martha,Eve,Tracey,Amanda,Kit and robbie stayed back. They made a gang up to destroy the stalker. The stalker approched all of them and asked them to destroy Summer bay. They accepted. Martha Was the person killer,Eve was the weapon control,Tracey was the Undercover-cop,Amanda was the lier,Robbie was also a lier and Kit was the stalkers best person to organise events to desroy and Was in control of hitlist and future plans to desroy Summer bay. The stalker was all a bit of them. Martha went to find jack and when she did she tied him up and killed him. Martha had turned dangerous and mean but also a very good murderer. Everybody martha went out with and kissed on a date was dead. She would either Stab them orShoot them. She turnt even more eviler. She went out with this guy called Adam Savage and she kissed them then drugged him.

Meanwhile,On the trip to scotland ,Kit tampered with the planes engine and it flew into a mountain. They all survived. When they returned to the bay it was horrible. The cars were on fire. Ric went into marthas room and seen her kissing this boy she said ric come her and kill him. Ric came across and shot him. Ric felt good and joined the group.

The stalker turns even badder NEXT TIME ON STALKER 06

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Alf walked around summer bay the next morning. He looked at the forecast they were forecast snow. Alf run to the Loud-speaker in the surf club and said a big snow storm was forecast and was about to hit. He got everybody out and took the tables out so it was a station for drivers who were on the road to come in and have a seat and tea or juice. Alf went to the Diner and told irene to take tables out so drivers could use it for food in the storm. Alf locked the door and put a sign up go to surf club for shelter from Snow storm. He called everybody in summer bay and told them to stay inside and that a storm is on it's way. A new family called the Kings came to the bay. They asked in the surf club where the carvan park is Alf told them, He also said stay here a storm is on it's way but they punched him and insisted they were going to their caravans. Alf said i hope they get destroyed in the storm. Did they survive. The snow started and it battered against the roof. Alf closed the big doors and locked them. Alf got a call that a person was dead

lying at the doors. He got geared up and went out. Then Beth,colleen,ric,martha,eve and tracey heard a gun shot. The power went of and martha got ready to shoot people. She decided not to. Her and Eve teamed up to make the empty diner blow up. Eve got the bomb ready and put the wires together it would not light. Eve checked her pocket but did not have a lighter with her. Martha looked and found that she left her lighter at home. She run home and got her lighter and then went back to the diner. It wouldnt light so martha went home,Unlocked her room door,Unlocked a box and looked in it. There was a lighter and bombs and much more secret things. She lifted the box and run out. Sally walked in her room and seen a lighter lying on her bed. She phone martha and asked her why she had a lighter. Martha said it's a project i'm working on. Martha lit the bomb and walked out with eve. When martha got home she went into her room. Sally walked into Marthas room to see her smoking. On her bed lay cigarettes,A lighter and a ash-tray. Martha said you will have to deal with it. Sally noded. Martha continued smoking. Sally watched her. When martha watched tv she smoked even if sally was right next to her.

Meanwhile alf had not returned to the club. Was he alright?

The snow continued. 5 secs until the diner blows up 4..3..2..1........


Nobody is prepared for what happens next

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martha run inside the diner and increased the time for explosion. Martha opened the diner. All the bay went to the diner because the snow was getting cleared from roads. Martha locked the door and held them at captive. Martha got Jack and threatened to kill him. Peter came and tried freeing jack. He failed and ended up getting put in a coma. The gang escaped the place and run away. The bay people were trapped just then the bomb had 3 seconds too go 2...1.........BANG! The place exploded. Morag run after martha but martha nearly shot her. The gang drove away to the stalkers lair. Amanda,eve, and martha sat together and started smoking. Tracey drove the vechile. Kit sat with robbie. Eve,amanda and martha looked at robbie. The stalker was not there. Their was a note it read Well done your next thing is to kill Sally. Eve looked at martha and said us two will do it. Martha quickly returned home shot sally and run. Sally was not dead but went into hiding pretending she was dead. After that day martha went to the cellar and said to sally that she is undercover and would never hurt her. Martha pulled a chair over and watched tv with sally. Later on tht night Martha pulled a packet of ciggarettes from her pocket and lit one. Sally never bothered. Amanda went to live with martha,ric,cassie and sally. Eve,kit,Tracey also live underground with sally etc. Martha offered all of the gang a ciggarette. Robbie and kit accepted.

Meanwhile in the wild we seen Alf shivering. He had a match and lit a fire. Tony organised a search crew to find alf. A new family came to the bay called The kings but diffirent to the people that came during the storm. The family had 2 children. One 11 Year old and one 10 Year old. The eleven year old was a Blonde girl.She liked Ric but he did not like her just yet. Her name was Emma and the boys name was Tom.

The story ends next time.

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Note - This episode is not part of the rest of the collection.

A stalker Clue Special.

Facts about show.

Presented by Sally flechter and Eve Jacobson.

Stalker clues

The stalker is thinking about leaving soon aswell asRobbie and tasha and Kim.

The stalker has not yet been seen by any other member of the bay but Martha and Jack met the person ages ago. The gang has seen the stalker. The stalker is in hiding. The stalker has 3 people included in the title THE STALKER. The stalker has not been talked about yet. Tasha met 2 of the people a long time ago.

The stalker is not Eve Jacobson or sarah lewis or Peter Baker.

I myself was going to pick the stalker to be Peter but my plans changed.

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A van turned up to the bay. It was Mumma Rose. Jack arrested her and later on in life it was told that She was part of the stalker. Jonah also was part of the stalker. Was he about to reveal who the real stalker was. No he didn't. Peter got his job back. and they closed in on the stalker.

*NOTE : As you may of noticed i have got the story moving fast because i am desprate to end this big story so i can begin another stalker fan fic. This story may link up to another story of mine. I am looking for a person to do The stalker 2006:The second story. If you are intrested PM me. it is first come first serve.

*Back to the story*

The stalker had begun a project called SRWE. The stalker climbed the bridge in the bay and Held Eve hostage with the the person. Eve asked what SRWE standed for. The hooded stalker said Stalker Revenge With Eve. The stalker revealed themself to be corey henderson. The stalker pressed a button and the bridge exploded. Eve jumped off the bridge and survived.



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