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Fri 16 Jun 06 - " Kitty, Your Boyfriend Is Here “

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, " Kitty, Your Boyfriend Is Here “

(Screened in Australia on Fri 16 Jun 06 - Episode # 4210)

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel is in a daze about kimmy’s ask her to marry him. She also worries about the logistics of making all this happen .. and him dropping everything to go to New York with her. Kimmy is V pleased when Rcahel accepted his marriage proposal.

VAN PARK HOUSE – The likes of sally, jack, Martha, alf, beth, tilly etc preapere for tonights’s combined hen’s/buicks party..

As they do so, luke & tilly accidentally run into each other – you just know that these 2 are getting way close again.

Martha is keen to go get that bridesmaids dresses, but all are concerned about cassie (who is still in her room). Martha tells all that Macca is NOT coming to the wedding, and Martha insists on talk to cassie,

When Martha enters cassies’s room, she convinces the way-down-in-the-dumps cassie to NOT let Macca ruin her life like this – and to be the bridesmaid that Martha wants her to be. Cassie takes some convincing – but Martha’s enthusiasm wins her over.

BACHELOR PAD – Rachel (on phone) tells the hospital CEO that., thanks to her new fiancé, she ACCEPTS the scholarships – and is pleased that he didn’t offer it to anyone else.

Kimmy enters the room as Rachel gets off the phone. Both are stressing about the logistics of all of this – saying goodbye to her mum (and getting brother Brad t take cars of her), Kimmy to quit job etc. Rachel is concerned about hydes’ upcoming trial. Kimmy ini9sts have enough money saved to fly back to Oz (form NY) for trial etc

DINER – Kimmy & Rachel to all assembled their happy engagement news. Colleen apologises to Rachel for spilling the beans about the NY offer, but Kimmy thanks her for doing so, this prompts Irene to suggests that colleen will get a bug head about this.

Amanda enters, and tries to convince Irene to reconsider her business proposal. Irene once more say no, and Amanda just after Amanda orders a cheesecake, Dan approaches.

She is intrigued when he asks about Kitty’s cancer treatment (rem the whole HRT thing).

Irene gives Amanda said cheesecake and Amanda bails.

McADAMS MANSION – Kitty is looking at a framed pic of herself & Ryan when Amanda enters. Amanda comments to kitty about Dan (who used to hate kitty) asking bout her treatment.

VAN PARK HOUSE – peter & Tracy enter, and alf asks then about the stalker,. Peter insists that she will be taken to a maximum security facility 1-st ting tomorrow.

Jack invites Tracey to the wedding and reception.

This happens seconds before Martha, tilly & co enter with the wedding dresses. Martha won’t sho hers to jack (bad luck tradition), but tash & cassie give everyone a sneak peak at the V beautiful bridesmaids dresses (see below).

McADAMS MANSION – Dan arrives, and Amanda jokes to kitty when she says “your boyfriend is here”.

When Amanda leaves the room, Dan tells kitty that Rachel said that she shouldn’t be having HRT for breast cancer. Kitty tells Dan that he needs to keep something a secret. Dan isn’t keen, but agrees. Kitty tell him that she is too far gone, and has stooped receiving treatment of any kind. She hasn’t told Ryan or amanda, as she knows they couldn’t handle the way.

After Dan bails, amanda seems V bemused that Dan is THAT interested in kitty’s health.

VAN PARK HOUSE – at the joint bucks/hen’s party, tilly &Luke get closer, whilst peter tells Tracy that his superiors are talking about putting him into hiding – as a mafia dude that he put in prison is now free.

Also, rachel tell Martha etc that she has invited her (Rachel) mum to the reception, as it will be perfect way to say goodbye.

Rachel & Kimmy are a tad surprised when jack & Martha offer to let their reception to also be an engagement party for Rachel & Kimmy(… on the proviso that their (Rachel/Kimmy) weeding takes place in Oz (wed coupe to fly back to oz for it).

Martha insists that it will make the reception even more fun – esp. that her adopted dad &* brothers can’t come to the ceremony. Cassie speaks up at this point, suggesting that Macca should come, but Martha says that she doesn’t want him there (because of the cassie incidents).

McADAMS MANSION – late at night, Amanda is sitting on the couch alone (with light off). Kitty approaches (turns lights o as she does). Amanda say that she can’t sleep – painful, V clear memories of THAT day (that she miscarried).

Kitty is strong – and doesn’t “break” and tell Amanda, but when Amanda goes to bed, kitty does shed a few tears.

VAN PARK HOUSE – next morn, jack & Martha thank sally & co for the parity last night. Martha suggests that jack should be heading for the bachelor pad to get ready.

As jack bails, beth enters, with the champagne bit of their champagne breakfast.

INTERCUT SCENE – as the girls celebrate/get ready at the van park house. Jack & the boys do the same at the bachelor pad.

My fave moments were seeing that Jack and the boys are going to be wearing ties that match the colour of the bridemaids dresses; when tilly & cassie had OJ in their champagne glasses as the girls had a toast; and when Martha flipped cassie;s hair away form her cover8ing the bruise that Macca recently gave her, and covered said bruise with make up.

By the end of these scene, most of the wedding party were dressed at ready to go.

PLOICE STATION – peter & trace agree to meet in the city next week (when he has to be there for police business).

The stalker is led into the room (handcuffed of course) and peter berates her form getting caught etc. the stalker responds with just a kind of knowing shake of her head.

Tracey leads the stalker to the paddy wagon (to take her to the city). When the stalker is inside, she smiles this V knowing smile (note – does this men that Tracy IS her accomplice, or it is just another of the truckload of red herring that we’ve got this years on H&A).

VAN APRK HOUSE – Martha puts on the traditional weeding garter, just before alf enters the room.

He says that she looks like an angel. And Martha way thanks alf for bringing her to the bay (so she could meet jack etc).

Alf & Martha eagerly bails form the room – looking fwd to the BIG day ahead (end of ep)


The wedding looks amazing, but then comes the KILLER reception !!!

It's A Designer Label

GOLD – Tilly’s awesome orange bridemaids dress (also worn by Cassie & Tash)

SILVER – Martha’s ivory, strapless wedding dress.

BRONZE – Sally’s bush themed tube top

HONORABLE MENTION – Kitty’s sky blue satin-y PJs

(Note – thanks to the party, there was a massive amount of great clothes on show .. coul have been here forever without narrowing it down to my absolute faves)

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